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Consulting Websites

1 -

International Marketing Services, Inc. (IMS)

Export and import consulting, marketing support, market research, business discovery, financing assistance, and facilitation of joint ventures since 1986 to companies seeking export sales expansion in Russia, Europe and North America.
2 -

Minster International Business Development Ltd

Consultancy assisting companies trading from the UK or wishing to export the UK. Expertise in the petrochemical industry and transport.
3 -

Dorea International

International trade consultants specializing in importing into the U.S.
4 -

Bell Davies Customs

An independent firm of customs duty and VAT consultants.
5 -

Intraka Export Service

German based export company and offering service mainly to companies in the Near and Middle East region.
6 -

TARA International

Consultants in world trade law and international trade, customs, and export control regulations (UK, US, European). Located in Richmond, Surrey, England.
7 -

Runckel and Associates

A specialist in researching the bona-fides, credit worthiness and business history of companies based in Southeast Asia.
8 -

Aydon Consultants

Multi-lingual company specialising in international business development, assisting companies to expand or create export and import opportunities.
9 -

Wellkang Consultant (Stockholm)

EU company information service (e.g. company profile). CE marking for non-EU products; authorized representative in EU for non-EU class I medical devices. EU trademark registration.
10 -

H and B Marketing

Helping small businesses make the most of worldwide trade, experienced operating as a marketing and import-export consultancy.
11 -


Provides access to international sourcing.
12 -

Macfarlane International Business Services

Export consulting, international business placement, partnerships, translation and multi-language call center facilities. Based in Germany.
13 -

Offers business solutions to the importer, exporter and investigating firm needing to secure their products or establish a foothold in China.
14 -

Circinus, Ltd.

Specializing in U.S. customs compliance and export control regulations. Licensed U.S. customs broker.
15 -

Dr. Baumer Consultants

Offers market entry Germany, business development and sales services with focus on high-tech.
16 -

Informed Enterprises

Japanese trade, negotiation and financial experts ready to assist foreign companies in establishing and maintaining successful business relationships with Japanese companies.
17 -

Hollando Trading Consultancy

Specializes in the promotion, export, marketing and distribution of exclusive products.
18 -


Provides sales, marketing, and management expertise to emerging global companies in their quest to bring quality products and services to market.
19 -


Providing assistance for UK exporters, offering a range of services from market studies and strategy formulation to more hands-on operational help.
20 -


Providing import-export management, consulting and translation services.
21 -

Tradesur, Inc.

Focused on exporting American-made construction equipment and electrical power systems components to emerging markets.
22 -

K.E. International

A management trading and consulting company that facilitates the export of U.S. products into foreign markets.
23 -

Far East Outsourcing & Subcontracting Services

Assisting European companies seeking import/export and outsourcing opportunities in China and vice versa. Also provides quality control and logistic support, and mediation in conflict situations.
24 -

TBR Consulting AB

Export import marketing consultants. Assists with distributor search agents, market research, marketing plans, business start up and company registrations worldwide.
25 -


Offers consultations, and trade services related to China and other Southeast Asian countries.
26 -

Wudang Research Association

Business Services and Martial Arts Teaching and Research. International business consulting services to promote cooperation between American and Chinese companies. Provides research, meeting facilitation, import/export documentation and assistance. USA, Florida and China.
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