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1 -

Vitro, S.A. de C.V.

A Mexico based company, which produces glass containers and flat glass.
2 -

Kaunas Glass

Manufacturer of various capacity for champagne, beer, wine, liqueur, table oil and others of green, brown, and clear glass. Lithuania.
3 -

Can Central

The web site of the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), the trade association for can manufacturers and their suppliers. The web site is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for information about cans and the industry as a whole.
4 -

Giorgio Fanti Barattoli

Produces and sells worldwide general line cans.
5 -

House of Cans

All containers, metal pails, paint cans, ink and slipcover, oblong and screw cap.
6 -

Kaygeeco Inc

Natural, biodegradable raw materials to formulate bottles to your specifications for all of your cleaning supply needs.
7 -

Measom Freer & Co. Ltd.

Manufacturers and stockists of plastic packaging including bottles, custom moulded bottles, caps, scoops, measures and boxes. Services include CAD/CAM and 3D design, and screen-printing.
8 -

Roberts Container Corp

A source for cosmetic packaging; compacts, lip balm containers, lipstick cases, mascara cases and perfume atomizers.
9 -

Schoeneck Containers Inc.

A manufacturer of plastic bottles.
10 -

Berlin Packaging

Distributor of rigid packaging including glass, metal, and plastic bottles, jars, cans and other containers.
11 -


Specialists in canned and tin packaging for promotional and marketing purposes.
12 -


Manufacturers of packaging components. Including plastic bottles, containers, and caps.
13 -

Tin Can Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers of tins, cans, and drums. Thailand.
14 -


Beverage canmaker. Includes healthcare, beverage and food.
15 -

Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc.

Manufacturer of plastic bottles to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, health and beauty aids, chemical and food industries.
16 -

Haldyn Glass

Manufacturer of amber and clear glass bottles. India.
17 -

Pearce Plastics

Manufacture of plastic bottles, jars, and closurer. Pasadena, California.
18 -

Prime Packaging

Describes the company and its range of plastic bottles.
19 -

Glass Packaging Solutions, LLC.

Small wares including variously-shaped glass bottles, jars and votives for packers of food and candles.
20 -

Alpha Plastics, Inc.

PET and HDPE plastic containers for pharmaceutical, nutritional and OTC products.
21 -

Canfab Packaging

Composite can and container manufacturer.
22 -

Bon S.A.

Manufactures aluminium packaging for different industries: bottles, flasks, cans, tubes, capacitors, filters, cartridges and containers.
23 -

Owens-Illinois Inc

Glass bottles for wines, beers, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages. Suited to both home-grown beverages or foodstuffs and mass consumer products.
24 -

Gatron Industries

Manufacturers of resin bottle grade and PET preforms.
25 -

M. Jacob & Sons

Supplier of glass and plastic bottles, closures and additional services for the food, health, beauty and pharmaceutical packaging industries.
26 -

Colored Bottles

Wholesale distributor of colored glass bottles and jars.
27 -

Goldenwell Ok Industries Co., Ltd

Blow molded bottles and cans for personal care and janitorial products. China.
28 -

Vetreria Etrusca

European designer, producer and distributor of specialty and personalized glass bottles and jars. Specializes in the wine, oil and vinegar, spirits and cosmetic industries.
29 -

Beatson Clark

Supplier of glass containers for pharmaceutical, food and drink markets, based in UK
30 -

E.D. Luce Packaging

Wholesale distributor of prescription packaging and pharmacy supplies; bottles and jars, glass and plastic containers, essential oil and herb packaging, PET and HDPE plastic, cosmetic packaging.
31 -

Pacific Vial Manufacturing Inc

Manufacturer of glass vials, serum vials, capsule vials, colored glass vials, display vials, shell vials, pipettes and perfume samplers. Located in Los Angeles.
32 -

Montebello Packaging

Manufacturer of aluminum tubes, cans and marker barrels. Also, laminate, foil and all-plastic tubes for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household, industrial and food products.
33 -

Yu Shing Metal Co. Ltd.

Metal can manufacturer and exporter. Specialized in packaging tin box, cookie gift box, cookie packaging box, candy box, tea can, ice cram can, and CD box.
34 -

Vinyl Plast

Shrink wrap and labels, heat shrinkable bags, heat shrinkable tubes, heat shrinkable labels. India
35 -

Portola Packaging, Inc.

Designer and manufacturer of tamper-evident plastic closures, bottles, and equipment for the beverage, cosmetic, and food industries.
36 -

Plascap Corporation

Supplier of injection molded bottle caps, closures, lining of closures and bottle caps. Located in California.
37 -


Designer and manufacturer for standard primary packaging: bottles, tottles, jars and caps. 15 until 500 ml for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
38 -

Hanes Erie, Inc.

The company provides decorating services, like coating, frosting, hot stamping, silk screening and applying labels, for plastic and glass containers for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and liquor industries.
39 -

Anadolu Cam

Manufacturer of glass jars and bottles for food, drink and pharmaceutical markets, based in Turkey.
40 -

Ta Hsiang Containers Ind.Co., Ltd.

A Taiwain located supplier which specializes in manufacturing a variety of glass bottles. Production and Distribution of a variety of glass bottles (5 ml to 1,200 ml) along with related packing materials.
41 -

Capitol Europe S.A.

European injection molding company, specialized for the production of air tight containers, leak proof containers and aseptic vials, plastic tubes, for dairy, food, pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics sectors.
42 -

Midway Container Inc.

Supplier of plastic containers, metal containers , fiber containers and accessories to companies across the United States.
43 -

eBottles Europe

A concept developed for the purpose of supplying packaging to online buyers.
44 -

JBConline (Emet Packaging Ltd.)

Suppliers of glass bottles, jars, closures and other packaging materials.
45 -

Olcott Plastics

Manufacturer of plastic jars and caps.(Wide mouth plastic jars, clear jars, food jars and other uses. Plastic caps to fit all sizes.)
46 -

Kefla Glas GmbH & Co. KG

Designer, Producer and Supplier of glass bottles and various glass containers and stoppers.
47 -

Gujarat Polythene Industries

Exporters of polythene,plastics drums,plastic drums,blow injection molded PP thermoforming process,spray bottles,jars,cans,ice cream packaging boxes,cups,buckets,pails,spoons,lids, irradiation process center.
48 -

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Taiwan located company offers a range of Cosmetic Jars.
49 -

Packaging Concepts Assoc., LLC.

Its prime objective is to develop unique packages for dispensing, a wide range of products.
50 -

Altira, Inc

Custom plastic bottle manufacturer.
51 -

Evo Products

Supplier offering packaging solutions to the bottled water and dairy industries in the form of 4 gallon, 3 liter, etc. PET containers, based in United States.
52 -

Winley Polymers Pvt Ltd. - PridePet

Preform, cap, closure manufacturers & exporters from India. They can supply customized Precision Injection moulded components.
53 -

Dilip Plastics

Manufacturer of hand press, packing seals, nylon strip seals.
54 -


Glass & plastic bottles and jars (all shapes and sizes),pails, plastic and metal closures, dispensing closures, sprayers and pumps, shrink bands, brushes, roll-on balls, tubes, and sealing discs.
55 -


Manufacturer and supplier specialized in sprayer parts, such as trigger sprayer, mist sprayer, perfume atomizer and plastic bottle.
56 -


Manufactures and markets a range of glass packaging products primarily for the South African beverage and food industries. South Africa.
57 -

Shore Container, LLC

Supplier of glass and plastic containers including but not limited to glass canning jars, empty wine bottles and sauce bottles.
58 -

Bago Cans

An India based manufacturer of round and rectangular tin containers, storage tin cans starting from 100 ml to 5 L.
59 -

Cape Bottle Company

Vendor of wholesale-priced glass and plastic containers, bottles and jars.
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