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Crating, Boxes and Drums Websites

This category is for sites of businesses that focus on crates, boxes and drums which are mainly for manufactured or processed goods or general packaging.- Category ID : 50831
1 -

Lar Packaging

Italian manufacturer of drums, crates, tanks, plateaux for agriculture packaging, and plastic buckets.
2 -

K. Yih Chern Corp. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic packaging boxes, such as vacuum forming, one-piece blow molding, food boxes, blister packaging.
3 -

No-Nail Boxes

Folding boxes and pallet-boxes made of plywood and steel for transport, storage and export. Reusable and approved for transporting hazardous goods and ISPM15.
4 -

Alison Handling

Supplier of crates, pallets, boxes, trays and industrial materials handling equipment.
5 -

Canfab Packaging

Composite can manufacturer.
6 -

Benjamit Packaging

Manufacturer of metal packaging and plastic cups in Thailand
7 -


Production of steel packaging and conical drums.
8 -

Nuttal Packaging Ltd.

Manufacturers and designers of all forms of cardboard and plastic boxes, cartons, cases, containers and packaging. Manchester, England.
9 -

Polar Tech Industries, Inc

Manufacturers of protective packaging systems for temperature and time sensitive products.
10 -

Flexcon Container

Manufacturer of plastic and corrugated material handling containers, totes, bins, and boxes .
11 -

Skolnik Industries, Inc.

Manufacture of steel drums and related accessories.
12 -

Maxi Container, Inc.

Manufacturers of steel drums, 55 gallon plastic drums and industrial containers.
13 -

Lorraine Emballages

Manufacturer of wooden shipping crates, boxes and containers. Site in French and English. France.
14 -

Paige Company

Manufacturer of corrugated file boxes and specialty boxes.
15 -

Goodwin Robbins

Manufacturer of crates, wooden boxes, cases, and containers in southern California.
16 -

Capitol Container Corp.

Supplier of drums, pails, totes and hazardous material containers.
17 -

Mid-America Steel Drum Co.

Reconditioner and supplier of steel drums and other assorted drums.
18 -

Corrugated Plastic Products Ltd

Supplier of re-usable packaging solutions for many industrial and eco-friendly applications. Located in UK.
19 -

Questar, Inc.

Supplier of waste containers, cubic yard boxes, cubic yard bags, drums, overpacks, and salvage drums for the waste industry.
20 -

EP Container

Supplier of drums, boxes, pails, bags, and absorbents. Located in California. Woman owned.
21 -

Chandler Packaging

Manufacturer of wooden containers, skids and material handling aides offering on-site packing.
22 -

Rubber Box Co.

Manufacturer of rubber distribution boxes, splitter boxes and splitter units.
23 -

R. Spivey & Sons Ltd

Supplier of reconditioned plastic and steel drums.
24 -

Manufacturers of corrugabox making machineries like flexo printer, baler, sheet pasting and cutting, and gluer machine.
25 -

General Container

Supplier of steel drums, plastic drums, fibre drums. Specializing in hard to find items.
26 -

Packard, Inc.

Provider of packaging, test and assembly machinery. Also providing CNC machined parts, welding, and design work.
27 -

Morris Export Services

Privately held export packing and service company on the U.S. Gulf Coast specializing in professional packing and logistics services.
28 -

Pioneer Enterprises

Manufacturers and distributors of air bubble materials, polyproplyne materials and foam.
29 -

Rosewood Packaging

Manufacturers of timber packing cases, crates, pallets, and suppliers of packaging materials.
30 -

Packaging Solutions, llc.

Supplier of protective packaging for drums and barrels as well as a converter of films and other substrates.
31 -

Evergreen Drums and Cans

Indian manufacturer, exporter and supplier of caps, self-adhesive tapes, and drums.
32 -

Youngstown Barrel and Drum

Supplier of steel drums, salvage drums, shipping containers, pails and environmental needs for spill control, secondary containment, safety and handling products.
33 -

Box Office

A manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of moving, mailing, shipping and storage boxes, supplies, accessories, and equipment.
34 -


Crate rental service with stackable crates and accessories.
35 -

Nirmal Group

Manufacturer of fiber drums, tubing and other shipping supplies in India.
36 -

Strategic Ind.

Manufacturer of transparent pvc boxes, cases, dispensers, and product promotions.
37 -

Steel Shipping Container Institute (SSCI)

Non-profit organization representing the manufacturers of new steel shipping containers in North America.
38 -

High Win Industrial Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of corrugated cartons and paper packaging products in China.
39 -

Package Express

Supplier of packaging and crating, shipping and moving services.
40 -

United Scrap & Recycling, LLC.

Provider of used Gaylord boxes by the truck load.
41 -


Manufacturer of boxes, paper tubes, and paper cartons.
42 -

Althor Products

Supplier of plastic packaging boxes and packaging accessories, located in Bethel, Conn.
43 -

Olson Packaging Service

Supplier of corrugated products, returnable container programs, also offering sub-assembly work and co-packing.
44 -


Distributors of HazPack, WastePack, LeadPack and DrumPack hazardous/special waste containers, along with steel, poly and specialty hazardous waste containers.
45 -

LM Engineering, Inc.

Supplier of protective shipping cases for electronics and fragile equipment.

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