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Sales training in the form of seminars, courses, programs and boot-camps.- Category ID : 51620
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Holden Corporation

A sales consulting and training firm specializing in total sales effectiveness.
2 -

Sales Training International

Offers courses that include customer service excellence series, telephone etiquette, trust and rapport, active listening skills, problem solving, defusing anger and stress control.
3 -

Rick Segel

Sales trainer for retail and small businesses with keynotes, seminars, training, and break-outs.
4 -

TMC Group

Sales and management training for financial services, banking, and mutual funds industries.
5 -

Sales Sense

Speaking, training and consulting for business conferences, staff training, and business growth.
6 -

The Brooks Group

Offer corporate sales and management training programs. Includes program and product information.
7 -

The Sales Training Consultancy

Sales training courses, consultancy and related products.
8 -

Spearhead Training

Sales and management training programs from trained experts, with solutions to improve business performance.
9 -

Positive Results

Offering sales training, consulting, motivational keynotes and inspirational messages.
10 -

Peak Performance Management

Sales management training and assessments. Includes email Newsletter.
11 -

Max Sacks International

Training programs, products and services focussed on selling. Media to purchase and free tips available.
12 -

Sales Training by Design

Customized sales training for the service industry.
13 -

Salesmasters International

Sales and marketing training with internationally recognised master sales professional, trainer and award winner.
14 -

Savage and Greene

Teaching persistence, integrity, and guts. Programs include sales, customer service, and success for reluctant sellers.
15 -

Advantage Performance Group

Provides sales training and consulting. Based in Tiburon, CA.
16 -

Coffman Group

Sales development specialist located in Kansas City, offering executive training and strategic sales management.
17 -

Sales Improvement Professionals

Provides training for sales and technical employees. Marketing programs, compensation, maintenance agreement programs, employees interviews and testing.
18 -

Industrial Ego Sales

Offers persuasion courses, programs, and coaching for sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Includes articles, tips, techniques and email newsletter.
19 -

Selling to the Executive Suite

American Dallas based 2 day training seminar for sales professionals selling to executives. Offering articles, online video, and quiz.
20 -

Gemini Resources Group

Seminars, workshops, and webinars on sales techniques that will help close any sale.
21 -

Unlock the Game

Cold calling and follow up methodology. Available in training, self-study program, keynote speaking. Email questions answered.
22 -

CustomerCentric Systems

Specializes in training and workshops for defining and implementing organizational sales processes.
23 -

Knowledge Brokers International Ltd.

Consulting, sales training systems, and leadership development company. List of services, business philosophy, team leaders, list of clients, and articles.
24 -

Phoenix Training and Development

Offer sales, management, team and personal development courses. Company profile and contact details.
25 -

Professional Sales Academy

Offers certificate programs and courses, especially of interest to salespeople, executives and business owners. Lists programs, FAQ, registration, resources and sales systems.
26 -

Calum Coburn Associates

Sales negotiation training and consultancy solutions. Includes negotiating articles and famous quotes.
27 -

London Management Consultants

Sales training with some additional management training courses. Consultancy and coaching approach.
28 -

Irwin Pollack Company

Sales training and professional speaker selling online media. Resource rich site with articles and tips.
29 -

MN Sales Training

Sales training and short articles. Also offering some management and recruiting training.
30 -

The Sales Group

Technology industry sales diagnostics, web based and instructor led training. Free monthly newsletter.
31 -

Sandler Training

Provides sales management training and program. Offers international and domestic franchise for sales training, coaching, and sales management techniques.
32 -

Karr Associates

Offers workshops, keynote speeches and coaching for sales professionals. Features articles, books preview, and e-reports.
33 -

Onirik Pty Ltd

Sydney based company specialising in customised sales training and coaching. Using theory of constraints and NLP.
34 -

Darst & Associates, Inc.

Offers sales education solutions and guidance services worldwide.
35 -

Acuity Sales Training

Offers sales team training and development through classes and seminars. Located in Dallas, TX.
36 -


Financial services sales training and coaching. Offers sales surveys.
37 -

Joseph Guertin Associates

Sales training, coaching and speaking offering a streetfighter product. Offering articles and resources.
38 -

McCann Motivations

Conducting sales training, and motivational seminars. Features employee assessment tools aimed at improving effectiveness.
39 -

Strategy Development Group

Provides sales and marketing strategy programs, and tools to implement and manage these programs.
40 -

Integrity Solutions

Sales training and consultancy also offering management training. Online learning and resources.
41 -

Accelerated Cold Call Training, Inc.

Live cold call onsite or virtual live call training designed to remove fear and rejection from cold calling.

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