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Safety Equipment Supplies Websites

Safety equipment supplies include: Apparel that is utilized to enhance the health and safety of workers (PPEs); equipment to prevent accidents in the work place; and products that are used by first responders in emergencies.- Category ID : 50684
1 -

Haagh Protection BV

Offers a range of products meant for improving the working environment for employees in industry. Includes safety gates, anti-slip products, industrial curtains, and strip doors.
2 -

Distribution International (DI)

Providing personal protective equipment, safety supplies, fire protection equipment and apparel.
3 -

Mid Continent Safety, Inc.

Distributor of personal protective equipment, apparel and first aid supplies.
4 -

3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety

Offers health and safety services and products including air supplied and air purifying respirators, ear muffs, face and eye protection and personal air monitoring systems
5 -

Safety Services Inc.

Providers of workplace industrial safety equipment including personal protective equipment, first aid, fall protection, and confined space equipment.
6 -

Pendergast Safety Equipment

Stocking distributor of personal protective equipment and apparel.
7 -

Logbooks Unlimited

Produces maintenance logbooks for industrial records.
8 -

ITW Mazel

Supplies products for the protection of employees within the nuclear, defense and non destructive testing (NDT) industries.
9 -

Angel Guard Products, Inc.

Manufacturers of ice rescue equipment. Specializing in products that are used to save lives and increase public safety.
10 -

Logical Inc.

Distributor of personal protective equipment, apparel and safety supplies.
11 -


Personal protective equipment manufacturer specialising in head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, road safety and spill management products.
12 -

RJ Safety Supply

Small independent distributor of occupational and personal safety supplies
13 -

Kurent Safety, Inc.

Distributor of personal protective equipment and supplies.
14 -

Spill 911

Absorbents, spill kits, spill containment, material handling and safety equipment.
15 -

Arbill Glove and Safety Products

Distributor of personal protective equipment, supplies and apparel. ISO 9002 and 14001 certified.
16 -

Encon Safety Products

Providing emergency showers, eye protection, eyewash stations, eyewear and clothing.
17 -

Major Safety

Safety equipment including gas monitors, fall protection, confined space equipment, first aid, calibration gas, skin care, and traffic safety
18 -

Air Systems International, Inc.

Manufacturer of confined space ventilation, breathing air filtration systems, bottled air carts, high and low pressure breathing air compressors.
19 -

Howard Leight Hearing Protection

A full range of hearing protection devices for personal and professional use.
20 -

Keeble Rescue Systems, LLC

Manufacturers and distributors of a wide variety of basic economical rescue and extrication equipment.
21 -

Galls, Inc.

Supplier of personal protective equipment and apparel.
22 -

Choctaw-Kaul Distribution

Assisting customers in providing a safe working environment for their employees.
23 -

Suppliers of a range of safety and health products including pulse oximeters, carbon monoxide detectors, FlameStop fire safety blankets, smoke hoods, LED flashlights and emergency medical kits.
24 -

Safeware, Inc.

Master distributor of industrial safety, personal protective, and fire and rescue products. The company also services technical equipment.
25 -

Levitt Safety, Ltd.

Distributor of personal protective equipment, fire protection products and apparel. Site translated into two languages.
26 -

Securall/A&A Sheet Metal Products

A manufacturer of safety storage cabinets, buildings and firearm/security safes.
27 -

Sequoia Safety Supply Company

Distributor of industrial safety products and personal protective equipment.
28 -

Sellstrom Mfg. Co.

Manufacturer of personal protective equipment and safety products.
29 -

Dunia Safety

Supplier of personal protective equipment and industrial safety products. Based in Indonesia.
30 -

Northern Safety Co., Inc.

Distributor of personal protective equipment, safety and industrial supplies.
31 -

Thomaston Safety Group, Co.

Distributor of personal protective equipment, first aid supplies, janitorial products, storage and handling equipment.
32 -

Hamisco Industrial Sales, Inc.

Supplier of personal protective equipment. Flash enhanced site.
33 -

Fire Safety International, Inc.

Distributor, importer and exporter of personal protective equipment, supplies and fire fighting products.
34 -

Columbia Fire and Safety, Ltd.

Distributes personal protective equipment, fire protection products and first aid kits.
35 -

Coll Health and Safety, Inc.

Provides first aid supplies and safety protection for the work place.
36 -

Submersible Systems, Inc.

Supplier of emergency breathing products. Which are compact, affordable and hose less mini breathing systems. Designed from a real-life emergency.
37 -

U.S. Safety and Supply Co.

Supplier of safety products and personal protective equipment for the food service, manufacturing, construction and refinery industry.
38 -

Udyogi Plastics, Pvt. Ltd.

Indian manufacturer and exporter of personal protective equipment.
39 -

Total Source Manufacturing

Provides a wide range of products for the clean room, medical, food handling, and industrial safety markets.
40 -

Respire Ltd.

Supplier of an escape breathing apparatus. Positive pressure air on demand in seconds, providing vital minutes for emergency escape.
41 -

Galeton Gloves and Safety Products

Distributor of personal protective equipment, apparel and first aid supplies.
42 -

Horman Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and exporter of personal protective equipment and satellite antenna systems.
43 -

The Safety Zone

Wholesaler of personal protective equipment, safety supplies, apparel and janitorial products.
44 -

North Safety Products

A global producer and supplier of health and safety products for industrial workers and consumers.
45 -

Texas America Safety Company

Distributor of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats, work gloves, earplugs and other safety supplies.
46 -

Allegro Industries

Manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment and safety products.
47 -

Needi Supply Corp.

Manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and accessories. Serving first responders in the emergency medical services industry.
48 -

Sanderson Safety Supply Company

Provider of personal protective equipment, apparel, first aid supplies and environmental protection products. Offers training courses and on site service and repair of equipment.
49 -

Shur Sales and Marketing, Inc.

Distributor of industrial and fire fighting equipment. Flash enhanced site.
50 -

Broadline Medical Systems

Provides protective apparel products for the medical services. Specializes in sterile and non sterile accessories for health care providers.
51 -

BLS s.r.l.

Italian manufacturer of disposable respirators CE marked according to the EN 149:2001 European rules and NIOSH rules. Site is translated into three languages.
52 -

Team Fenex Ltd.

Supplies mobile power equipment, pumps and ventilators to telephone companies and power generating utilities throughout the US. Used for confined space safety.
53 -

Locksafe Industrial Safety Equipment

Australian cutting-edge manufacturer of positive locking, high reliability, safety energy interruption (isolation) products.
54 -


Manufacturer of breathing apparatus, escape sets and professional diving products for fire fighting, military and strategic high risk industries.
55 -

Seton Ltd

Offers safety signs, equipment, and supplies. Based in UK.
56 -

New Pig Corporation

Features industrial supplies, absorbents, products for spill response, spill kits, secondary containment.
57 -

Apollo Safety, Inc.

Distributor of personal protective equipment with information on products, gas detectors and instrument repair.
58 -

Abatix Corp.

Supplier of personal protection and safety equipment and durable and non-durable supplies to the asbestos and lead abatement, industrial and hazardous materials industries. (Nasdaq: ABIX).
59 -

Conney Safety Products

Distributor of safety, first aid and industrial supplies including gloves, safety glasses, respirators, fall protection products and safety signs. Based in Madison, Wisconsin.
60 -


Offers a building emergency response alarm system. Provides an automated solution for the protection of staff and/or clients who are working in potentially hazardous environments.
61 -

BG Gloves and Safety

Wholesale distributor of first aid kits, personal protection equipment, industrial gloves, and safety products. Toronto, Canada.
62 -

Sharpe Safety Supply Inc.

Wholesale distributor of personal protective equipment and safety products for a variety of customers including industrial, commercial, construction, law enforcement, and government.
63 -

Hans Hepp GmbH

Germany. Manufacturers of first-aid kits and materials, and surgical dressings. English and German.
64 -

All Safe Industries, Inc.

Distributor specializing in confined space entry equipment including gas detection, fall protection, ventilation, and breathing systems for industry and the fire service.
65 -

Orion Safety Products

Manufacturer of signal products including flares and other signaling devices for marine, watersports, and outdoor use. Also back fire torches used in fire fighting.
66 -

Online retailer offering gas cylinder safety equipment, including brackets, dollies, racks and pallets.
67 -

SP Services (UK) Ltd.

Includes emergency tools, first aid, rescue equipment, books, and advanced scene medical equipment. UK-based; ships worldwide.
68 -

First Aid and Safety Online Inc.

Distributor of first aid supplies, personal protective equipment and apparel.
69 -

Quadmed, Inc.

Offers first aid, emergency medical supplies, and uniforms for fire, law enforcement, military, and nursing.
70 -

Easigrip Ltd.

Specializes in tubular bandages for support and dressing retention, sprains, and strains.
71 -


Provides and manufacture hearing protection devices. Canada.
72 -

Eagle Direct

Importer and distributor of disposable products to the food processing/preparation, medical, automotive, cleaning and beauty industries. New Zealand.
73 -

Honeywell Safety Products

Manufacturers of hearing protection, eye protection, respiratory protection and fall protection equipment.
74 -

Uvex Group

Distributor of personal protective equipment and prescription safety eye wear. Flash enhanced site.
75 -

Polison Corporation

Manufacturer of personal protective equipment and aluminized apparel.
76 -

Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.

Designs and manufactures a complete line of components to protect equipment and people. Products include protective covers, cable and hose carriers, elastomer components and mechanical motion control.
77 -

All Safety Products, Inc.

Safety equipment supplies and chemical protection for the lab and industry.

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