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This category lists publications related to the textile, nonwovens and their related machinery, equipment and raw materials only.
1 -

China Textile Leader

Monthly publication on technology developments in the global textile industry, published by the China Textile Information Center. English and Chinese.
2 -

Woodhead Publishing, Ltd

UK. International publishers of professional literature on welding, engineering, food science and textiles. List of books on fibers, textiles, natural textile materials, composites, and textile design and management.
3 -

Pakistan Textile Journal

Monthly published magazine for executives and professionals in the Pakistani textile, nonwovens and embroidery industries.
4 -

U. Wilkens Verlag

Germany. Publishers of books and scientific studies for the textile and automotive interiors industries, focused on warp knitting technology. On-line extracts. English and German.
5 -

Paper, Film and Foil Converter

On-line magazine for the paper, film, foil and web based industries. Directories of consultants and suppliers. Business news and reports. Career opportunities. Auctions. Links to related sites.
6 -

Textile Chemistry

Internet version of a Russian scientific journal for theoretical and experimental chemistry of textile materials, natural and artificial leather, and fur. English and Russian.
7 -

Professional Literature

Extensive list of technical books and CD-roms about textile and nonwovens materials, technologies, processes and products. From
8 -

Interweave Press, LLC

USA. Publishers of magazines and books about natural fibers and threads, needlework and beads. Directory of events.
9 -

Textile Media Services

Monthly newsletter and annual magazine about textiles, nonwovens, apparel, chemicals, machinery and fibers for the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and South East Asia.
10 -

Topix: Textiles

News about the textile industry, collected from various sources on the web.
11 -

Woodhouse Publishing, Ltd

UK. Independent international publishing company focused on food, textile and nonwovens, and environmental technologies, materials engineering, welding and metallurgy, and finance, commodities and investment. List of publications on fibers, textile and nonwovens technologies, and processing and finishing techniques.
12 -

ATA Journal

Journal for the Asian textile, apparel and nonwovens industries, focused on marketing and retail, machinery and technologies, and chemicals and chemical auxiliaries. Published by Adsdale Publications, Ltd.
13 -

Billian Publishing, Inc

USA. Publishing house, focused on consumer and trade magazines, directories, databases and websites. Technical and industry magazines and publications for the apparel, textile and nonwovens industries.
14 -

Tekstil & Teknik magazine

Monthly journal for managers and professionals in the yarn spinning, textile and nonwovens industries, focused on technical and technology issues. English and Turkish.
15 -

Spinning Textiles

Scientific journal for the global yarn spinning industry, dedicated to the publication of contributed articles and papers about developments in spinning research, technologies, processes, and testing, analysis procedures and commercial applications of yarns.
16 -

Textile Fibre Spinning

Introduction to yarn spinning including the fundamental principles of spinning fibers, a review of major technological advances in conventional spinning methods and a guide to the improvement of yarn performance. Edited by C.A. Lawrence.
17 -

Mowbray Communications Ltd

Financial news, reports and analysis for the global textile industries. Includes registration, subscription information, and sample download.
18 -

ATA. Journal for Asia on Textile & Apparel

Two-monthly journal for the Asian textile, apparel and nonwovens industries. Feature articles on business news, technologies and market developments.
19 -

Textile Research Journal

Monthly journal, devoted to the dissemination of fundamental and applied scientific information in the physical, chemical and engineering sciences related to the textile, nonwovens and allied industries. Published by TRI Princeton.

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