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This category lists consultancies to the textile and nonwovens industries only.
1 -

Lenzing Technik GmbH

Austria. Technical consultancy for viscose fiber and pulp processing, and industrial engineering and automation. Also, testing instruments and specialty machinery for the man-made fiber, textile and nonwovens industries. Extensive technical information.
2 -

Agostino Parisi

Consultant to the textile and nonwovens industries, specialised in artificial leather manufacture.
3 -

Sensory Spectrum, Inc

USA. Management consultants to the food and beverage, textiles, nonwovens and paper, personal and home care, and pharmaceuticals industries, specializing in sensory evaluation techniques. Also, training programs, workshops and project management services. Lists of short courses and publications.
4 -

Development Alternatives, Inc

USA. International business development consultants. Strategic analysis for natural fiber production, and the textile and leather industries.
5 -

Filter Media Consulting, Inc

USA. International consultants for the woven, nonwoven and composite structure filtration media industries. On-line ordering of market reports, books and addresses of manufacturers. Also, organizers of world wide filtration conferences.
6 -

MC2 Market & Competitive Convergence

USA. Marketing consultants to the textiles, nonwovens, medical, pharmaceutical and filtration industries. List of capabilities. Searchable links database. Business events. Detailed FAQ. List of man-made fiber specifications.
7 -

CEL International, Ltd

UK. Project management, engineering, design and construction management services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and drink, healthcare, fine chemical and man-made fiber manufacturing industries.
8 -

Gherzi AG

Switzerland. Technical and management consultants to the textile and nonwovens industries.
9 -

International Fibre Technologies Group

USA. Fiber business consultancy and services for product and market development, quality assurance and control, environmental assessment and management, agriculture, supply, technology, sales, marketing and financing.
10 -

Ferber Carpet Service, Inc

USA. Certified inspectors of carpets, vinyl, laminate, hardwood and tile flooring.
11 -

Statewide Inspection Service

USA. Professional and certified experts on flooring related problems, recognized by carpet, vinyl, laminate, hardwood and tile manufacturers, as well as the small claims courts in most jurisdictions.
12 -

Dr.Thiele Polyester Technology

Germany. Technical consultancy for the polyester processing industry, specialised in the production, research and engineering of polyester for packaging, film, man-made fibers, engineering plastic application and polyester recycling. List of seminars, lectures and publications.
13 -

PCI Fibres Group

UK. Technical consultancy to the man-made fiber and related industries, specialised in acrylic, polyester, polypropylene and polyamide raw materials, fibers and filament yarns. Fiber index and market headlines. Part of the PCI Consulting Group.
14 -

Adherent Laboratories, Inc

USA. Independent company involved in adhesives testing, research and development activities, and technical consulting services to the hot-melt, epoxy, urethane and water based adhesives industry.
15 -

Tecnon OrbiChem, Ltd

UK. Technical, commercial and marketing consultants for the petrochemical, chemical, plastics and man-made fiber industries, offering statistical and marketing information, and single client consulting services.
16 -

Independent Traders and Consultants

Market consultants for the Polish apparel, textile, footwear and leather goods industry.
17 -

Euroleather Group

Spain. Technical consultants to the leather industry, specialised in leather tanning processes and materials. Links to related sites.
18 -

Colour Theory Toronto

Canada. Consultants for interior and exterior paint colors in consumer and commercial markets. Includes reviews and articles.
19 -

Business Coordination House

India. Technical and marketing consultants to the technical textiles and nonwovens industry. Extensive industry and product related information. Calendar of events.
20 -

Agrica Srl

Italy. Business consultancy, warehouse management and market research company, specialised in the leather industry. Also, custom baling of hides for tanning. Market news and business reports. Technical FAQs. Links to related sites. English and Italian.
21 -

Leather Wise, Ltd

UK. Professional problem solving, arbitration and training on all aspects of leather and leather products. Also, research project management, fire testing and leather swatch services. Links to leather related sites.
22 -

Republic Associates

USA. Diversified company, active in textile machinery, and textile plant and inventory appraisal services complying with AMEA and ASA standards. Lists of company and bank references.
23 -

AMPA Associates, Ltd

UK. Technical and business consultants, involved in health and safety, fiber technology, and ventilation, evaporation and chrystallization techniques and technologies. Development, production and cost management consulting for the viscose fiber industry.
24 -

TCH Services

Poland. Brokers, distributors and consultants to the footwear and leather tanning industries.
25 -

Avery Leather Consulting, Ltd

UK. Consultants to the leather industry, focused on personnel training, product and process development, and materials sourcing. Links to related sites.
26 -

Mike Redwood

UK. Consultant to the leather and associated industries, specialised in marketing strategies, technology management and innovation. Library of articles. Time line and history of leather tanning. Glossary of technical terms.
27 -

Werner International, Inc

USA. Management consultants for the fiber, textile and clothing industries. Textile engineering, market research and strategic planning. Maintains a subscription Internet database for global statistics and pricing information, duty rates and product data.
28 -

Quality Headquarters, Ltd

UK. Consultants to the garment, clothing and fabric retail industry, specialised in quality management, training, assurance and systems.
29 -

Engineered Fibre Structures, Ltd

UK. Technical textiles consultancy, also involved in product and process development, research and testing for healthcare, medical, personal protection, sportswear, industrial, engineering, automotive and technical applications.
30 -

The Merino Company

Australia. Technical and marketing consulting company, providing supply chain solutions for the wool growing, yarn spinning, and wool textile processing, manufacturing and retail industries.
31 -

Berliner Ultrasonics

USA. Consultants to users of ultrasonic welding technology. Personal homepage, containing information on processing and applications, and glossary of terms.
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