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Lists sites for businesses that primarily manufacture handling equipment for bulk materials, or provide associated parts or service. Bulk materials are unprocessed, such as minerals or raw foodstuffs, handled in large quantities that do not have a specific shape.- Category ID : 50626
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Eichholz Silo- und Anlagenbau GmbH

German constructor of silos, containers and conveyors, mixers and handling systems.
2 -

Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc.

Manufactures bulk handling and processing equipment. Products include vibrating conveyors, feeders, screeners, fluid bed dryers and coolers, dryer/coolers, and spiral elevators.
3 -

Hapman Conveyors

Manufactures screw, drag, and pneumatic conveyors, bag fillers and unloads, and dump stations. Contains products, profile, case studies, and material testing service.
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Manufactures powder and bulk solids handling equipment. Includes products for truck, train, and shiploading, as well as gates, diverter valves, mass flow feeders, dustless loading spouts, and telescopic chutes. Contains products, profile, news, and parts.
5 -

Flexicon Corporation

Manufacture equipment and systems for bulk handling of pellettized and powdered materials. Includes conveyors, dischargers, fillers, batchers, and dumpers. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
6 -

Heyl & Patterson Inc

Full service manufacturers of bulk material terminal handling and thermal processing equipment. Includes barge and ship unloaders and railcar dumpers; and agglomerators, coolers, dryers, granulators, mixers, and presses.
7 -


UK. Manufactures broad range of products for bulk solid handling. Includes valves, diverters, elevators, conveyors, mixers, and discharge units.
8 -

Angus Powderflight Ltd.

UK. Manufactures powder handling equipment. Main products are spill-free interlocking bucket elevators and aero-mechanical conveyors for dust-free transfer of powders within process and packaging lines.
9 -

Kemutec Group Ltd.

UK. Manufactures specialized products for powder handling industry. Includes gravity flow control and pivoting isolation valves, discharge aids, and level indicators.
10 -

Bulk Equipment Systems Technology, Inc.

Manufactures range of vibratory bulk handling equipment. Includes loaders, unloaders, conveyors, feeders, screeners for sizing, and automated batching systems. Mainly serves the food, chemical, and recycling industries.
11 -

Spiroflow Ltd.

UK. Designs and manufactures range of equipment and systems for handling of bulk dry materials. Includes conveyors and weighing, blending, filling, and discharge units.
12 -

The Fitzpatrick Company Europe N.V.

Belgium. Manufacturers of processing equipment for the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Range includes compaction, dry and wet granulating, and milling machines. Site incorporates product information.
13 -

Goldline International Inc.

Manufacturers of ramps, racks, gangways, platforms, canopies, and safety enclosures utilizing range of modular panels and components. Objective is facilitation of loading, unloading, and processing bulk materials.
14 -

Phelps Industries Inc.

Family business specializing in manufacture of pneumatic dumpers, hoppers, tippers, and telescopic cylinders for handling range of bulk materials. Applications include farming, food, wood chips, recyclables, and landfill waste.
15 -

National Conveyors Company Inc.

Design and manufacture of systems for processing and handling variety of bulk materials. Includes equipment for crushing and shredding, liquid/solid separation, screening and classification, and storage and loading.
16 -

Enco Engineering

Specialty is assessment and design of equipment for port terminal handling of dry bulk materials. Includes ship loaders and unloaders, conveyors, storage systems, and process controls.
17 -

Martin Engineering

Specializes in design and supply of equipment for optimum handling of bulk material. Products fall into two main categories: flow aid and recovery units and accessories, and conveyor handling and control systems and attachments.
18 -

Martin Vibration System and Solutions, Inc.

Specializes in vibrator and oscillator equipment for enhanced movement and storage of bulk materials. Includes electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and pharmaceutical units in a variety of sizes and configurations.
19 -

Cougar Industries Inc.

Manufactures range of vibrators for variety of bulk materials. Includes electric, rotary, heavy-duty, high frequency, and hydraulic models. Detailed product and application information.
20 -

Advanced Bulk and Conveying, Inc.

Offers design, manufacture, and supply of dry bulk equipment, including silos, bags, bins, blenders, loaders, blowers, and valves. Contains profile, products, and services.
21 -


Offers belt and screw conveyors, dumpers, bag loaders, feeders, press racks, and declippers. Contains products, overhaul services, accessories, and events.
22 -

BS Vertriebsbüro

Describes products, including valves, jet loaders, belt and screw conveyors, filters, silo measurement devices, flow bows, and hoppers.
23 -

International Material Control Systems, Inc.

Offers bulk solids handling equipment including mixers, bag loaders, silos, dumpers, screw conveyors, and storage bins. Contains product descriptions and specifications.
24 -

H.W. Carlsen AB

Manufactures mechanical bulk ship loaders and unloaders, and fluid and pneumatic selfunloaders. Includes news, products, and case studies.
25 -

Kamengo Technology Inc.

Offers products based on the moving hole feeder, including bulk storage equipment. Features company, products, technology, applications, and case studies.
26 -

Voest-Alpine Materials Handling

Manufactures bulk reclaimers, stackers, ship loaders and unloaders, conveyor systems, and continuous excavation mining equipment. Company profile, products, and news.
27 -

Dome Corporation of North America

Manufactures prefabricated wooden domes and barrel buildings for bulk storage, and conveyors. Describes company and products.
28 -

Monitor Technologies LLC

Supplier of level, flow, particle emission, and aeration instrumentation for powder and bulk handling. Includes products and applications.
29 -

B.I.D. Canada Ltd.

Manufacturer and installer of bulk handling equipment, including conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, disc scalping screens, feeders, hoppers, and chutework. Features products, services, brochure, newsletter, and jobs.
30 -

Carolina Conveying Inc.

Offers powder and bulk dense-phase pneumatic conveying, aero-mechanical conveyors, rotary valves, discharge aids, volumetric and gravimetric feeders, and bulk bag loaders and unloaders. Describes products and facilities.
31 -

Deamco Corp.

Specializes in design and manufacture of bulk conveyors, storage bins, rinsers, feeders, and bucket and container elevators. Site incorporates gallery of product images.
32 -

Mass Measuring Systems Ltd

Manufactures vacuum conveying and loss-in-weight feeders. Describes company and services, with projects, materials handled, and projects.
33 -

Triple S Dynamics

Designs and manufactures horizontal-motion conveyors, vibrating conveyors, screeners, granulators for moving and processing dry chemicals, food and other bulk materials.
34 -

Matcon IBC

Manufactures discharge valves, washing and blending systems, intermediate bulk containers, discharge stations, and feeders. Features profile, products, applications, and services.
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bulk material handling, dust filtration, mixing, conditioning and granulating, as well as solids-Liquid separation.

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