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1 -

Industrial Mecano

Distributes end of line packaging materials such as adhesive tapes, stretch, shrink, straps and packaging machines plus abrasive materials. Romania.
2 -

Knox and Schneider, Inc.

Industrial packaging distribution of protective products and carton sealing tape.
3 -

Center Pac

Distributors of packaging, banding, strapping, webbing, belting, bags, sacks, cushioning materials, tapes, cartons, and boxes,
4 -

Ameripac Industries

Packaging products and packaging machinery distributor, contract packaging service.
5 -

BayTec Service, LLC

Factory authorized distributor of plastic barrels, pails and water bags. based in Houston, Texas.
6 -

JMS Packaging Consultants

Includes corrugated boxes, thermoformed, and packaging supplies. New York.
7 -

Plastic Strapping Company Ltd.

Suppliers of steel, polypropylene and polyester strapping and most types of strapping equipment.
8 -

Enhance Packaging

Customer focused retail packaging broker specializing in custom made shopping, paper, plastic bags, boxes, gift wrap, tissue paper and ribbon.
9 -

MAC Paper Supply

Wholesale packaging supplies for retailers, businesses and artisans. Store, product and gift packaging. Bags and gift wrap.
10 -

The Packaging Source

Retail packaging products readily available and offers a unique and customized look.
11 -

Shorr Packaging Corp.

Distributor of packaging products and equipment including boxes, tapes and adhesives, shipping supplies and protective supplies.
12 -

Fishing Industry Services

Importers and Distributors of specialist packaging products for. New Zealand
13 -

R. Haddock & Co (Pty) Ltd

Manufacturer and distributor of corrugated paper, tapes, paper, protective fill and wraps, strapping, protective apparel and cleaning supplies. South Africa.
14 -


Distributor of office supplies, tape, boxes, cushioning, static control products and janitorial supplies.
15 -

Paper Mart Packaging Store

Distributes boxes, bags, packaging, gift packaging, janitorial and office supplies.
16 -

Hillas Packaging

Distributes various packaging supplies including safety, abrasives, tapes and adhesives, bags, coders, cushioning, dispensers, machinery, paper, shrink wrap and general supplies.
17 -

Greenough Paper Company

Industrial packaging, shipping, maintenance and janitorial supplies.
18 -

Boatman Marking, Inc.

Distributor of packaging materials and machinery including staples, tape, industrial marking, stencils and strapping.
19 -

Techno-Link Corp

Wholesale supplier of packaging products, warehousing and distribution services.
20 -

Wholesale distributor of corrugated boxes, packaging and shipping room supplies, foam coolers, bubble wrap, laptop shippers, and 3M tapes.
21 -

Flexseal International

Custom packaging solutions with applications including military, static control, medical and food packaging.
22 -

The Box Place

Wholesale and retail distributors of shipping supplies, packaging supplies and decorative packaging supplies
23 -

Springfield Paper Specialties

Supplier of packaging, shipping, sanitary, maintenance and office supplies.
24 -

Distributor of boxes, mailers, polybags, retail gift packaging and shipping supplies.
25 -

Thomas G. Goldkamp, Inc.

Distributor of paper, tapes, packaging materials and machinery. Also offers a package design service.
26 -

Ghaby Comercial, Ltd.

Distributes price tags, special packagings and boxes for gifts. Brazil.
27 -

Plus Packaging, Inc.

Distributes shipping and packaging supplies including custom printed plastic bags, printed tape and mailing bags.
28 -

Nu-Era Group, Inc.

Supplies retail fixtures, gift boxes, tissue, packaging supplies and fixtures.
29 -

Packaging Services Corporation

Custom retail packaging provider with full service distribution and design facilities.
30 -

Tiger Pack Inc.

Packaging supplies, equipment and systems distributor.
31 -

Uline Shipping Supplies

Full-line distributor of shipping, industrial, and packing materials. Includes catalog and online ordering.
32 -

PackSmart, Inc.

Packaging systems, machinery and supplies distributor. Includes catalog and contacts.
33 -

Creations Mercedes

Ribbon and packaging products, including boxes, bags and rolls.
34 -


Packaging equipment, tools and supplies distributor, including bags, strapping and shrink wrap. Includes online ordering and product list.
35 -

John Edwards Company, Inc.

Distributor of shrink wrap machinery, stretch wrap machinery, films and flexible packaging supplies.
36 -

Omne Packaging & Supply

Packaging and shipping supplies, poly bags, bubble film, custom bags and other packaging products.
37 -

U.S. Box Corp.

Manufacturer of gift packaging including boxes, bags, pouches, labels, and displays. Site offers on-line ordering and sample requesting and contact details.
38 -

Plastic Bags

Online retailer of custom made poly, gusseted and zip lock bags as well as trash can liners, pallet covers and other packing supplies.
39 -


Online retailer who sells a range of food service packaging including take out and carry out bags, boxes, tissue and food wrap. Has a company overview, ordering and shipping information and product lists.
40 -

Enhanced Images, Inc

Wholesalers of custom labels and tags, pricing systems, retail packaging, promotional products and gift lines. Contains a catalogue of products, brief company information and dates for upcoming trade shows.
41 -

Extra Packaging Corp

Wholesalers of anti static shielding, bio hazard packaging, dumpster liners, bags for air sickness and cooking purposes. Has government and military specification equipment. Contains pictures and descriptions of products.
42 -

Australian Warehouse Solutions

Wholesalers of packaging products and machinery who also provide shipping, storage and logistic solutions. Contains pictures and specifications of products, company information and material safety data sheets.
43 -

Lightning Packaging Supplies, Ltd

Distributors of packaging products such as boxes, cushioning, strappings and wrapping paper. Includes pictures and sizes of products as well as a company profile.
44 -

Proton Supplies

Online retailer who specializes in anti-static products, wrapping paper, cartons, cases, bags and sacks. Has pictures and size comparison of products.
45 -

Ultra-Pak, Inc

Distributor of different brands and types of tapes, stretch films, shrink films and strappings. Located in Philadelphia.
46 -

Acromont Corporation

Commodity trading and import/export house in India. Products include packaging materials, bulk plastics, and plastic films.
47 -

Sunbelt Packaging, LLC

Full line supplier of poly bags, films, wraps, tapes, strapping, strapping equipment, service and packaging products.
48 -

Irish Papers, Ltd

Distributors of paper bags, plastic bags, cake boxes, printed carrier bags, aluminum foil, cling wrap and tape. Contains product showcase including pictures and details as well as company information.
49 -

Zeus Packaging Group

Distributes a variety of packaging and shipping supplies and machinery. Great Britain.
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