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Coatings and Thin Films Websites

About this category: This category lists companies that design and create optical coatings. Some companies work with precision optics including mostly reflection and antireflection thin-film coatings. Some are opthamalic which include thin-film antireflection coatings, and also wet-process scratch-resistant coatings.
1 -

Seoul Precision Optics

Supplies optical filters for laser mirror, fiber optics and many of the latest thin film applications.
2 -

Kamis Inc.

Manufacturer of supplies for thin film coating including sputtering and evaporation targets, pure metals, crucible liners, and earth metals. New York.
3 -

Deposition Research Laboratory

Experience in the design, development and fabrication of thin film materials and sophisticated multilayer optical filters and devices.
4 -


Manufacturer of optical filters and coatings. Stocking of laser and laser diode filters. Hard oxide sputtered and ion-beam assisted optical filters.
5 -

Gaertner Scientific Corporation

Gaertner manufactures precision optical measuring instruments covering a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.
6 -

Rescue Technologies

Consulting, sampling and prototyping, thin films, products and processes.
7 -

Thin Film Center Inc.

Provides software, training courses and consulting services for the optical thin-film industry.
8 -

Majestic Optical Coatings

Supplier of thin film optical coatings, reflective and anti reflective. 24 to 48 hour turn around for selective coatings.
9 -

American Computer Optics

Manufacturer of thin film optical coatings and safety tempered coated glass.
10 -


Provides thin-film optical coatings. Specializes in large-volumes. Japan.
11 -

Acktar Ltd

Moisture barrier coatings for fiber optics, high emissivity optical coatings for thermography and porous coatings for electrolytic capacitors
12 -

Charles Bishop Consulting

Consultant on vacuum system design and process development. UK.
13 -

L&L Optical Services

Provider of single and multi-layer optical coatings. California.
14 -

International Micro Photonix, Inc.

Provider of thin-film optical coatings and coating consulting services. Massachusetts.
15 -

Thin Film Lab

Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Pennsylvania
16 -

North American Coating Laboratories

Vacuum thin-film and dip coating services for optics. Specializes in anti-reflective wide and narrow band for plastics. Ohio.
17 -

Cilas Marseille

Provider of thin-film optical coatings. France.
18 -

Vampire Optical Coatings, Inc.

Provider of polymer based wet antireflective, antiabrasion, and conductive optical coatings. Ohio.
19 -

P&T Consulting Limited

Offers consulting and sales representation for thin-film optical coatings. Scotland.
20 -

Angstrom Sciences, Inc.

Offers magnetron sputtering cathodes for thin film deposition. Also offers target materials, backing plates, and bonding services. Pennsylvania.
21 -

Bayview Optics

Provider of thin film optical coatings. Maine.
22 -

Denton Vacuum

Manufactures systems for vacuum deposition for electron microscopy, precision optics, electronics, and ophthalmic applications. New Jersey.
23 -

VST Service, Ltd.

Manufacturer of systems for thin film deposition, vacuum ovens, test chambers and other high and ultra high vacuum related equipment. Israel.
24 -

Optical Filter Source, LLC

Provides thin film optical coatings. Specializes in coatings for lighting applications. Texas.
25 -

Evaporated Coatings, Inc.

Offers thin film coatings for precision optics. Specializing in coatings on plastics. Pennsylvania.
26 -


Offers antireflective opthamalic coatings. California.
27 -

SDC Technologies, Inc.

Provider of wet-applied coatings for abrasion resistance, tintability, index matching, anti-fog, and release. California.
28 -

Ultra Optics

Provider of equipment and coating chemistry for scratch resistant opthamalic coatings. Minnesota.
29 -


Distributor of front surface mirrors, specializing in large precision mirrors. California.
30 -

Quality Thin Films Inc.

Provider of thin film optical coatings. Specializing in coatings for laser crystals. Florida.
31 -


Multilayer coating based solutions for the design, development and manufacture of EUV, X-ray and neutron optics
32 -

Daheng Optical Thin Film Center

Optical components and optoelectronic product development, production and sales of products. Beijing, China and North America.
33 -

Displays & Optical Technologies

Manufacturer of lightweight, massive optics, offering specialty optical coatings.
34 -

Wavefront Technology Inc.

Provides holographic diffusers, microstured film, prismatic film for light management.
35 -

Valley Design Corp.

Luag slicing and optical polishing.
36 -

Infrared Multilayer Laboratory

Development and manufacture of infrared filters and coatings for space-flight atmospheric sensing instrumentation. UK.
37 -

Microsharp Corporation Limited

Polymer optical film expertise (design, development, manufacturing).
38 -

RPC Photonics

Micro-optical structured surfaces and Engineered Diffusers.
39 -

Optical Filters Ltd

Design and manufacture of EMI-shielded and contrast enhancement windows.
40 -

AccuCoat Inc.

Provides thin-film optical coatings. Specializing in low-temperature coatings for polymer optics. Rochester.
41 -


Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Lithuania.
42 -

Vacuum Process Technology, Inc.

Manufacturer of equipment for thin-film vacuum coatings. Also refurbishing, upgrading, and retrofitting existing systems. Massachusetts.
43 -

Andover Corporation

Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Online store offers and stock and custom optics. New Hampshire.
44 -


UK based manufacturers of scientific and optical components. UV, visible and infrared windows, prisms, filters and lenses. Stock components and custom manufacture
45 -

Abrisa Technologies

Offers thin film optical coatings. Also offers optical glass specializing in lighting components. California.
46 -

Iridian Spectral Technologies

Canadian corporation designs and manufactures thin film filters that can be used in a wide range of applications.
47 -

Opticorp Inc.

Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Massachusetts.
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