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Gas Detection Websites

This category lists mainly manufacturers and sellers of equipment for gas detection and monitoring for industry with emphasis on safety.- Category ID : 50693
1 -

ppm Messtechnik

Manufacturer and distributor of gas analysis instruments and monitors with opto-acoustical detectors for emission monitoring, process control and workplace monitoring (TRGS402 / OSHA exposure limits). Offers service for MAC 2000, MAC 2040 and MAC 2050 units from DIEHL and WS+S.
2 -

Comag IR Technology, Inc.

Manufactures and sells gas detectors that use infrared technology to electronically monitor gases in the home or workplace.
3 -

Foxcroft Equipment and Service Company

Manufacturer of chlorine analyzers, chlorine detectors, related chlorine control equipment, chart recorders, telephone dialers and gas detectors.
4 -

Thermal Gas Systems Inc.

Source of Haloguard refrigerant monitors and a line of leak monitoring instruments using electronic technologies.
5 -

Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

Manufacturer of continuous and portable gas analysis equipment for flue gas, on-line process, special purpose, heat treating, steelmaking, power industry, engine exhaust and air quality applications.
6 -

American Gas And Chemical Co.

Manufacturer of leak detection products, ultrasonic testers, gas monitors, indicators and instrumentation, safety equipment.
7 -

Armstrong Monitoring Corporation

Providers of systems for the detection and monitoring of toxic, combustible, explosive, corrosive gases or vapours, also levels and leaks of water, petroleum, hydrocarbons and other liquids, vapour and materials.
8 -

Delphian Corporation

Manufacturer of gas monitors, monitoring systems and instrumentation for toxic and combustible gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, oxygen deficiency, methane and natural gas.
9 -

Sierra Monitor Corporation

Hazardous gas detection systems for combustibles, oxygen deficiency and toxic gases with digital link to central control system for plant-wide monitoring.
10 -

Environmental Supply Houston, Inc

Rental, repair, and sales of gas monitoring equipment. OSHA training and fit testing.
11 -

OdaLog Portable Gas Monitors

Gas monitors for detecting and logging hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas as an aid to odor control in the wastewater industry.
12 -

PureAire Monitoring Systems

Provider of continuous toxic gas monitoring systems for use in semiconductor, chemical and petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and odor control in waste treatment facilities.
13 -

International Sensor Technology

Manufacture combustible and toxic gas monitoring instruments using solid state, infrared, PID, electrochemical cell, and catalytic bead sensor technologies.
14 -

Mil-Ram Technology , Inc.

Provider of wireless, toxic and combustible gas detectors, detection systems, monitors, electrochemical sensors, environmental protection and process control instrumentation.
15 -

Sensidyne: Gas Detection Systems

Manufactures and distributes gas detection systems and air sampling products.
16 -

General Monitors

Manufacturer of gas detectors for combustible gas and toxic gas applications, as well as flame detection instrumentation.
17 -

GFG Instrumentation, Inc

Portable and fixed gas monitoring systems and respiratory air monitoring.
18 -

Crowcon Detection Instruments

Manufacturer and seller of a range of gas detection products - personal, portable and fixed monitors for toxic and flammable gases.
19 -

Gas Data Limited

Designs and manufactures equipment for landfill monitoring, gas analysis, personal CO2 safety monitors and air quality meters.
20 -


Manufacturer of detectros for LPG, natural Gas, HCFC and CO.
21 -

Husaini Engineers

Manufacturer of toxic gas leak detectors and analysers for chlorine, ammonia and combustible gases.
22 -

Gastech Australia Pty. Ltd.

Manufactures and distributes gas and flame detectors, including portable instruments, fixed sensors and controllers for all environments.
23 -

Acme Engineering Products

Manufactures gas detection systems for building ventilation control, also automatic strainers for intake, process and effluent filtration, and electric boilers, steam superheaters and other process heating equipment.
24 -

Airspace Inc.

Developer and manufacturer of personal gas monitors to detect carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4).
25 -

Alpha Omega Instruments

Manufactures oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers for safety and for combustion optimization and control in industries like steel production, and chemical processing.
26 -

BMT Messtechnik

Sells low and high concentration ozone UV photometers and air cooled generators.
27 -

Respo Products

Supplies a complete range of fixed and portable gas detectors and monitors, plus other safety equipment.
28 -

City Technology

Providers of gas sensing technology for the automotive industry, medical applications, gas emissions, industrial and domestic safety.
29 -

Analytical Technology, Inc.

Manufacturers of analytical instruments, specializing in toxic gas monitors and water quality monitors.
30 -

BW Technologies Ltd.

Manufactures and markets full line of gas monitoring equipment providing early warning of poisonous gases such as VOCs (PID), H2S, CO, O2, SO2, PH3, NH3,NO2, HCN, Cl2, ClO2, O3, and combustibles.
31 -

Industrial Scientific Corporation

Manufacturer of fixed and portable gas detecting and monitoring equipment.
32 -

Eco Sensors, Inc.

Manufactures ozone and VOC gas sensors, detectors, monitors and controllers for workplace safety, process control, ozone generator control, air and water purification, and deodorization.
33 -

Nextteq LLC

Provider of gas detector tubes, pumps, kits and accessories for analyzing pollutants in the air, ground and water. Serving the petrochemical/chemical industries.
34 -

Detector Electronics Corporation.

Optical flame and gas detection solutions meeting world standards in performance and reliability.
35 -

App-Tek International

Manufacturers of gas detection and environmental monitoring instrumentation.
36 -

Technisol Ltd.

Designs and manufactures gas detectors for the leisure industry and small commercial sector of the marine industry.
37 -

Environmental & Gas Monitoring Ltd.

A privately owned company specialising in Gas Detection Products for Personal Protection, Remote Sampling, and Fixed Applications.
38 -

Specpoint Systems Development, Inc

Manufactures newly designed ammonia detector replacement parts for Honeywell UVH series ammonia detectors.
39 -

Neodym Technologies

Supplier of gas detection products for industrial, commercial, domestic and OEM applications - fixed DC-powered detectors, monitors and sensors for hydrogen, methane, propane, freons, and refrigerant gases.
40 -

TQ Environmental plc

Manufacturer of gas detection instruments for a variety of applications,including marine transport.
41 -

Classic Filters

Manufacturer of particulate and coalecsing filters for environment monitoring applications.
42 -

Riken Keiki

Gas detection instruments (stationary and portable) for safety in the petrochemical, semiconductor, utility, and shipping industries.
43 -


Manufacturer of non-dispersive infrared NDIR gas monitors with gas sensors for CO2, CO, CH4 and NH3.
44 -

Infratec GmbH Sensor Division

Manufacturer of infrared gas detectors and pyroelectric detectors for NDIR gas analysis, flame detection, analytical instruments and radiometry.
45 -

GDS Technologies UK

Manufacturer of methane, propane, butane detectors, catalytic pellistors, electrochemical cells, infra red/semiconductor gas detection sensors.
46 -

Boreal Laser Inc

Manufacturer of portable and fixed open-path infra-red based toxic gas detection equipment.
47 -

Reltek Corporation

Manufactures a line of hazardous gas monitoring and alarm systems including, a variety of intrinsically safe gas sensors, high speed telemetry, Windows based data logging, and accessories.
48 -

Entech Supply

Wholesale carbon monoxide analyzers, combustion analyzers and combustible gas detectors.
49 -

Kebaili Corporation

Manufacturer of miniature hydrogen gas sensors and electronic instrumentation based on MEMS micromachined silicon and nanotechnology.
50 -

Dynament Ltd

Manufacturers of infrared gas sensors, designed for the detection of hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide gases
51 -

Breathe E-Z Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer of non-invasive gas detectors including hydrogen breath monitors, carbon-monoxide testers and ethylene oxide (ETO) measuring devices.
52 -


Provider of tools for Landfill Gas (LFG) extraction systems including gas measuring instruments, wellheads, piping, and data collection and management software and services.
53 -

Gas Detector Service

Repair and rental services are provided on a variety of combustible, oxygen and toxic gas detectors.
54 -

OX-AN Environmental Gas Monitoring

Provider of gas detection and monitoring systems, covering carbon dioxide, oxygen and landfill brownfield site gases.
55 -

MST Technology

Industrial gas detection equipment manufacturer, product sales, service and hazardous gas installation consulting, including network life-safety engineering and integration. Toxic, corrosive, acid, flammable, and combustible gas monitoring specialists.
56 -


Seller of meters and test equipment to measure and monitor the air environment: weather instruments, thermometers, data loggers, anemometers, hygrometers, and gas detection equipment.
57 -

Certified Air Safety

Offers gas detection products, calibration services, and monitoring.
58 -

Bionics Instrument

Gas detectors and detection systems for toxic, corrosive, and flammable gases. Alarm systems, gas warning systems, and software for data acquisition and monitoring.
59 -

Figaro Corporation

Producer of semiconductor (MOS) and electrochemical sensors for detection of toxic gases, methane, propane, CO, CO2, alcohol, VOC and combustible gases.
60 -

Frontline Safety

Safety equipment suppliers,offering a range of products from gas detection equipment to breathing apparatus.
61 -


Suppliers of several brands and models of portable, personal, and fixed gas detection equipment for monitoring and confined space entry.
62 -

Paterson Instruments Ltd.

Manufacturer and seller of industrial and commercial gas and vapor detection instruments for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, mining, car parks, and shipping applications.
63 -

Hazardous Gas Detectors Inc.

Manufacturer of remote hazardous gas detectors for industrial and telecom applications.
64 -

E2V Technologies (UK) Ltd.

Manufacturer of electrochemical, infrared and pellistor gas sensors.
65 -

Tunnel Sensors Ltd.

Designers and manufacturers of tunnel atmosphere monitor systems. Installation and maintenance provided worldwide.
66 -

Honeywell Analytics

Manufacturer of toxic and flammable gas detection systems under the Lumidor, MDA Scientific, Sieger and Zareba brands
67 -

Gastec Corporation

Supplier of gas detector tube systems and analyzers.
68 -


Manufacturer of air quality testing equipment, gas detection equipment, and other gas monitoring and analysis hardware.
69 -


Manufacturer of devices for gas analysis and for detection of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and radioactivity.
70 -

CEA Instruments, Inc

Manufacturer of devices for monitoring over 200 different toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen levels as pocket-size, portable, or wall mounted systems in single and multichannel configurations.
71 -

Bomark Instruments

Suppliers of industrial, fixed and portable gas detection equipment for hundreds of gases.
72 -

Pollution Protection Systems Mumbai Pvt Ltd

Manufacturers and exporters of gas monitoring systems, fire protection equipment.
73 -


Manufacturer of gas detection systems for measurement and control of toxic and combustible gases
74 -

JJS Technical Services

Provider of portable and fixed gas monitors and gas detection equipment.
75 -


Infrared maintenance free sensors for safety applications.
76 -

Ntron Europe Ltd

Gas analysis and gas handling technologies: process oxygen and gas detection, refrigerant analysis, and breathing apparatus, products and services.
77 -

GDS Corp.

Gas and flame monitoring devices for industrial use.
78 -

R. C. Systems Co.

Manufacturer of electronic products for ambient gas detection, monitors for rotating machinery and continuous emissions monitoring systems. Offering gas sensors, gas detectors, gas monitors, gas alarm systems for the instrumentation industry.
79 -

All Safe Industries, Inc.

Supplier of gas detection instruments, gas masks and many other types of safety supplies.
80 -

Conspec Controls

Designer and manufacturer of gas detection monitors and systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.
81 -


Manufacturer of CO2 monitors/detectors for industrial, indoor air quality HVAC, safety applications.
82 -


Designer and manufacturer of carbon monoxide alarms, methane detectors, and propane gas detectors.
83 -

Gas Detector Depot

Carbon monoxide alarms, methane detectors, and propane gas detectors.
84 -


Manufacturer of detectors for high pressure gas leaks. Features company background and details of technology. Headquarters in Denmark.
85 -

Critical Environment Technologies

Manufacturer of gas detection monitors and systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.
86 -

Systech Illinois

Gas analysers and detectors for a range of gases, listed by products and application. Regular news and exhibition details.
87 -

Advanced Instruments Inc.

Designer and manufacturer of oxygen analyzers and sensors for percent, PPM, and PPB measurement. Manufacturer of replacement parts for Teledyne analyzers and sensors including the A-2C, B-2C, and L-2 oxygen sensors.
88 -

Horiba Instruments, Inc.

Supplier of CEMS, ambient, and process gas instrumentation worldwide.
89 -

S&S Northern

Gas detection equipment, gas pressure proving, and gas safety shut-off systems for schools, colleges, local and health authorities for laboratory and kitchen safety.
90 -

United Safety

Assessment, supervision, detection and protection services, H2S safety equipment rentals, and H2S hazardous environment protection services to the oil and gas industry.
91 -

Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd

Manufacturers of intrinsically safe handheld/portable infrared gas analyzers and monitors used in civil engineering, medical, military, landfill, remediation and controlled atmosphere environments.
92 -


Manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas detection systems for general, chemical and petrochemical industries.
93 -

OBW Technologies

OBW Technologies is the leading national provider of portable and fixed gas detection instruments and solutions in Ireland. We are a family-owned Irish company managed by JJ & Sharon O’Brien. With a staff number of over 50, we are the largest independent gas detection solutions provider in Ireland. OBW Technologies offer a first-class customer support service and source the latest technologies in gas detection for our clients.
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