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Dredging Websites

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Specialists in marine dredging and the production of aggregate, gravel and sand. Based in Mexico.
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Dredging Specialists

Provides dredging services, consulting, custom dredges.
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Anthony D. Bates Partnership

Dredging and coastal consulting engineers for land reclamation, marina construction, and dock formation projects.
4 -

International Association of Dredging Companies

120-member organization for contractors in the private dredging sector.
5 -

International Dredging Review

A trade journal for the dredging industry, reporting on the full spectrum of events and issues in the industry.
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Royal Boskalis Westminster nv

Operates worldwide for the construction and maintenance of harbours andwaterways, land reclamation, and coastal defences, and riverbank protection.
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Dredging International

Capital and maintenance dredging, land reclamation and port construction company affiliated with the DEME Group.
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Dutch Dredging

Dredging company in The Netherlands with 18 ships.
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Central Dredging Association

An independent, non-profit, non-governmental, professional society for the dredging industry serving Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.
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Michigan Hydraulic Dredging

Over-the-road dredging company for small marinas, trout ponds, lake restorations and similar industrial projects.
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OCI Engineering Sdn Bhd

Engaged in consultancy, design, supply and construction of alluvial dredges and mining plants.
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Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company

Dredging contractor with a fleet of hydraulic cutterhead, clamshell, backhoe, trailing suction hopper dredges, drillboats and attendant plant. The company maintains marine yards in six locations.
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Rohde Nielsen A/S

Specialist in capital and maintenance dredging, land reclamation and coastal defence such as beach nourishment.
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Marine International Dragage

A Canadian company specializing in marine dredging of port basins, access channels, navigation channels, inland waterways, and lakes. Site is in English and French.
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Dredge America

Dredges marinas, boat slips, boat basins, lakes, navigation channels, ponds, lagoons, and sand using portable, hydraulic dredges.
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Inner Space Dredging Services, Inc.

Dredging and marine contractor specializing in hydraulic, mechanical and environmental dredging.
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Jan De Nul N.V.

International contractor specializing in dredging, land reclamation, heavy lifting, offshore and environmental services.
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Javeler Construction Co., Inc

Hydraulic dredging contractor and equipment company.
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Western Dredging Association

Promotes the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction.
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