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Helps technology companies increase sales and profits.
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The York Group

An international marketing and consulting organization specializing in software distribution, sales and international expansion.
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Phone Works

Develops lead generation, telemarketing and telesales at high technology companies for revenue growth acceleration, and provides interim sales management and training.
4 -

The 3C Group, LLC

Provides sales training workshops, consulting for sales process design and sales planning.
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Leonard S. Klein Company, Inc.

Represents manufacturers in the patio/lawn and garden and the home products industries
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The Winters Group

Represents credible profitable and saleable lines of merchandise from manufacturers who value their retailers.
7 -

Townson and Alexander

Toronto based firm offers sales and management education programs covering sales and management compensation and award and recognition programs.
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Sales Force Systems International, Inc.

Provides executive-level sales training and automated selling solutions for companies involved in complex selling situations.
9 -

The Sales Institute

Provides innovative sales seminars, sales coaching clinics and consulting and advisory services to community and regional banks.
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Commonwealth Sales Consulting

Boston, MA firm provides consulting services in the areas of marketing, sales force planning and sales process and strategy.
11 -

Sales Effectiveness, Inc.

A performance improvement consulting and training firm based in Atlanta, GA, whose mission is to help organizations compete by improving sales and service performance.
12 -

J. Deacon & Associates

Specialists in identifying and evaluating independent sales representatives.
13 -

Professional Development Partners, LLC

Sales consulting, training and recruiting company.
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Sirius Decisions, Inc.

A benchmark and advisory firm that provides comparative analysis, metrics, advice and tools to improve sales and marketing effectiveness.
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Pretium Partners, Inc.

Offers customized sales training and consulting services.
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VizQuest Ventures, LLC

Offers sales process assessment, organization assessment and sales force training for technology products and services companies.
17 -

Value Vision Associates

Provides sales training and management consulting through workshops and web-based courses.
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PEAK Sales Consulting

Articles, newsletters, and information about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales training, and customer acquisition and retention. Includes a free eNewsletter, books, free tools, and sales training courses.
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Mmunicon Consulting Group, Inc.

Improving sales performance and productivity through software, training and leadership.
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Management and marketing consultancy, specializing in Sales Process Engineering (SPE).
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CSO Insights

A research firm that surveys thousands of sales executives yearly to provide sales effectiveness benchmarking and trends.
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The Bridge Group, Inc.

Specializing in building, evolving or validating inside sales strategies for technology clients.
23 -

Kurlan & Associates

Sales consulting firm focusing on sales force evaluation and development.
24 -

Laura Ricci

Consulting on winning proposals in B2B and B2G sales environments.
25 -

Noesis Group

Provides channel sales and marketing consulting services oriented to high tech firms.
26 -

The CxO Group

Provides management consulting around the "Value Forward Method".
27 -

Praxes Group

An business development advisory firm focused on Professional Service and Consulting firms.
28 -

SalesPoint Advisors

Provides consulting services in the areas of strategic planning, marketing & sales to technology and service companies.
29 -

Mansfield Sales Partners

Focusing on revenue growth, building pipeline and penetrating new markets for small & midsize technology companies.
30 -

Ian Brodie

Manchester, England based business consultant focused on professional services firms.
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