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Optical Engineering Services includes lens design, illumination system design, optical instrument design and optical testing
1 -

Opto Sonderbedarf GmbH

Provider of customized optomechanical solutions and consulting services. Located near Munich, Germany.
2 -

James Carter Optical Consulting

Independent consultant giving tutorial on choosing and applying optical design services for companies developing new products. Many useful links given for optics industry.
3 -


Lens design, optical engineering, and optical design services from prototype through production. Products include head mounted displays.
4 -

Foresight Systems Development, Inc.

Opto-mechanical design, integration, and prototyping.
5 -

LumenFlow Inc.

Develops and manufactures photonics systems, including laser systems. In Michigan
6 -

Advanced Optical Technologies

Offers consulting services in physical optics, including scattering and diffractive optics. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
7 -

Photon Gear, Inc.

Optical design analysis, assembly, and test services for optical systems including semiconductor inspection and processing lenses, laser scan lenses, and military optical systems. Located near Rochester, New York.
8 -

Optics For Hire

Consulting services for optical systems, electrical systems, and opto-mechanical design. Based in the US and Ukraine.
9 -

Bayside Photonics, Inc

Optical design services, optomechanical consulting and micro-optic devices manufacturing.
10 -

Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.

Offers soft mounting technology for precision optical assemblies.
11 -

Vigitek, Inc.

Optical design and development consulting firm specializing in the equipment for biomedical and industrial applications.
12 -

Scienzia Systems

Turnkey product/instrument design and prototyping, optical and mechanical design, machine vision systems.
13 -

Timbaigl Optics

Contracting services in optical and optical fibre research and development, optomechanical design. Based in Australia.
14 -

Hitek Hardware Inc.

Specialty hardware and instrument company.
15 -

Ruda and Associates, Inc.

Consulting firm specializing in the design and development of optical products.
16 -

UK Optical Plastics Ltd

Custom optical design, opto-mechanical system design, design of custom infrared lenses and microscope design. Specialists in plastic optics for LED illumination applications.
17 -

Innovations in Optics, Inc.

Designers and consultants for lens, endoscopes, sensors, fiberoptics, medical optics and prototyping.
18 -


Provides optical consulting in areas such as LED lighting, SSL, displays, OLED lighting, optical films and components. Also offers patent strategy and patent drafting services.
19 -

Pachyderm Optical, Inc.

Pachyderm Optical provides optical design, engineering and consulting services.
20 -

Orb Optronix

Optical system design, illumination design, lens design, opto-mechanical design, optical measurement services, and LED testing services.
21 -

Hyperion Development, LLC

Optical design and engineering, optical product development, custom lens assemblies.
22 -

Pleiades Instruments

Pleiades Instruments, optoelectonic system maker, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of specific systems such as: automotive products, optical metrology, and customized systems.
23 -

Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc.

Optical design and optimization services, photonic devices and systems engineering and optical engineering services. Located in Hillsborough, New Jersey.
24 -

Opticology, Inc.

Design, development and implementation of complex optical systems.
25 -

Bryars Optical

Optical design and analysis consultant, specializing in the tolerancing of optical systems. Services include design, program management, vendor interface, and technical writing.
26 -

Eckhardt Optics LLC

Lens design, optical system design and optical instrument design for commercial applications including projectors and optical inspection
27 -

Gibbs Associates

Optical design & engineering consultancy for wide range of industries, including reprographics, optical scanning, imaging, analytical instrumentation. Based in UK.
28 -

AS-Photonics LLC

Offers design work, custom software and problem solving in crystal nonlinear optics, optical parametric oscillators, fiber lasers and optical damage.
29 -

Custom LED Lighting Design

Engineering custom LED products to include advanced LED electrical, LED optical, and LED thermal technologies
30 -


Jean Lacoursiere, R&D physicist specialized in optics. Can bring a design from initial idea to production, or achieve specific tasks in a project. User of Zemax-EE and Matlab.
31 -

Kessler Optics & Photonic Solutions Ltd.

solutions and consulting services for optical technologies and optical systems design and architecture
32 -

Tristram Cox

Consulting Engineer BEng MIEE Expertise in Optics and Laser Applications, Opto-Electro-Mechanical Prototyping and Holography. Based in Cambridge, UK.
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