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"A Resources directory is analogous to the Reference Room of a library." ie. resources which are of use to Small Business owners.
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Bi-weekly online resource that offers the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources.
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Small business portal with resources, news, links, recommendations and information for entrepreneurs and small business professionals.
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All Business

Collection of articles with advice for small business owners, as well as a selection of common forms for sale.
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Advice, articles, checklists and other resources for small businesses.
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Small Business Resources

A site written by and for entrepreneurs who share their first-hand knowledge of how to succeed in small business. Free, helpful advice from small business and Internet experts.
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Peak Performance Consulting Group

Complete customer relationship management resource: strategic planning, marketing strategy, distribution strategy, sales management automation.
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J-M & Associates

Services, networking and resources for Business and Creative Entrepreneurs.
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Offers free resources, consulting and seminars to small businesses.
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Resources and software to help start, manage and grow a small business. Registration required, free and paid information and services.
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HP Business Center

Information on and help with technology and Industry solutions for small businesses.
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Service that helps you to write ADA-compliant job descriptions, create and publish job ads to newspapers and the Internet, and prepare a list of key interview questions. Examples on site.
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My PrimeTime Work

Small business tips and entrepreneur tools for work and life.
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Integrated SBIR information, analyses, professional services and community support
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Small Business Assistance Center

Financial, consultants, seminars, information and health insurance benefits networks, and wireless/long distance telephone services related to small business.
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A non-profit applied lab helping solo entrepreneurs and working families in rural and distressed urban communities seeking sustainable participation in the Network Economy.
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Information site and large database of resources for small businesses. [In French and English]
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Small Business Notes

Original articles, advice and resources for starting, planning, financing, and running small businesses.
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Creative Latitude

Detailed work profiles and links to graphic designers, writers, web designers, photographers, and illustrators.
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Business Sale Center

Information, advice and resources for selling a small business.
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Start In Business

An online guide to starting up and expanding your business. Business for sale finder, premises finder, information services and advice.
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New business startup help. Free information about starting, growing and managing a business.
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Idea Cafe

Ideas and advice on how to start, finance and run a small business.
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Jim Blasingame : The Small Business Advocate

A free community of experts and entrepreneurs to help small business owners find ideas, answers, encouragement and inspiration. Articles, surveys and Audio/Visual content are also available.
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Small business to business emarket directory, forums, and services.
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The Small Business Coach

Help to start a company or grow an existing one. Includes blog.
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Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc.

Employee benefit program development service.
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Profile Index

A free B2B marketplace for global manufacturers, exporters, importers, and distributors.
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Small Business Brief

Providing resources, articles, current news, a software directory and a small business ideas forum. Additionally offers a free weekly newsletter.
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The Small Business Company

Information, training and resources for small business people in and around New Zealand.
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Small Business Success Ideas

Advice, tips and tactics for Small Business (SOHO) development and success. Free articles, book chapters, e-mail courses, and e-zine subscriptions.
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Business Know-How

Information for home offices, small businesses, and the self employed who are looking for ideas for practical suggestions to start, run, or manage their business more effectively.
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Small Biz Labs

List of articles and discussions that forecasts future of small business by looking at social, demographic, business and technology trends.
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Small Business Canada

Portal with information on financing, planning, and the steps to starting a small business in Canada.
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Small Biz Rocks

Provides resources for college students who are learning about small businesses or who want to start a small business.
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More For Small Business

Provides small business owners with info on selling, managing, planning, strategy and community development. Includes basic plans, strategies and checklists to simplify workload.
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Steady Elevation

Free resources for entrepreneurs and small-medium sized business owners including how-to guides, videos, business calculators, expert advice, and an online forum.
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OPEN Forum

Insights from experts for business owners. Brought to you by American Express OPEN.
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1, 2, 3 Sort It Organizing Solutions

Humor, tools and information geared towards helping small businesses become more organized.
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An international business and webmaster community forum.
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Offers a place for businesses and contractors to give feedback and warn each other about hard please customers in their area. One year membership required.
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Small Business Town

Free online small business information and planning guides, classifieds, directory of business links, free business software and shareware, business cartoons, humor, success stories and quotes.
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Home Business Development Center

References and materials for those establishing a small/home business

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