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Manufacturing Websites

Manufacturing - This sub-category is for sites that offer manufacturing of vending products.
1 -

Elektral, Inc

Manufactures and exports vending machines, multizone walk-through and hand-held metal detectors.
2 -

Vendors Exchange

Repair, supplies and manufacturer of parts for vending machines.
3 -

Coin Acceptors Inc.

Manufacturer of coin mechanisms, bill acceptors and control systems for the vending industry.
4 -

LoBo Sales and Marketing

Manufacturer of snack, soda, combination units and bulk game machines for small location vending.
5 -

All State Mfg. Co. Inc.

Manufacturer, distributor of new and reconditioned coin operated vending equipment.
6 -

S Thomas and Associates, Inc

Manufacturer of vending machine circuit boards for all makes and models. Repairs damaged circuit boards, coin changers, bill changers and validators.
7 -

C&G Manufacturing

Distributor and manufacturer of vending machines for condoms and feminine hygiene products.
8 -

Stocking Up

Manufacturer of vending machines to mini bars of hygiene and health personal care products to travel packs.
9 -

Slimline Designs Ltd.

Manufacturer of customized wall-mounted cigarette, cigar and compact snack machines.
10 -

Bellatrix Systems Inc.

Manufacturer of newspaper single-copy sale newsracks, newspaper vending machines, and coin totalizers. Online manuals, catalog and ordering.
11 -

Technik Mfg., Inc.

Manufacturers of phone card, stamp, transit pass, gift card, pull tab and ticket vending equipment.
12 -

Air-Serv Group LLC

Manufacturer of air pump and personal product vending machines.
13 -

American Changer

Manufacturer of bill and coin vending and dispensing machines.
14 -

Video System Italia

Manufacturer of VHS and DVD vending machines.
15 -

The Penny-Press Machine Co.

Manufacturer of souvenir pressed penny machines.
16 -

Alcometrix S.L.

Manufacturer of alcohol analyzer coin vending machines.
17 -

Beaver Vending Machine Corporation

Manufacturer of bulk candy, capsule vending machines and OEM parts.
18 -

Allstar Vending

Manufacturer of stickers, temporary tattoos for flat vending machines, sticker machines and stands. Supplier of capsules, candies and superballs for bulk vending machines. Online ordering.
19 -

Media Safe, Inc.

Manufacturer of coin-operated single-unit anti-theft vending device for newspapers and publications.
20 -


Manufacturer of stickers, temporary tattoos, sports cards and tags.
21 -


Manufacturer of electronic payment systems with key or card, coin changers and vending machines. Systems for access control and attendance recording.
22 -

Crane Merchandising Systems

Automatic merchandising vending equipment manufacturer.
23 -

Mayoni Enterprises

Manufactures distinctive vending machines for stickers, gumballs and candy, novelties, and personal products.
24 -

Weavefuture Inc.

Manufacturer of multi coin acceptors for arcade games and kiosk equipment. Site includes manuals.
25 -


Manufactures drinks and snacks vending machines.
26 -

The Wittern Group

Designs, manufactures and finances vending machines. Includes contact form and site searching.
27 -

Union Group

Coin counter, coin sorter, and automated payment system manufacturer.
28 -

Coast to Coast Entertainment

Manufacturer of the crane style toy machine, music and entertainment vending machines. Online ordering.
29 -

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

Manufactures custom vending machines for any situation. Company profile and FAQ.
30 -

A & A Global Industries

Powder coating, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, tool and die, injection mold repair and maintenance, and engineering of bulk vending machines.
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