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Marketing and Advertising Websites

This category lists companies that provide sales and marketing support to textile and nonwovens manufacturers, as well as companies that organize and cater to textile and nonwovens trade shows.
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Itochu Corp

Japan. Multi-national general trading company, active in textiles, machinery, electronics, energy, chemicals, food products and finance. Global marketing of Japan made textile materials and products.
2 -

PCCA. Plains Cotton Cooperative Association

USA. Farmer owned cotton marketing cooperative, also owning and operating textile mills and manufacturing facilities. Publishers of Telcot Report, a weekly summary of cotton marketing news.
3 -

Color Portfolio

Full service color, trend and communications marketing for fiber, yarn, textile, apparel and retail industries. Fabric styling, advertising, promotion and presentation.
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Carpet Export Promotion Council of India

Department of the Indian Ministry of Textiles, responsible for the export promotion of hand knotted carpets and other floor coverings. Detailed information on the various types of Indian carpets. Export data, business news and events. Searchable company directory.
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CATECO. Costa Rican Textile Chamber

Textile chamber of the Costa Rican Chambers of Commerce. General information and textile industry profile. English and Spanish.
6 -

Mohair Council of America

USA. Marketing and promotion organization of US mohair growers and processors. History and properties of mohair. Care guide. Company directory.
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CCPITTEX. Textile Industry Chamber of Commerce

China. Government organization, dedicated to promotion, market research and development, and the organization of trade events. Business news. Calendar of events. English and Chinese.
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HEPC. Handloom Export Promotion Council of India

Governmental department for the export promotion of cotton handloom fabrics, home textiles and garment accessories. Product directory. List of trading partners and manufacturing centers. Links to related sites.
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Italian Curtaining Promotion Consortium

Group of Italian curtain design and manufacturing companies, involved in market and trade promotion. Also, publishers of a trade marked quality certification label. English and Italian.
10 -

The Textile Interior Design Project

Italy. Cooperative project of the Italian government and textile industry, aimed at promoting Italian textile design with the local and international interior design and manufacturing community. Links to related sites. English and Italian.
11 -

Quixote Group

USA. Group of companies, involved in strategic marketing research, public relations and brand communications for the fiber, textile and apparel, and food, furniture and home decor industries, community development projects, and customer service and membership organizations.
12 -

Team Textile Canada

Joint Internet project of industry and government, showcasing the capabilities of the Canadian textile and nonwovens industries. Industry overview and fact sheets. Company directory. Calendar of events.
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The Netherlands. Customizable e-business software and web enabled technologies for virtual product generation, design archiving and communication for the retail, textiles and apparel, home furnishing and surface design industries. Links to interactive demo, and related sites.
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CherryField Sesby

Turkey. Full service global sourcing agency for the textile and apparel, and the home textiles industries.
15 -

Picario BV

The Netherlands. Developers and suppliers of software and related services for the realization of lifelike product visualization and presentation solutions to the paint, floor covering and textile industries. Downloadable trial versions. English, Dutch and German.
16 -

Barbara Shepherd Associates

UK. Direct sales platform and market research services for the textile retail industry.
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Specializes in silk screen machines for printing t-shirts.
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