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1 -

EM Lyon

European Management school offers first degree, postgraduate, PhD programmes in international management and a wide range of executive seminars in different areas of management.
2 -

Alti Consultants

Offers management training to firms located in France.
3 -

Impact Communications, Inc.

Presentation skills training, phone skills training for inside sales, customer service representatives and supervisors.
4 -

National Center for Continuing Education

Offers continuing education and high-quality executive training. Based in Florida.
5 -

Wild Events

UK company creates custom team building events. Subjects include teamwork, communication, planning and negotiation.
6 -

A Dr. Clue Treasure Hunt

Team building treasure hunts: low impact, challenging and fun. Based in California.
7 -

Peak Potentials Training & Consulting

Company based in Dallas, Texas offers a wide variety of training programs with techniques that managers and supervisors can use to optimize the effectiveness of every employee.
8 -

Adventure Associates

Offering corporate leadership training courses and team building programs, ranging from portable low and high ropes courses to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops.
9 -

BreakView Training Inc.

Offers diversity, sensitivity and relationship management workshops.
10 -

Action Centered Training

Corporate teambuilding and training action seminars in the United States. Standard and customized team building seminars, including paintball and whitewater rafting rope rescue.
11 -

A.E. Schwartz and Associates

A Boston-based management training and professional development organization. Specializes in conducting training programs to optimize personal and professional effectiveness.
12 -

American Management Association

Helping business professionals learn practical management skills and the best practices of world class organization.
13 -

The Effective Edge

Helps professionals to be productive and effective in their work and life through the delivery of premier one-on-one coaching programs, workshops, and customized offerings. Located in Texas.
14 -

Cipriano Training & Development, Inc.

Focuses on the people side of business by providing training products designed to assist companies in the areas of attitudes, selling skills, communications and customer satisfaction.
15 -

Cornell Outdoor Education

Offers customized outdoor adventure workshops in teambuilding and leadership development for corporations and other professional groups.
16 -


Video based, live facilitated management training seminars. International organization active in more than 45 countries.
17 -

CultureSense International

CultureSense strategic cross-cultural management programs.
18 -

Doug Smart, CSP, Motivational Speaker

Energetic and funny keynote speaker and trainer. Atlanta based. Presentations include change, motivation, leadership, creativity, communication and time management.
19 -

Dr. Don Greene, Ph. D.

Improve your performance under stress by taking a diagnostic test and receiving the results and detailed suggestions for the remedy.
20 -

Eastern Training Seminars, Inc.

Corporate training programs.
21 -

Enterprise Incorporated

Consulting firm specializing in organizational development, strategic management, workforce development training.
22 -

The European Institute of Purchasing Management

The EIPM is the European centre for purchasing and supply chain management.
23 -


Unified management development services and products to business and government: training, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and products.
24 -

Experiential Systems

Building experiential programs, ropes courses, climbing towers, teams courses high and low.
25 -

Extant Training Group

Arizona company offers training courses designed with emphasis on development of employee and management interpersonal skills.
26 -

Focus Four Ltd.

Time management, goal setting, leadership skills and practice management programs for entrepreneurs.
27 -

Glaramara Adventure Centre

Team Building programs to give powerful team experiences in a day of fun and professional development. Based in the UK.
28 -

Gordon International

Conflict resolution, communications, sales and parenting skills training for corporations, families and individuals.
29 -

Granville Toogood Associates

Specializing in leadership coaching, success coaching, executive training, presentation training, speech writing and development, new business presentations, and motivational management.
30 -

GrowthWorks Inc.

Training and consulting related to change management, innovation, creativity, team building, leadership, sales.
31 -

Heart of Business

Business mentoring and training programs for the spiritual, holistic, or micro business owner. Located in Portland, Oregon.
32 -

I Will Not Complain

Asian company providing training in performance improvement, change management, teamwork, vision and leadership to companies and organisations.
33 -

Imparta Ltd.

Providing online learning, software and courses for training in strategy, marketing and sales. Based in London, England.
34 -

Institute for Management

Provides motivational speaking, coaching and consulting.
35 -

Integral Training Systems, Inc.

Employee retention programs to reduce attrition.
36 -

Action Management Associates, Inc.

Training and consulting company offering workshops that teach problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking tools and processes to improve individual and corporate performance.
37 -

The Main Effort, Inc.

A training and consulting group that inspires individuals to maximize their leadership ability through a customized 100-hour program. Based in Massachusetts.
38 -

Matthew Hunter Associates

Improve business performance.
39 -

Mountain Home Training & Consulting, Inc.

Provides business process reengineering training.
40 -

NTS Management Training

Through its close partnerships with leading business schools, NTS has developed an approach drawing on the cutting edge of business and people management.
41 -

One World Music

Through hands-on music making, this company fosters teamwork, leadership and innovation in the workplace, promoting cultural change and organizational development.
42 -

Operations Service Systems, Inc.

Operations and professional development training firm, focusing on process redesign, performance standards, customer service, sales relationships and communications skills.
43 -

Partners in Training

Competence and skills training - personal development, managerial skills and leadership courses. Based in UK.
44 -

Papillon du Bois

Innovative training and creative events. Based in the UK.
45 -

The PAR Group

Helps companies improve communication skills, management and leadership development, sales training and coaching; its training courses focus on improving interpersonal skills.
46 -

Paul D. Cummings, World Wide Enterprises

Provides training in the areas of financial management and sales. Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
47 -

Maher & Maher

Specializes in eLearning, content conversion, skills gap analysis, training solution design, eGovernment partnership and process re-design and documentation.
48 -

Performance Directed Management

Melbourne-based management training and consulting.
49 -

The Pinnacle Leadership Group, Inc.

Provides assistance in the areas of leadership skills, partnering, teambuilding, project management, and strategic planning. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
50 -

Presentation Partners

Provides tailor made training programmes on an in-house basis to meet clients requirements. Works with small groups and individuals to provide training. UK based company works internationally.
51 -

Ridge Associates

Courses include performance management, interpersonal communication, coaching, team development, and sales. They also offer development courses for training professionals.
52 -


Has trainers throughout the world offering full training in its specialist areas of thinking strategically and then communicating effectively.
53 -

Small development center in Vietnam

Business training in Vietnam
54 -

Total Coverage

Provides workshops, seminars, retreats and keynotes on communication, supervision, customer service and leadership. Based in Pennsylvania.
55 -

The Trainers Directory

Management development seminars designed to enable organizations to increase their productivity and profitability and reinforce their organizations values and culture. Based in New York.
56 -

Uzelac Enhancement Team

Leadership and management training at your site or in a retreat environment. Located in Ohio.
57 -

Vandergriff Consulting Group

Provides training and consulting to public and private sector organizations on the topics of conflict and performance.
58 -

Venture Up

Specializes in fun, interactive team building and experiential learning programs to promote team spirit and organizational success. Located in Arizona.
59 -

The Management Development Group

Specializes in professional development training. Teaching people how to harness their own potential by developing their interpersonal and people management skills. Located in Waterloo, Ontario.
60 -

Wild Track Business Solutions Ltd

Management training and outdoor development.
61 -

The Working Circle

Teambuilding adventures that provide professionals with the skills to transform the way organizations communicate, collaborate and resolve conflicts. Based in Tucson, Arizona.
62 -

The Delfi Group

Training and development programs for management and employees alike in mediation and leadership.
63 -

Glaser & Associates

Provides leadership and communication seminars and keynote speeches.
64 -

William A. Malek and Associates

Strategic facilitation, project management and training for creativity and innovation in the knowledge economy.
65 -


Executive development training sessions on IT and E-commerce management and strategy.
66 -

Johnson Training Group

Training with a fresh perspective on communication, working with people, and dealing with generation X.
67 -

Team New England

Facilitation of adventure team building, leadership development and 360 degree feedback programs for high performance work organizations.
68 -

Partners for Learning and Leadership,Inc.

Training to help a company become a "Learning Organization", located in Rhode Island.
69 -

The Information and Training Co.

Consulting firm offering team building, strategic planning, time management, and executive coaching. Based in Arizona.
70 -

Corporate Challenge

Specialists in team building and experimental learning programs - Australia and New Zealand.
71 -

Work Life Balance

Offers programs for work-life balance, stress management in the workplace, time management training, and customer service training.
72 -

Cedar Associates

Experienced group of Management Training and Personal Development Consultants based in Leamington Spa - in the centre of England.
73 -

Leading Edge

UK company, delivering consultancy and training for developing managerial, team, individual and organizational performance. Expertise in designing specific solutions for each client.
74 -

The Success Institute

This is a resource for many types of management training, located in San Diego. Programs include negotiating, teambuilding, conflict resolution, customer service.
75 -

Stephen Neiman & Associates

Training courses in cross-cultural training, management training, diversity management, professional development, interpersonal skills, organization development, and process facilitation. Located in Ottawa, Canada.
76 -

Leading Change

From strategy to operational delivery, This UK company leads change, develops leaders and managers and publishes tools and materials based on research beyond situational leadership.
77 -

Executive Edge Inc.

Fun, interactive team building and experiential learning programs range from in-depth learning to eye-opening entertainment.
78 -

Productive Training Services

A human resources development firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan - specializes in management, team and employee communication skill enhancement workshops, seminars and assessments.
79 -

Guila Muir and Associates

Train a trainer courses, facilitation workshops, and presentation skills. Located in Washington.
80 -

Management Education Group

Provides supervisory, management, and leadership development services for government agencies and businesses. Services include training, facilitation, and coaching. Located in Arizona.
81 -

The Development Company

Development and training of people to help you improve your productivity and increase your profitability. Located in the UK.
82 -

Powerful Methods Inc.

Provides coaching and training for managers, based on Systems-Thinking.
83 -

Canton Associates Management Development

Develop on site training for managers and supervisors in areas of human resource management, cultural diversity, sexual harassment training. Assist in the development of mentoring programs with products on evaluating and developing mentoring programs.
84 -

Quest Group Australia

Offers corporate clients innovative and professional development and team building programs throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.
85 -

OTT Consulting, Ltd

Specialises in management development &and training, executive coaching, organizational and culture change and career counselling. Located in the UK.
86 -

Best Practice Training & Development Ltd

Consultancy, skills development and certification to assist helpdesks, call centres and customer service departments to achieve and maintain exceptional service quality and customer satisfaction.
87 -

The Institute for Management Studies

Helps Fortune 500 companies develop and educate their managers.
88 -

The Adventure Group

Adventure-based training company: bringing teambuilding and staff development programs to corporate, academic and outdoor recreation programs anywhere in the world.
89 -

AMT Group

Offers a holistic approach to global management training, which helps people to raise their self-awareness and expand their vision, demystify foreign behavior and enhance their business skills.
90 -

Watershed Associates, Inc.

A Washington, DC-based international organization focused on negotiations training to business and government agencies worldwide.
91 -

The Washington Campus

Executive seminars and MBA summer camps focusing on linkages between business and government. Information on available programs.
92 -

Team Dynamics International

Personal improvement, corporate entertainment, and team building. Based in the UK.
93 -

The Principle Practice

UK based training and development provider offers a selection of training solutions as well as a bespoke design service.
94 -

Pacific Rim Seminars

Customized training and professional speaking in areas of customer service, management development, managing change, stress, conflict resolution, team building. Speakers travel throughout Pacific Rim and mainland USA. Available for conventions and keynotes.
95 -


Based in Scotland, offers Directions Personal and Business Development with team building, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills training.
96 -


Offers training in management development, leadership, teambuilding and communication skills. Offices are located in the US and Canada.
97 -

What Now Ltd

UK based company provides experiential learning through management development with the enjoyment and benefits of a corporate team fun event.
98 -

Roger Reece Seminars

Trainer and motivational speaker, located in Georgia, provides productivity training, keynote speeches and team building seminars.
99 -


Offers training, coaching and corporate retreats in presentation skills, interpersonal communication, experiential teambuilding plus a complete resource of training courses and professionals.
100 -

Mission Performance

Provides focused and relevant training and development programs in order to increase your individual, team and organisational performance. Located in the UK.
101 -

Hire The Right Brain

Margo Berman is a trainer, speaker, facilitator, keynote speaker located in south Florida.
102 -

Development Training Company Ltd.

Consultancy group in England specialising in Management Training, Leadership, Teambuilding and Strategy programmes that help clients make money and improve performance.
103 -


Developmental facilitation training programmes to enable people to develop their facilitation skills. Located in the UK.
104 -

Learning Unlimited

Experiential corporate team building, management problem solving and relationship skills development training techniques. Located in Oklahoma.
105 -

WorkLife Performance

Consulting firm focused on family-friendly policies, creative perks, and flexible work practices to maximize worker satisfaction.
106 -

Sabre Corporate Development

Innovative team building solutions to suit every need - from corporate conferences to strategic business focus.
107 -

Sittcom, Inc.

Workplace issues training, consulting, executive coaching. Topics: conflict resolution, harassment, customer service, workplace violence. Free newsletter.
108 -

CI International

Management training company located in Colorado.
109 -


Selfmanagement and empowerment in organisations, training and coaching for managers, professionals and teams. Located in the Netherlands.
110 -

Irish Business Training

Designs and delivers professional training and consulting.
111 -

Liberty Systems

Offers corporate training activities and seminars in organizational change management, workplace conflict resolution, teambuilding and partnering, and communication skills leadership. Located in California.
112 -

Boom! The Power of Rhythm

Teambuilding service, facilitated by participants playing simple parts on hand drums and percussion instruments.
113 -

Corporate Learning Institute

Provides team building events featuring the Expedition High Ropes Course, Drag Strip Challenge and Team Golf. Located in Illinois.
114 -

The Teambuilding Company

UK company offers corporate team building events and activities packages. Generic and custom designed events are available.
115 -

CTAT Training

Provides discovery-based training and strategic consultation services. Ohio based company evaluates specific organizational needs, to customize a training or consultation package.
116 -

Team Trek

Provides experiential team building and leadership training in an outdoor setting in Arkansas. Offers customized programs for corporate clients.
117 -

Training In Action

Established provider of outdoor management development and team development, operating both in the UK and overseas.
118 -


Australian company offers customized training to improve the effectiveness of organisations which deliver professional or technical services to clients.
119 -

Vista Development

On-site programs in leadership, management and business development, customized to client needs. Serving Metro Chicago.
120 -

Incite Teams

A three day teambuilding event on narrowboats on the Grand Union Canal starting northwest of London.
121 -


Provides business solutions from a learning perspective, developing training that causes and results in the highest possible ROI. Located in Florida.
122 -

Outsmart Your Brain

Outsmart Your Brain: Professional and personal coaching, Workshops, seminars and books offered by Marcia Reynolds, MA, M.Ed., Master Certified Coach in the areas of leadership, emotional development and team-building.
123 -

WITS - Corporate Team Building

Custom, interactive teambuilding with an improv comedy approach, brings teams together while having fun in the process. Located in San Diego.
124 -

Arete Adventures

Provides customized professional development programs through action learning and outdoor experiential based learning. (Ojai, California)
125 -

Mountain Quest

Operates team building, leadership, and other corporate training programs and events throughout western Canada. (Calgary, Alberta)
126 -

Outdoor Activities Service

Delivering outdoor-oriented, teamworking, educational, and personal-development courses for all skill-levels.
127 -

Vision Leadership

Corporate games, teambuilding workshops, and leadership development programs. Also builds challenge courses and climbing towers.
128 -

The Training Registry

Directory of trainers, seminars, workshops, online courses, and consulting service providers.
129 -


International management consulting and training firm specializing in developing and applying advanced problem solving, decision making, planning, and project management skills to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness.
130 -

The Welford Group

Training and consulting firm located in Philadelphia, offers customized training and organization development solutions.
131 -

Management Training and Sales Training

UK company provides personal development programmes for all levels of management.
132 -

Organisational Learning Centre, Europe

Offers business training, consultancy solutions, project management and organisational research. Information about the company and services.
133 -

Atlantic Consultants

Management consulting firm that specializes in organizational and leadership development such as leadership development, strategic and succession planning facilitation, and communication training. Also does workshops, retreats and motivational speaking.
134 -

Boyens Leadership Consulting

Tennessee-based company offers custom designed sales and management programs to increase sales, improve productivity and accelerate revenue performance.
135 -

Chartered Management Institute

UK source for professional management courses and accredited programs.
136 -

Women Unlimited

Provides women in Fortune 1000 organizations with leadership development programs that assist in the achievement of parity in the work place through mentoring, educational and networking opportunities.
137 -

Corporate Education Consulting, Inc.

Consultants offers presentations and workshops to address linkages between educational institutions and business. Also serves nonprofits, associations, foundations, and governmental entities.
138 -

Olive Tree Associates

Consulting firm addresses organizational performance through process reengineering efforts and total quality management.
139 -

Corporate Quest

Retreats, workshops, and experiences in Vermont helping employees in the business environment.
140 -

Training Services On Demand

Nationwide provider of on-site corporate training courses and seminars, specializing in team building, leadership, presentation skills, and MBTI programs.
141 -

UMD Professional Ltd.

Management development and business training for professionals in the UK, providing effective training solutions for dentists, solicitors, vets, architects and surveyors.
142 -

Institute Of Corporate Management

Stress eradication and corporate counselling.
143 -

Duke Corporate Education

Custom education to help companies achieve business objectives. Located in Durham, North Carolina.
144 -

Leadership training and personal achievement using seminars, team building and activities such as go-carts paint ball, and rock climbing. Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
145 -


Arts-based training and development to businesses and other organisations. Brighton, United Kingdom
146 -

Negotiating Solutions

Week-long, residential immersion workshop in interest-based negotiation specifically for aviation and aerospace professionals.
147 -

Coaching for Successful Solutions

Margie Summerscales Heiler, an executive coach providing business, team, mentor coaching and coaching retreats.
148 -

Neil Ford

Training and development consultant based near Cambridge UK offering training design, delivery, and coaching for manager and supervisory skills.
149 -

National MultiCultural Institute

Non-profit organization promotes multiculturalism and diversity offering services and training to individuals, organizations and communities.
150 -

Impact DTG

Specialising in change management, putting people in control of change modular management development programmes, practical business prospect led development events outdoor, based team management and personal development events, exciting challenging and effective residential programmes.
151 -

Peak Rhythms

Consulting services offer Health Rhythms Protocol coordinated series of rhythm programs for team-building, conflict resolution, and personal growth. Programs is adapted to each client.
152 -

Creative Business Resources

On site training and corporate seminars. Includes background, mission and client list.
153 -

Corporate coaching and mentoring, success techniques for sales, executives and life in general, located in Australia.
154 -

Creative Energy Options

Offers professional and individual consulting, programs and seminars at their conference center in Pennsylvania and around the world.
155 -

Michael Lewis Training

Training and development speaker with a large selection of personal and professional development topics.
156 -

Soaring Eagle Enterprises

Provider of customized training, seminars, workshops, retreats and speaking services, located in Las Vegas.
157 -

Motivational Training

Training and speakers in a broad range of management skills. Also selling training media. Located in the UK.
158 -

Evolution Personal and Corporate Development

Provides effective Personal and Corporate development services to individuals and organisations throughout the UK using NLP accelerated learning and other leading edge training techniques. Cornwall, UK.
159 -


Provides sales training, management training, customer service training, train-the-trainer training, performance consulting training programs, training modules, performance tools, inventories eGuides, and customized training.
160 -

3D Training and Development

UK company offers a wide range of management training - influence, change, politics, leadership and coaching.
161 -

Unique Solutions

UK training and event management company develops creative methods of delivering training and communication.
162 -

People Scope

Consulting, training and developmental service provider in the UK, specialising in Client/customer Relationship Management, business development, management and leadership skills.
163 -

Centric Performance

Consulting and training services help organizations leverage their human capital and value chain relationships to improve business results and gain competitive advantage.
164 -


Strategy consulting, personal career development, sales training, anger management, competency audits, coaching, development of interpersonal and management skills, on-line courses. Located in Belgium.
165 -

The Blue Water Partnership

UK company specialises in the development of people management skills, Using a blend of coaching and mentoring to help managers change their own bad habits and in so doing release the potential of their people.
166 -

A.C.E. Training & Consulting

Australian firm partners with your organisation to enhance communication, build teamwork and improve work processes.
167 -

Gerri King , Ph.D.

Organizational consultant and facilitator works with CEOs and senior management on major organizational changes, strategic planning processes, board development, and training issues at all levels. Keynote speaking, leadership development, facilitation, team building seminar.
168 -

Performance Dynamics

Internal Consulting Skills courses in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Highly participative 2 and 3-day courses for internal and external consultants.
169 -

Middle Aston House

Middle Aston House is a dedicated residential training and development centre in the UK set in 25 acres of woodlands and lawns, providing teambuilding, leadership programmes and corporate events.
170 -

Concepts In Training

Motivational training for improved profitability, team work, management, communication, and mortgage sales with executive focus.
171 -

Eyeball Training

UK company specializes in teambuilding, team development, management training, staff assessment, staff motivation.
172 -

Training Education Management

Providing performance consulting, instructional design, human resource management and adult education custom solutions. Located in Redondo Beach, California.
173 -

FBS Consultancy

Management training and development services for organisations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and other parts of the world. Also organisational consultancy, change programmes, psychometric testing and event organising.
174 -

Positive Actions

Delivers customized organizational training and development seminars and keynote speeches.
175 -

Excel Group Development

Offers development and assessment Tools to improve management, sales team, and human resources effectiveness.
176 -

Langevin Learning Services

Certification courses and workshops for professional trainers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Includes course and company information.
177 -

Management Training and Development Ltd

Offering open and in-house courses, leadership development programs and coaching. Includes case studies, course examples, client reviews and free online seminars. Based in the UK.
178 -

Maracon and Associates International Inc.

An organizational development consulting firm, providing negotiations training and coaching worldwide. Customized programs include: win-win negotiations, international negotiations, influencing skills, team building, situational leadership, interactive business planning.
179 -

Online self-study business courses in communications, customer service, finance, HR, leadership, and management.
180 -

Performance Associates Ltd.

New Zealand company offers training programs in performance appraisals, staff recruitment and selection, performance coaching and counselling, retail selling skills, customer service.
181 -


Offering effective experiential training in teamwork and leadership skills. Based in Wales.
182 -

CC Consulting

Offers companies and individuals a range of certified and non-certified management training courses and implementation tools. Dates and locations in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Africa.
183 -

CRG Consulting Resource Group International, Inc.

Publishes and creates personality tests, educational tools, and learning systems for individuals and organizations.
184 -

Rifenbary Training and Development

Speaker and trainer offers motivational seminars, workshops, and leadership development. Located in New York.
185 -

Advantage Communications

Providers of practical training solutions in sales, customer services, time management, interviewing and appraisals, management development, employment legislation and HR services.
186 -

Aravis Alpine Retreat

Training programmes based in Barnes, London are held in a learning environment and help widen business and personal perspectives to aid management development.
187 -

TOM International, Ltd

Offering a variety of management development workshops and materials.
188 -

Greg Williams: The Master Negotiator

Offers negotiating skills seminars, training, and consulting services. Contains profile, tips and client list.
189 -


Global management consulting and training firm specializing in programs and corporate meetings for Self, Team, and Business Change.
190 -


Global community of managers that learn and develop by collaborating with their peers.
191 -

Benjamin Ball Associates Ltd,

UK firm offering presentation training for senior management along with development services including preparation, pitch winning and public speaker coaching. London and Oxford
192 -

Exponential Training & Assessment Ltd

Delivering flexible, affordable, professional training and development to managers, coaches and consultants in the UK and around the world.
193 -

Skern Lodge Ltd

Professional outdoor activity centre for the UK, located in Southwest England, provides training for managers.
194 -


Provides corporate training in the UK, to achieve more humour in the workplace through stress management, team building and motivation.
195 -

Cornell Teambuilding

Offers customized workshops in teambuilding and leadership development for corporations and other professional groups, employing problem-solving initiatives, ropes courses, and diagnostic tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 360 degree feedback.
196 -

Institutes for Organization Management

An educational program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for association, Chamber of Commerce, and not-for-profit executives.
197 -

Britannia Training

Offers seminars on topics such as electrical, purchasing, finance, and leadership. Provides FAQ and course descriptions.
198 -

Darden Executive Education

Specializes in general management development, leadership development, and senior management programs for executives and managers. Located in Virginia.
199 -

Go Intuition, Inc.

Personal and business intuition development through training programs, consulting, intuitive readings with clairvoyant counselor, psychic coach/consultant. Located in Frisco, Colorado.
200 -

Relational Advantage, Inc.

Executive coaching, professional training and development, and organizational consulting. Located in Tucson, Arizona.
201 -

Praxis Life Sciences

Provides learning services focusing on strategy, delivery channels and courses.
202 -

Canadian Management Centre

Providing financial management, human resources, leadership, communications, customer service, sales, project management, and general managerial courses. Located in Toronto, Ontario.

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