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CHENTA Consulting

Change consultancy and coaching provides tailor-made services that are enduring and valuable.
2 -

Corporate Strategy Institute

Specializing in personal and corporate strategic planning and restructuring consulting and key note speaking.
3 -

Corporate Learning Systems, Inc.

CLS is a full service consulting company offering training and support programs for sales, marketing, operations and team management initiatives.
4 -

Christopher Bonner Consultants, Inc.

Counsels senior management of associations and corporations on positioning strategies and strategic communications. Located in McLean, Virginia.
5 -

Clark Training & Consulting

Instructional psychologist Dr. Ruth Clark provides training to improve instructional design and development programs. Seminars available in selected US cities.
6 -

Custodial Consulting Services

Providing total quality management systems for janitorial departments.
7 -

Capital Ideas

A management consulting firm advising high technology companies, including startups, on strategy, business plans, product definition and implementation. California, USA.
8 -

Charney and Associates, Inc.

Specializing in streamlining operations, management processes, training, and communication skills.
9 -

The Catalyst Group, Inc

Generating and retaining business through direct sales and service.
10 -

Cal Tingey Enterprises

Firm that specializes in partnering, team building, corporate retreats, strategic planning, and partnering.
11 -

Concept Systems Inc.

Provides organizational change and performance improvement services.
12 -

Consensus Technology Services

Specializes in collaborative problem solving and decision making by providing consulting, facilitation and training to support an organizational consensus driven process.
13 -

Capital Restoration, LLC

Works primarily with under-performing companies to help find positive financial solutions based upon in-depth analysis and strategic planning using activity based simulation models. Based in Sudbury MA.
14 -

Cambridge Consulting

Offering services related to performance development and organizational effectiveness.
15 -

Corporate Value Associates (CVA)

Firm focuses on the development and application of proprietary methodologies involving strategy, organization operations, and finance.
16 -

Consulting Office Sibylle May

Services offered include training classes and seminars, coaching, personnel and career consulting.
17 -

Creativity at Work

A resource for developing personal creativity and organizational innovation. Site features articles, tips, and a newsletter.
18 -

The Centre for Mentoring

Provides a uniquely professional mentoring and executive coaching service for managers and leaders.
19 -

Clark Wilson Group, Inc.

Provides organizational core competency assessments and surveys.
20 -

CorVu North America

Integrated consulting services and software solutions provider, focused mainly on performance management systems.
21 -

The Catalyst

Provides strategies, services and products for the financial, retirement and housing sectors.
22 -

Corporate University Xchange

An education research and consulting firm that assists organizations in optimizing their education and training resources. Based in New York City.
23 -

CyberQ Consulting

Specializes in continuous quality improvement within the software industry, focusing on quality education, processes, metrics and organization development.
24 -

Caridas Consulting Group

Specializes in productivity improvements through a focus on people. Provides strategic planning, participative work and process redesign, executive coaching, profit improvement and organizational development.
25 -

Creativity Unleashed

A journey around business creativity, with an online business bookshop, creativity techniques, free and shareware software.
26 -

Crossroads Programs Inc.

Provides guidance and facilitation services in partnering, alliances and business ethics.
27 -

Clive Simpkins Strategic Communications

For expert consulting, transformation strategy and spindoctoring in corporate, personal, marketing, media and political communications.
28 -

Corporate Turnaround Management

Crisis and turnaround management specialist with a focus on corporate restructuring and re-engineering for improving shareholder value.
29 -

Christopher Allen & Associates

Focuses on providing strategic planning consulting services to businesses and organizations.
30 -

Contract Consultants Corporation

Services and resources for management consultants and consulting companies.
31 -

Core Pursuit, Inc.

Offers management consulting services including human resources, risk management, web design, and business strategy, planning and development.
32 -

Chaudhuri, Arindam

Trains CEOs for leadership, management practices, motivation, strategic vision, success achievement, and theory.
33 -

CRP Associates, Inc.

Specialized consulting to the broadcast industry and to financial institutions which lend or venture with media concerns throughout the world.
34 -

The Coughlin Company

Enhancing individual, group and organizational effectiveness.
35 -

Carr Communications

International communications resource with expertise in media relations, public relations, public information services, business and training consulting and management skills.
36 -

Case Strategy, LLC

Consulting services: Management session, strategy game plan, strategy implementation and investor intelligence.
37 -

Centre for Innovative Leadership (CIL)

Systems thinking, scenario based strategy and leadership development.
38 -

Charles Nechtem Enterprises

Providing employee assistance services, international corporate programs, and training and consulting services.
39 -

CTO4 Rent

Technology management consulting for start-ups, small businesses and large corporations.
40 -

Competitive Edge, Inc.

Consulting and training in improving employee effectiveness, team building, and employee-manager relationships.
41 -

Corporate Development International

Specializing in joint ventures, investments and corporate development.
42 -

Chaddsford Planning Associates

Provides business development services to both public sector and commercial organizations.
43 -

ConsultantC Ltd.

Management consultancy and strategy planning.
44 -

Collins Consulting

Provides diverse consulting services including strategic planning, financial analysis, due diligence, project management and operational reviews.
45 -

Charlesview Management Group

Identifying and solving the issues impacting the growth and development of businesses.
46 -

CEO Support Systems, Inc.

Senior management consulting based on their "Blueprint for a Healthy Organization" model.
47 -

The Crawford Group

Global consulting firm providing customized public policy consulting, marketing and human resources strategy planning, training and executive leadership development programs.
48 -

Cray Performance Corporation

Helping clients achieve their strategic objectives by improving the performance of people through training, incentives, recognition, information systems and research.
49 -

Cambium Group

Providing strategic business and marketing planning, marketing communications, web site design, and Internet e-commerce solutions.
50 -

Clinton Group Inc.

Service strategy consulting firm.
51 -

Catalyst Consulting Team

A strategic planning, leadership development, virtual collaboration and experiential learning consulting firm.
52 -

Chaco Canyon Consulting

Works with people in problem-solving organizations who make complex products that need state-of-the-art teamwork.
53 -

The Clemmer Group

Management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, organization assessment and team development.
54 -

Catwalk Consulting

Management consulting, project planning, business systems analysis, applications development, quality assurance, documentation and education.
55 -

Corporate Affairs International (CAI)

Consulting firm with expertise in economic and industrial/corporate development.
56 -

Cross Technologies Inc.

Offers turnaround management, venture capital, investor relations, financing, crisis re-engineering, and assisting with creditor problems.
57 -

Cornerstone Designs

Challenge course builders that specialize in the design, development and training specific to ropes courses, bouldering grottoes, and climbing walls. (Jonas Ridge, North Carolina)
58 -

Challenge Course Consultancy

Designs and constructs challenge courses. Includes information about the owners and their process. Based in Kelso, Scotland.
59 -

Cameron Ralph Pty Ltd

An independent ratings agency providing Corporate Governance and Board Performance assessments for listed companies and major government and non-profit organisations.
60 -

Christensen Associates Management Consultants, Inc.

Offers seminars and workshops in futures research, project management, product development, and manager development. Located in Playa del Rey, California.
61 -

Corporate Renaissance Group

Business management and technology consultants. Located in Ontario, Canada.
62 -

Columbia Resource Group

Specializes in leadership, teambuilding, and organizational change.
63 -

Chinook Solutions Inc.

Consulting services for strategy management and project cultures. Specializing in strategic DNA methodology for clarity, alignment and focus.
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