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Telemarketing Websites

This category is for those that are looking for products and services that they can use in their call centers, customer care departments and help desks. This category will also list outsourcing companies such as service bureaus.- Category ID : 51625
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ISC Consultants Inc.

Provides workforce management software and consulting services to call and contact centers globally. Includes products, service provided, and a list of customers.
2 -

DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.

Telemarketing services at a mutually-agreed-upon price for each order. This allows clients to concentrate on their core business.
3 -


A directory of products, services, and relative information for the telemarketing and call center professional.
4 -

Business to Business Marketing

Marketing firm specializing in telemarketing and direct mail campaigns to improve lead generation.
5 -

Total Marketing Outbound

Specializes in providing telemarketing services for newspapers throughout the United States.
6 -

Tangible Results

UK based company which specialises in telemarketing, training and IT services.
7 -

Energetic Enterprises

Develops UK and international telephone numbers from client supplied lists.
8 -

West Corporation

West provides inbound, outbound and interactive voice response, CRM services and Internet-based customer care and acquisition services.
9 -

Strategic Database Marketing, Inc.

A market research company specializing in business to business, or business to consumer call programs.
10 -

Intelecom Limited

Specialists in telemarketing and appointment making.
11 -


Services: Database marketing, direct marketing, telemarketing, call fulfillment.
12 -

Blue Chip Telemarketing

A full service telemarketing agency for business-to-business and consumer marketing, offering qualified sales leads, lead generation services, and small account management.
13 -

AJ Berman Associates

High level telemarketing.
14 -

ACP Consultants

Marketing strategy, appointment making, direct sales and database management.
15 -

TMR, Inc.

Firm specializing in telephone market research and data collection.
16 -

Faneuil Group

A provider of teleservices and e-business solutions including customer service, inbound and outbound sales, customer acquisition, inbound service desks, direct mail and surveying.
17 -

Motivational Marketing, Inc.

provides b2b and consumer outbound telemarketing services for lead generation, direct mail followup and seminar attendance. Also provides telemarketing consulting, training and staffing services.
18 -

ACCENT Marketing Services, LLC.

Turn-key solutions in the following areas: direct marketing, customer service and database services.
19 -


Telemarketing services, training, outsourcing and database development.
20 -

Contact America, Inc.

Call center services for 800#s, outbound, inbound and e-commerce customer service.
21 -

Intelligent Lookup Services Inc.

Provides a name matching algorithm that updates and enhances contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses for marketing professionals. Creates targeted residential and business direct mailing lists.
22 -

Marketing Partners Inc

They help companies do business to business marketing with a concentration on telemarketing (ie. script writing, motivation and doing the actual calls, if needed)
23 -

Advanced Marketing Solutions

Response center focusing on lead management. Services include telephone sales, event registration, lead generation, data management, direct mail and fulfillment.
24 -

Provides toll-free numbers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to help businesses capture leads and automatically fulfill information requests via voice or fax.
25 -

Custom Telemarketing Services

Specializes in outbound programs including lead generation, appointment setting, market research, surveys, trial subscriptions, database purge, business development, point-of-sale promotions, seminar and conference invitations.
26 -

CCI Telemarketing

Consultative telemarketing for the computer industry.
27 -

Business Intelligence Direct Ltd.

Lead generation and market research services for the Information Technology industry.
28 -

Tele-Center, Inc.

Telemarketing and call center outsource referral services.
29 -

Projects Marketing Ltd

Midlands based company with almost 20 years experience in helping companies, government funded programs and universities to grow and develop.
30 -


A UK based company delivering telemarketing, call handling, media and direct marketing response.
31 -

Marketlink, Inc.

Offers outbound telemarketing services for both residential and B2B (business to business) clients.
32 -


Specializes in developing, placing and managing custom calling campaigns.
33 -

Rich Enterprises, Inc.

Outbound telemarketing and sales outsourcing. Services include lead generating, appointment setting, cold calling, business development, and sales prospecting.
34 -

Lead Generation Solutions

Specializes in executive level telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, trade show lead follow up marketing. Wayne, Pennsylvania.
35 -

ClienTel Connection Ltd.

Subscription marketing and membership acquisition. Services include market research, consumer and business magazine sales, subscription renewals, response handling, customer service, list building and list cleaning.
36 -

Target Marketing USA, Inc.

Provides systems to broadcast messages via telephone.
37 -


A consulting firm that specializes in telemarketing and customer service. Guides, company profile and contacts.
38 -

Eagle Concepts, Inc.

Business to business outbound calling. Customized programs for industrial and service companies include prospecting, surveys, database clean up, appointment setting and list generation. Trial programs are available.
39 -

Three-10 Marketing

Provides lead generation and response management to the economic development and telecommunications sectors.
40 -


Offers multilingual telemarketing for clients in the IT and telecommunications industries.
41 -

TeleCont@ct Resource Services

B2B marketing solutions via outbound telemarketing services, appointment setting, and lead generation programs.
42 -

Expert Global Solutions

Provides high volume telephone-based sales, marketing and customer management services to large companies.
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