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Scales and Weighing Equipment Websites

1 -

Dibal S.A.

Manufactures weighing and labeling systems for industrial applications.
2 -

Dini Argeo s.r.l.

Manufacturers of scales, weighing systems, and load cells. Modena, Italy.
3 -

Vei Group

Payload management systems installed on board of loaders and quarry-mining working equipment.
4 -

Tekfa Weighing

Danish supplier of scales and indicators to the process industries worldwide. Brief product overview and specifications, company profile, request form for further materials.
5 -

EHP Wägetechnik GmbH

Manufactures weighing equipment for industrial applications. Includes product information, services provided, and references. Buhl, Germany.
6 -

Klaus-Peter Zander (Schweiz) GmbH

Manufacturer of various industrial scales. Offers product catalogue. Based in Switzerland and Germany.
7 -

KTG Englehardt GmbH

Manufacturer of industrial weighing machines. Features product catalogue, company information, and downloadable PDF product information files. Based in Germany.
8 -


Load cell manufacturers.
9 -

Bar Revenue

Supplier of branded weigh scales. Based in Katy, Texas, USA.
10 -

IPA Pvt Ltd.

Details about all weighing scales, loadcells, Batch controllers, crane scales, digital indicators, and strain gauge.
11 -

Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA)

Regulators of the United States scale industry. Site contains information on the association, member and product lists, and standards.
12 -

A&D Engineering, Inc.

Manufactures the AND brand scales, balances, and weighing indicators. Offers product catalog and data, software and manual downloads, and a search function to find a dealer.
13 -

Sterling Scale Company, Inc.

Manufactures a line of electronic scales from truck scales to scales weighing fractions of a gram. Engineering is available for custom design and unusual scale applications.
14 -

Ohaus Corporation

Electronic scales and balances as well as mechanical balances for laboratory, educational and industrial use.
15 -

Scalemen of Florida - Davie, FL.

Providing solutions for weighing, counting, and force measurement testing applications.
16 -


Industrial and commercial, vehicles and moving machines weighing in the service of handling.
17 -

Valley Scale Inc.

Sales and service of industrial weighing equipment.
18 -

Scalemasters, Inc.

Supplier of weighing and counting equipment. Sales and service of batching systems, GSE programming, data collection.
19 -

Mars Scales

Manufacturers of electronic weighing scales, precision digital balances, bench scales, floor scales, load cells, weight indicators for wide range of weighing applications.
20 -

Emery Winslow Scales Company

Manufactures durable industrial scale products, with particular emphasis on harsh environment applications.
21 -

Eilon Engineering Ltd.

Manufacturer of RON crane scales, dynamometers and load cells.
22 -

Weightronix Controls

Offer a range of products and customized solutions for various applications with the appropriate weighing equipment.
23 -

County Scales Group

UK based suppliers of retail and industrial weighing equipment.
24 -

Doran Scales, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel washdown safe and mild steel electronic digital scales.
25 -

Thompson Scale Company

Makes weighing systems, packaging machinery controls, checkweighers and filler systems.
26 -

Advance Weight Systems Inc.

Manufacturer of load cells and weigh cells, turbine blade moment balances, and bowling ball balance. Site offers brief product and technical data. Based in Ohio, United States.
27 -

Cooper Instruments And Systems

Load cells, pressure transducers, and torque cells.
28 -

Celesco Transducer Products

Supplier of cable-extension transducers; a cost-effective and reliable solution for measuring position and / or velocity of objects in a variety of industrial applications.
29 -

Interface Force Measurements

Offers load cells and associated electronics for use in a variety of industries from defense to calibration.
30 -

Benediction Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Professional manufacturer of indicator for filling machine, hopper scale, check weigher and weighbridges.
31 -

Meridian Scale and Balance

Offers a range of weighing products including: lab balances; and floor, bench, crane, counting, and medical scales. Catalog, rental information, list of services, specials, terms of sale, and an order form.
32 -

Axle Weight Technology Ltd.

UK company specializing exclusively in axle weighing equipment and a supplier to governments for enforcement and major fleet operators.
33 -

Tanita Corporation

Manufacturer of digital commercial, pediatric/neonatal, home healthcare, mini, jewelry, fitness monitoring scales and professional body composition analyzer/scales.
34 -

Scale Warehouse

Distributor of electronic, printing, interfacing, and digital retail scales.
35 -


Suppliers of scales and weighing machines, counting, and labeling equipment. Based in Portsmouth, UK.
36 -

Wiggins Scale Company

Distributor providing sales, service, rentals and parts for scales, balances, and force measurement gauges. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
37 -

Pacific Scale Co. Inc.

Weighing scales with links, addresses and phone numbers to Federal and State Weights and Measures Departments.
38 -

BongShin Loadcell Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of strain gage based load cells, force sensors, digital indicators and crane scales.
39 -

La Crosse Scale,Inc.

Distributor of scales, systems and data collection hardware and software, servicing industrial scales and weighing equipment.
40 -

Vulcan On-Board Scales

Manufacturer of on-board scales and weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers, spring and air suspensions using strain gage load cell technology.
41 -

Matrix Scale Service Inc.

Weighing equipment and scale service.
42 -

Bay State Scale & Systems, Inc.

Weighing, counting, process control, large inventory, data gathering scales for all weighing needs.
43 -

S-E-G Industrial Weighing

Industrial weighing systems, belt scales and solid mass flow meters.
44 -

Advanced Weigh Technologies, Inc.

Offers turnkey installations and operator training. Shows company overview and contact information.
45 -

Systems Associates, Inc.

Manufacture of weighing and identification systems, numeric displays for weight, time, and product count.
46 -

Flow Force Technologies

Australian designer and manufacturer of industrial weighing and control equipment for the bulk materials handling and processing industries.
47 -

Sens Tech (P) ltd.

Service center for load cells of any make and range from 200 g to 2000 ton.
48 -

Fuh Shyh Scale Co., Ltd.

Offers a range of weighing scales. Dual-language website shows product catalogue. Based in China.
49 -

Dunay Scale Systems, Inc.

Complete, searchable, quality industrial scale database on the web. Helpful educational pages for scales and weighing equipment.
50 -

CCi Scale Company Inc.

Offers scales and a inventory of spares.
51 -

C.S.C. Force Measurement, Inc.

Sell, repair and calibrate force gauges, torque gauges, tensiometers, dynamometers, test stands and spring testers.
52 -

Global Weighing Technologies

Load cells and electronic weighing products.
53 -

Brechbuhler Scales, Inc.

Sales, service, systems, and rentals of Industrial weighing equipment. Site offers product specifications from multiple manufacturers, and image gallery of previous installations.
54 -

Inland Industrial Scale

Provides scale service, sales, rentals and repairs for Southern California.
55 -

Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.

Cardinal Scale designs, manufactures and markets weighing systems, load cells, digital weight indicators, vehicle weight recording systems, truck, bench, floor and counting scales.
56 -

My Weigh

Digital scale manufacturer.
57 -

Northern Scale Ltd.

Weighing equipment and Weslog for Windows computer program for forestry scales.
58 -

Scale Tech Corp.

Supply and service industrial, clinical, postal scales and bar code equipment.
59 -


Manufacturer of electronic weighing scales in Taiwan.
60 -

Triner Scale and Manufacturing Co.,Inc

Supplier of postal, baggage, bench scales, weighing and air cargo equipment and indicators. Manufacturer of scales since 1897. Based in Olive Branch, MS, USA.
61 -

Southwest Scale Systems Inc.

Complete line of scales.
62 -

D.C. Martin & Son Scales, Inc.

Third generation company serving Western Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Sales and service of industrial weighing systems, automation and laboratory balances.
63 -

WeighTech, Inc.

Manufacturer of custom automated weighing systems for the food industry, supplier of checkweighing scales and replacement parts for numerous makes and models of scales.
64 -

American Load Cells Corp.

Manufacturer and supplier of load cells, dual channel counting scales, industrial scales and weigh pads, standard range or customer design. Site has product catalog with technical data.
65 -

Imada, Inc.

Manufactures mechanical and digital force gauges, torque gauges, manual and motorized test stands, SPC software, and special attachments.
66 -

Acme Scale Company

Distributor, repair center and manufacturer of industrial and medical care scales and force measurement equipment. Shows product catalog, company profile, service tips, and job vacancies. Based in California, United States.
67 -

Advance Scale

Company offers sales and service of scales, from precision laboratory balances to large weigh station truck scales. Site contains company profile and overview. Based in New Jersey, United States.
68 -

Algen Scale Corp.

Company provides scales for medical, industrial, laboratory, retail, counting, portion control, shipping, and analytical applications. Site contains full product catalog with technical specifications.
69 -


Industrial, medical and domestic weighing scales. Site features browseable catalog with online purchasing, contact information and trade account application.
70 -

Load Cell Central

Manufacturer of load cells and weighing systems. Offers product range overview and brief descriptions.
71 -

Transcale Pty Ltd

International supplier of electronic truck weighing equipment for mining and transport.
72 -

Balanzas de Precision SJE

Manufactures mechanical precision scales under the brand Kiesel.
73 -

Canadian Scale Company Ltd.

Manufactures a complete line of vehicle, rail track and industrial scales as well as related instrumentation and software.
74 -

Digital mini scales

Digital mini scales: balance waagen tanita, dipse, sartorius, kern
75 -

ISPL Systems Pvt Ltd

Manufacture of electronic weighing equipment located in Bangalore, India.
76 -

Sonich Industrial Sales Co., Inc.

Distributors of weighing and crane products and accessories.
77 -

Fairbanks Scales

Thaddeus Fairbanks invented the platform scale. Remains one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States.
78 -

Scaime Infinite Precision

French manufacturer of load cells and electronic devices for industrial weighing.
79 -


Commercial and industrial scales and counters. Catalog and product data. California based.
80 -

Arlyn Scales

Industrial electronic scales.
81 -

Automated Scale Corporation

Supplier of weighing equipment and technical services.
82 -

Straightpoint Ltd.

Manufacturers of electronic indicating load cells in capacities from 100kg to 200 tons.
83 -


Bagging equipment company.
84 -

A-Steele Co.

Shipping, Legal for Trade Shipping, Postal, and Bulk Mail Scales.
85 -

B-TEK Scales, LLC

Manufacturer of high-capacity truck, rail, floor and bench scales. All products feature heavy-duty construction designed for the harshest industrial environments.
86 -

Griffith Elder & Co Ltd.

Manufacturers of multi and single axle weighbridges, weighing platforms, weighbeams and agricultural and industrial weighing equipment. Has basic product overview and company contact information. Based in Suffolk, England.
87 -

Rose Scale Automation

Provides equipment sales and service for weighing needs, from small retail scales to industrial weighing applications.
88 -

Calibrations, Inc.

Offers many types of scales.
89 -

Massload Technologies

Manufacture legal for trade and non legal for trade weighing systems including the load cells.
90 -

Thayer Scale

Specializes in solids flow control by weight, complete line of weigh belt and loss in weight feeders, belt scales plus volumetric feeders and bridge breaker bin flow aids.
91 -

QTech Business Products

Counting, weighing, postal and ink mixing scales for the printing, amusement and manufacturing industries.
92 -

United Scales & Engineering Corp.

Sales and repair of industrial scales and measuring devices.
93 -

Marsden Weighing Machine Group Ltd.

Vast product range, new platform scale manufacturing operation.
94 -

Ace Scale Company

Provides sales, installation and service of electronic and mechanical weighing systems. Contains product catalog [requires Adobe Acrobat], with service and calibration hints and tips.
95 -

Wagner Instruments

Manufacturer and reseller of force measurement gages, test stands, grips and testing fixtures.
96 -

Gravitation Limited

Products include weighbridges/truck scales, platform/bench scales and custom-built systems.
97 -

Data Weighing Systems

Provides industrial weighing and full plant control systems including maintenance, repair and design capabilities for all scales.
98 -

Atrax Group NZ Limited

Design, manufacture, integration and support of industrial weighing, measurement and control systems for the airport and logistics industries.
99 -

Schenck Weighing Systems

Supplier of weighing, feeding, metering products and systems.
100 -

Process Automation (Pty) Ltd

Manufacture of electro-mechanical conveyor belt scales.
101 -

Bec Systems

Remote and local silo and hopper monitoring and weigh logging software.
102 -


Automatic weighing equipment and packaging machinery.
103 -

Western Scale Co. Limited

Producers of weigh scales and process control equipment.
104 -

Preci-Tech Weighing Systems

Electronic scales, balances, adhesive testing, auto filling systems.
105 -

Carmar Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of measuring equipment in Taiwan.
106 -

Grant Scale Company

Supplies crane, floor, bench, pit, truck, and lift truck scales, and offer associated service, repair, and rental. Contains products, services, profile, and jobs.
107 -

Pocket Postal Scales Manufacture

Offers hand held pocket postal scales. Site contains product information with images and ordering.
108 -

Gage Newtech Co., Ltd.

Offers foil resistance strain gauge, scales for kitchens, pressure sensors, and elastic modulus compensators. Site contains detailed technical information on their products. International export company located in Guangdong, China.
109 -

Johnson Measures and Weights Ltd.

Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of kitchen, bathroom, and fish scales. Contains product information, price list, and company information. [Flash required]
110 -

Alliance Scale, Inc.

Distributor of weighing systems, truck, heavy duty floor and bench scales, balances, digital weight indicators. Site contains product range overview.
111 -

Automated Mailing Systems Ltd

Sales of scales, bar code equipment, postage meters and ID card printers.
112 -

NMB Technologies Corporation

Manufacturer of strain gauges, transducers, load cells and sensor systems. Details product overview, downloadable catalogue, company profile, and distributor list. [Requires Flash and Acrobat]
113 -

Bay City Scale, Inc

Sales, rental, and service of scales and balances. Features product catalog, company profile, and online ordering. Located in Hayward, California, USA.
114 -

Precision Weighing Balances

Large selection of weighing balances, scales and accessories for laboratory, industrial, and educational use.
115 -

American Weigh Scales Inc

Manufacture of various digital scales. Product listings, with images, and wholesale and distributor pricing detailed.
116 -

Strack Scale Systems.

Sales and service of many makes and models. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
117 -


Manufacturing of mailing and shipping bench scales, point-of-sale interface scales, dot matrix and thermal printer scales.
118 -

Independent source for digital and industrial scales from the publishers of Scale magazine. Includes a useful "Fraud Alert" section, as well as manufacturer and retailer reviews.
119 -

Inscale Ltd

Provides a range of multi-use scales and balances. Contains product catalog, manuals, company profile, and links to industry associations.
120 -

Prins UK Ltd

Provides a wide range of fully automated weighing, filling and packaging systems. Manufacturers of Ward-Bekker machines and suppliers of Inno-tech and Prewa packaging ranges.
121 -

Tassinari Bilance

Scales and weighing systems for commercial and manufacturing uses.
122 -

American Scale Co., Inc.

Manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical vehicle scales. Distributor of weighing systems. Company offers product servicing.
123 -

Topline Digital Scales

World-wide shipping retail distributor of multiple brands of digital scales. Product catalogue, and online ordering. Based in Lakeville, MN, USA.
124 -


Produces load cells, force transducers, and strain gauges for use in applications related to weighing equipment and force sensor measurements. Includes product information and data sheets, company capabilities, and worldwide contacts.
125 -

J.A. King & Co., Inc.

Distributor of custom designed weighing equipment and force measurement devices.
126 -


Manufacturer of coin operated body weight scales and blood pressure monitors.
127 -

Pacific Industrial Scale Co. Ltd

Company manufactures and distributes weighing scales and weighing systems. Provides descriptions of products, services, and contact information. Based in Canada.
128 -

Scalematic Enterprise

Manufacturer and distributor of weighing measurement equipment, weighbridges, balance and computing price scales. Provides description and profile. Located in Taman Kuchai Jaya, Malaysia.
129 -

Central Carolina Scale, Inc.

Distributor of weighing scales for parts counting, heavy-truck, and warehouse floor applications.
130 -

Matcon Matic Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Shopping cart for scales and weighing devices.
131 -

Sunshine Weigh Systems Pvt Ltd.

Manufacturer of weighing scales, precision balances and load cells in India. Product line, dealer list, and contact details.
132 -

Keystone Scale, Inc.

Sales and service of scales and weighing equipment. Product line and brief company profile. Located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA.
133 -

Adam Equipment Co Ltd.

Supplier of multiple types of scales and balances worldwide. Details product line, downloadable user manuals in several languages, technical help, news section, exhibitions attended, and brief company overview. Office locations in multiple continents.
134 -

Euroscales PLC

Manufacture and supply of industrial mobile weighing equipment on pallet trucks, fork lifts and bespoke weighing systems.
135 -

E.H. Oakley & Co Ltd

Supply, support and repair of weighing equipment from balances to loadcell based systems. Details of product lines and price lists. Based in Aylesbury, UK.
136 -

Tare Inc.

Manufacturer of industrial digital and mechanical scales, and of mechanical (including antique) scale parts. Downloadable product catalogue and manuals [PDF, Requires Acrobat].
137 -

Mettler Toledo

Precision balances and scales. Manufactures and markets related analytical instruments. Customers include chemical and food manufacturers, laboratories, retailers.
138 -

Novatech Measurements Ltd

Design and manufacture load cells for force measurement and industrial weighing, supply of instrumentation.
139 -

Industrial Data Systems Inc.

A manufacturer of industrial grade scale systems, specializing in medium and heavy capacity weight measurement applications, truck and railroad scales, bulk weigh installations, process control and batching.
140 -

PC Scale Tower

Scales and scale software for point of sale and recycling industries.
141 -

Scaleways (Leicester) Ltd.

Supply, calibration, service and repair of scales and weighing equipment. Detailed product catalogue, by brand and by type, list of services, company profile, and contact details.
142 -

Scale Palace

Supplier of electronic digital scales. Based in Mn.
143 -

Advasco Scales Ltd

Sales, service and hire of new and secondhand scale and weighing systems. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
144 -

Eilersen Digital Load Cells

Design, manufacture and supply of shockproof digital load cells for industrial applications worldwide. Based in Denmark.
145 -


Manufacturers and distributors of weighing scales and balances. Based in Israel.
146 -

One Digital Scales

Manufacturer/Distributor of industrial and specialty scales.
147 -

Holtgreven Scale Company

Supplier of industrial scales and weighing equipment.
148 -

Unique Instruments

Manufacturers of electronic weighing scales and systems. Based in Mumbai, India.
149 -

Atlas Weighing Equipment

Manufacture of electronic weighing machines and scales. Based in India.
150 -

Torbal Scales

Offers precision balances and scales. Based in Clifton. New Jersey.
151 -

Action Scale

Sales, service and calibration of industrial electronic weighing and counting scales. Based in California, USA.
152 -

Action Scale Service

Sales service and calibration of scales and lab balances. Based in Seymour, Connecticut, US.
153 -

Shering Weighing

Manufacturers of weighbridges and heavy duty platform scales. Based in Dunfermline, Scotland.
154 -

Ashbee Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers of Truck Scales based in India and supplying Truck Scales to the Middle East and American & European Markets.
155 -

Bitterman Scales LLC

Scales, weights, and weighing solutions for industrial, lab, and food service applications. Includes information on products with photos, company information and contact details.
156 -

Azano Pty Ltd

Company information and dealer portal for this Australian weighing system company.
157 -


Suppliers of analytical lab balances and precision weighing scales. Maintenance and calibration service available. Detailed product catalogue. Based in Leicester, UK.
158 -

Northeast Scale Company

Sales and service of balances from laboratory use through to truck and railroad weighing scales. Based in Auburn, New Hampshire, US.
159 -

Powell All-Steel Scales, Inc.

Sales, service and rental of a wide range of scales. Based in Scio, Oregon, US.
160 -

DMC Technologies

Provider of weighbridges and various scales, with related software. Based in Tullamore, Eire.
161 -

Leon Engineering SA

Manufacturer of weighbridges and supplier of weighing equipment. Details product catalog, and company information. Based in Greece.
162 -

Unitec Corporation

Manufacturer of truck scales with offices in Washington and Oregon.
163 -

S.R. Scales

Suppliers of office scales. Brief product catalogue. Based in Chennai, India.
164 -

Great Lakes Scale Company

Distribution and rental of weighing scales. Provides repair and calibration. Offers product catalogue, and company overview. Based in Michigan, US.
165 -

Bullseye Scale

Offers various scales and balances for sale; calibration and repair. Details product catalogue. Based in California, USA.
166 -

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd

Weightron manufacture weighbridges and industrial, forklift, and crane scales. Offers product catalogue. Based in several UK locations.
167 -


Distributor of digital scales including fish, food, bathroom, and pocket scales. Offers product catalogue and shopping cart. Based in Michigan, US.
168 -

Insa Weighing & Automation

Offers a range of weighing and bagging systems, with product overview. Based in Mumbai, India
169 -

Contech Instruments Ltd

Manufacturers of electronic and magnetic weighing machines, scales, and balances. Offers product catalogue, and contact details. Based in Maharashtra, India.
170 -

Flexi-Scale Equipments & Services Sdn Bhd

Manufacturer of batching, tank & hopper, and platform weighing machinery. Offers product catalog, photographic gallery of previously installed machinery, and company background information. Based in Malaysia.
171 -

OkPocket Scale

Distributor of table-top digital scales. Offers product catalogue and company background. Based in Forest Lake, MN, US.
172 -

Load Systems International

Manufacturer and distributor of load cells and wireless weighing systems for Cranes and lifting equipment. Based in Texas, US and in Canada, with additional technical support offices in Dubai.
173 -

Parker farm weighing systems

Supplier of weighbridges, industrial weigh scales and instrumentation for agriculture. Offers detailed product catalogue, and company information. Based in Chesterfield, UK.
174 -

S.E.T. Weighing Systems Sdn Bhd

Manufacturer of weighing systems. Offers product catalogue. Located in Perak, Malaysia.
175 -

Vetek Weighing AB

Scandinavian supplier of scales. Based in Vaddo Sweden.
176 -

Ganga Corporation

Manufacturer of industrial weighing machines. Based in India.
177 -

WeighComm (Pty) Ltd.

Distributor of weighing scales and systems. Based in South Africa.
178 -

St. Louis Scale Corporation.

Offers a range of scales and balances. Based in Saint Louis, Missouri.
179 -

Scales 4U

Retailer of scales, balances, and industrial weighing machines. Offers product catalogue with detailed product descriptions. Based in Hull, UK.
180 -

Técnicas de Electrónica y Automatismos, S.A.

Load cell manufacturer based in Spain.
181 -

Ascott Weighing Services Ltd

Seller of scales and weighing machines. Based in Derby, UK.
182 -

Digital Scale Center

Supplier of digital scales. Offers product catalogue and product specifications. Based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
183 -

Fidelity Measurement Company Limited

Manufacturer of industrial scales from bench to truck and crane. Based in Taiwan.
184 -

TCI Scales

Supplier of scales and weighing equipment. Based in Snohomish, Washington.
185 -

Vishwakarma Engineering Works & Allied Industries

Indian manufacturer of weighbridges and mechanical scales.
186 -


Supply and service of scales for food and industry. Offers product catalogue and company background. Based in Alabama.
187 -

Goldbell Electronic Scale Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer of measuring and weighing equipment such as load cells, weighing indicators, strain gauges, and sensors.
188 -

Old Will Knott Scales

Retailer of weight scales for personal, industrial & medical weighing needs. Offers detailed product information, and company background. Ships to USA and US Territories. Based in Enid, Oklahoma, USA.
189 -

AWS (Aussie Weighbridge Systems) Pty Ltd

Australian industrial weighing, weighbridge systems and instrumentation manufacturer, and software supplier.
190 -

Dowitec Fritz Collischan GmbH & Co. KG

Manufacturer of checkweigher, weigh fillers and counting machines. Based in Germany. Dual-language website.
191 -

Ningbo G-Shine electronic Co., Ltd

Production and sales of load cells and sensors. Based in China.
192 -

Left Coast Scales

Weighing equipment distribution and service company based in southern California.
193 -

Totalpost Services Plc

Manufacturer and supplier of price calculating postal scales and other mailroom equipment to the UK and world wide.
194 -

HST Scales

UK-based distributor. Provides a range of weighing equipment from small bench balances to pallet scales.
195 -


Offers highly sensitive tools for force measurement and handling in the micro and nanodomain.
196 -

Wishart Group

Wishart Group supplies repairs and calibrates laboratory and scientific equipment in Ireland.
197 -

PT Ltd.

Load cell and weighing technology manufacturer. Site offers product information with photos, data sheets, on line quotes, and company information and support.
198 -

National Scale Technology

Manufacturer of heavy capacity, high temperature, and customed designed load cells.
199 -

Solent Scale Services Ltd

Supplier of industrial weighing scales, with service, repair and calibration facilities. Located at Southbourne, Hants, UK.
200 -

Acme Scale Systems

Sells and services digital scales and weighing equipment for every application, including: commercial, shipping, medical, laboratory, railroad, postal, and trucking.
201 -

Coop Bilanciai

Main site for all subsidiary companies in the group. Company profiles and product ranges. Based in Italy.
202 -

Twohong Life Inc.

Manufacturer and retailer of WaterBeetle and SpeedJet scales, load cells, and barcode equipment. Product overview, downloadable manuals, and brief company history. Based in Korea.
203 -

Anamed Instruments

Manufacturer of electronic precision balances. Product catalog, dealer list, and staff group photograph. Based in India.
204 -


Sales and service of weighing scales, cash registers and EPOS systems.
205 -

Perin Weighmaster s.r.l.

Load cells and weigh indicators for dosage and distribution systems.
206 -

Transdutec, S.A

Manufacturer of load cells for applications in silos, tanks, truck scales and control processes in port cranes and lifts.
207 -

Pfister Scales Bilanciai GmbH

Contains detailed product catalogue of truck, axle, crane, and railway scales. Exports world-wide. Software downloads, and career information also available.
208 -

Swisser Instruments

Manufacturer of electronic weighing scales, from table to crane. Based in Ahmedabad, India.
209 -

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Designs, manufactures and distributes industrial scales and weighing equipment. Product inventory, company profile, and distributor list.
210 -

Intercomp Company, Inc.

Manufacturer of portable scales. Details product line with specifications, company profile, and contact information. Based in Minneapolis, USA.
211 -

Digital and electronic gram scales sold at wholesale prices.
212 -

Hardy Process Solutions

Manufactures process weighing and machinery vibration monitoring instrumentation.
213 -

Scale Components

Suppliers of weighing and measurement components including load cells, and cubing or volume measuring machines.
214 -

Mechtronics Ltd.

Supplier of scales in Ireland, the UK and Eurozone.
215 -

Hasler International S.A.

European supplier of industrial weighing devices for conveyors, and "in-flow" type measurements. Product overviews (Acrobat required) and company profile.
216 -

Garber Metrology

Scale repair, service, calibration, and sales office. Lancaster, PA.
217 -

Tamtron Group

Produces a wide selection of dynamic crane scales for steel and non-ferrous plants, foundries, machine processing factories, warehouses, material handling, and forwarders.
218 -

Avery Weigh-Tronix Inc.

Manufacturer of weighing products and systems. Products include bench scales, weigh bars, check weighers, and other scale related items.
219 -

Weighing Solutions Ltd

Sales, repair, hire and maintenance of weighing equipment and scales for industrial and laboratory use.
220 -

Johnson Scale Co.

Supplier of scales and weighing products.
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