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This category consists of links to associations intended for information technology professionals in business.- Category ID : 50870
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Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE)

A non-profit and non-government association of private sector companies focused on advocacy, facilitating business and encouraging advancement of research. Yerevan, Armenia.
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Business Software Alliance

Trade organization working with international governments to advance the goals of the software industry and their hardware partners. The organization educates computer users on software copyrights, advocates public policy, trade opportunities, and fights software piracy.
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Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA)

Nonprofit professional educational association dedicated to promoting the use and benefits of geospatial information technologies within infrastructure-based organizations such as utilities, telecoms, oil and gas pipelines, and public works departments.
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Information Technology Industry Council

Lobbying agency that advocates rewarding IT innovation and supports free-market policies. Congressional scorecards.
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Computer and Communications Industry Association

Nonprofit association of computer and communications firms.
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OMICRON The Center For Information Technology Management

A vendor-independent confidential management advisory resource for IT executives that provides soft skill training and roundtable discussion groups for their leadership teams.
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Irish Software Association (ISA)

Professional association representing the interests of Irish and multi-national software and computing services companies operating in Ireland.
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International Association of IT Asset Managers

Including issues like software auditing, software compliance, license management and software piracy. Company profile, white papers, and contact details.
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International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance)

Advances the process of information interoperability, standards, and dissemination of knowledge.
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Organization for data center professionals offering local chapter is several US states, Australia, and Ontario, Canada. Offers member meetings and educational resources. Headquartered in Orange, California, USA.
11 -

The Widebeam Project

IT for business. EC-funded project introducing new communications technologies to 10 small-medium businesses in UK, Spain and Bulgaria.
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ISDA - Association of Storage & Retrieval Professionals

Providing document management and solutions to business, industry, and governmental agencies at all levels.
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Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

Provides leadership and educational opportunities through partnerships with industry, government and academia. Offers member meetings, resources, and forums for networking and information. Local chapters throughout the US.
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The Computing Technology Industry Association

Global IT trade association promoting industry standards, growing professional expertise, and providing IT skills education.
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Information Technology Association of Wisconsin (ITAWI)

A statewide membership association based with a corporation focus addressing high-level issues. Includes an advocacy function directed at state and federal policies. Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
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Organization offering education, mentoring, support, and networking opportunities to IT professional members. Local chapters throughout the USA. Headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA.
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Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA)

A not for profit educational forum established for information technology and networking professionals in the financial community. Red Bank, New Jersey, USA.
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IJIS Institute

Nonprofit membership organization funded primarily through federal grants serving information technology companies that provide products or services to the justice, public safety, and homeland security sectors to help these communities share information.
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Online and news release community to share best practices and collaborate to solve technology adoption challenges.
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Advocacy group offering paid members access to conferences, events, publications, and standards.
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Upic Solutions

A non-profit technology collaboration group created for and by United Way organizations
22 -

Modern Analyst

Online community for business and systems analysts featuring articles, news, forums, and career resources.
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The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)

Organization that provides documents and openly publishes standards, best practices and learning solutions for the benefit of Information Technology professionals and the enterprises which hire them.Online access. Summit, New Jersey, USA.
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