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Academic and Technical Websites

Publishers in this category primarily produce works that include one or more of the following characteristics: the dissemination of current scholarship; the publication of classic works; the publication of journals; The subjects of their publications include almost all fields in which humans have traditionally sought to gain knowledge, although publishers who concentrate on the sciences are more appropriately listed in the Academic and Technical: Science subcategory.
1 -

Eburon Academic Publishers

Based in Delft, the Netherlands, Eburon publishes scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences.
2 -

Editions Slatkine

Specializes in reprints of texts, periodicals, and critical studies in French literature, Romance philosophy, linguistics and French history. [French and English]
3 -

BrownWalker Press

Small publisher of nonfiction, scientific, political, and academic books.
4 -

Greenwood Publishing Group

Publisher of reference titles, academic and general interest books, and textbooks.
5 -

Cavendish Publishing

Publishes law books and periodicals for the legal community and provides an online web resource for legal publications.
6 -

Springer Publishing Company

Publisher of professional and scholarly books, journals and encyclopedias in nursing, gerontology, psychology, and social sciences.
7 -


Independent publisher of general and academic books. Specializes in Middle East studies, history, politics, film, and cultural and media studies.
8 -

Carden Jennings Publishing Co., Ltd.

Publisher of scientific, medical, and technical publications, as well as Charlottesville, VA regional publications and custom journals.
9 -

John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Develops, publishes, and sells products in print and electronic media for educational, professional, scientific, technical, medical, and consumer markets worldwide.
10 -

Barcelona Publishers

Music therapy book publisher.
11 -

Insight Technical Education, Melvin G. Peterman

Provides self-directed learning materials and tools for introducing vocational, technical, and professional fields and for life enrichment.
12 -

ElderSong Publications, Inc.

Publisher and distributor of books, videos, and recordings for activity coordinators and adult caregivers.
13 -

Sage Publications

Academic and professional publisher of books, journals and CD-ROMS.
14 -

Liverpool Academic Press

Independent publishers of academic, business and management textbooks. Titles designed to suit the learning goals of students, academics and professionals in industrial sectors.
15 -

Les Editions Didier : French as Foreign Language

Resources for teachers and students of French as a foreign Language : textbooks, video tapes, didactics, grammar books, cd-roms, interactive website with self-check exercises. Site in French.
16 -

Brill Academic Publishers

International publishing company, based in Leiden, Boston and Tokyo, specializing in the humanities, although the social and biological sciences also form part of its list. Online catalog.
17 -

Profex Publishing

Site offers authorship and editorial services to professional bodies.
18 -

William S. Hein and Company

Law publishing and legal information.
19 -


International publisher of textbooks, academic and professional books, journals, reference and general non-fiction.
20 -

Pickering and Chatto

Publishers of multi-volume works, literature, economics, politics, history and history of science.
21 -

LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC

Offers books on criminal justice, criminology, sociology, immigration, ethnic studies, anthropology, political science, law and society, and American legal institutions.
22 -

IDC Publishers, Publisher of rare materials

Publishers of scholarly materials: religion, arts, law and human rights, history and botany; mostly on microform.
23 -

Life Science Associates

Publisher of instructional programs in Psychology along with assessment programs for cognitive rehabilitation.
24 -

Information Age Publishing Inc.

Publisher of books and journals for the academic and business professional market place.
25 -

Van Hoy Publishers

Homeopathic publications and information.
26 -

The Davenant Press

Small academic publisher of books, pamphlets, and journals, primarily in history.
27 -

Bedford, Freeman & Worth College Publishing Group

Publisher of college textbooks for higher education, career colleges, lifelong learning, government and corporate training.
28 -

Sequoia Publishing Inc

Publishes Shirt Pocket Reference series on handyman, engineering, and computer repair.
29 -

Three Pines Press

Publishing company specializing in works on East Asian studies and especially Daoist studies.
30 -

Payne-Gallway Publishers

Textbooks and interactive software in computing and information technology.
31 -

Great American Publishing Society

Publishes humanities and scientific works, primarily on CD. Includes public domain collections.
32 -

Europa Publications

Series of regularly revised reference books which cover every aspect of international affairs, politics, and economics around the globe.
33 -

Maney Publishing

Independent UK publisher of academic journals and books.
34 -

Zeig, Tucker & Theisen

Offers books and tapes on clinical practice and psychological theory. Includes an online store, company profile, and contact details.
35 -

Westview Press

Publishes a range of academic and professional books, as well as college and graduate level texts in social sciences and humanities.
36 -


Belgium-based publisher of books and journals in Dutch, English, French, and German.
37 -

Atlas Press

Publisher of books about surrealism and other avant-garde movements in art and literature.
38 -

Taylor & Francis Group

International academic publisher, with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, publishes over 450 journals and over 1,500 new books each year.
39 -

Senate Hall Academic Publishing

Specializes in the production of journals of lectures and customized textbooks for university business schools and economics departments worldwide.
40 -

Piper Publishing

Publishes historical academic collections in print and electronic formats.
41 -


Publishers of academic books, particularly within the social sciences and humanities subject areas.
42 -

Beacon Press

Publisher of serious non-fiction and fiction.
43 -

Modern Language Association Publications

Scholarly and professional books on language and literature.
44 -

Anshan Book Publishers

STM publisher specialising in medical and scientific books.
45 -

Grevatt & Grevatt

Publisher of linguistics and poetry titles, based in the UK.
46 -

Academic Printing and Publishing

Publisher of academic books and journals, specializing in philosophy.
47 -

Yondercott Press

Publishes books on homeopathy by authors from the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England.
48 -

John Benjamins

Books and journals for the social sciences and the humanities.
49 -


Publisher of journals in management and library and information services, engineering, applied science and technology.
50 -

American Library Association e-Store

Publisher of professional resources for librarians, library staff, and other information professionals.
51 -


Humanities and social science publisher based in the Netherlands publishing in English, German, French, and Spanish.
52 -

J. Ross Publishing

Publishes books for professionals in operations management, project management, sales and marketing, finance and e-business.
53 -

Argos Press

Small publisher of books and journals for managers, decision makers and engineers.
54 -

Peter Lang Publishing Group

International publisher of books in the fields of humanities, language studies and social sciences; publishes in English, German, French, and Spanish.
55 -

Paradigm Publishers

Academic, textbook and trade publisher in social science and the humanities.
56 -

Trickster Press

Small publisher of folklore books.
57 -

Melisende Publications

Publications on art, history, Christianity, culture, Middle East.
58 -

Lynne Rienner Publishers

Publishes academic and scholarly books and journals in the social sciences and humanities.
59 -

Medknow Publications

Publisher of open access science, technology, and medicine (STM) periodicals from India.
60 -

RAND Publications

Publishes research in public policy and decisionmaking.
61 -

W.W. Norton and Company

Publishers of general interest books, college textbooks and professional materials, based in New York City.
62 -

ANSI Journals

Small publisher of science and technical journals.
63 -

Woodhead Publishing Ltd.

Books and journals in engineering, textiles, food science, environment, and commodities.
64 -

Chicago Digital Distribution Center

Short-run digital print facility for the University of Chicago Press and other publishers.
65 -

American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education

Provides a curriculum of post-admission legal education, courses, course materials, video and audio tapes, books, and other material.
66 -


Offers a range of language reference and German language-learning products in print and audio CD.
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