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1 -

Riensch & Held GmbH

Germany. Manufacturers of filter media and products for the domestic appliances market. Also, converters of nonwoven and knitted cleaning cloths, and wet wipes. English, German and French.
2 -

Koch Filter Corporation

A manufacturer of air filtration products and for commercial, industrial, hospital, and paint filtration systems.
3 -

Filtration Group, Inc

USA. Design and manufacture of nonwovens based filtration media for HVAC, dust, liquid, gas phase, cleanroom, and paint and finishing markets. Product catalogs, with technical information. List of trade shows. Job opportunities. Links to related sites.
4 -

Donaldson Company, Inc.

Develops and manufactures filtration and exhaust systems that help protect everything from equipment and engines to people and the environment.
5 -

D.I.Engineering Company Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of water purify system for industrial, household, light industry use, as also produces air purify system, water analysis system and filter cartridges. From Hong Kong.
6 -

Solberg Manufacturing

Manufacturer of inlet air filter-silencers and exhaust air oil mist filters for the air compressor, blower, engine, and vacuum pump industries.
7 -


Filtration solutions that help control contamination, increase productivity and life of machinery and equipment, and create a clean, safe working environment.
8 -

Norspec Filtration Ltd.

Industry leader in serving industrial and commercial filter marketplace.
9 -

Mer-Made Filter, Inc.

Commercial swimming pool filtration. Fiberglass strainers and sand filter tanks, D.E. bag tray assembly, float valve assemblies.
10 -

Snow Filtration Company

Filter media specialists featuring rolled media and filter bags.
11 -

Harvard Corporation

Filtration and coolant systems for petroleum, synthetic, and water-based fluids.
12 -

Seltek (UK) Ltd

Provides a range of stainless steel extruder screens and wire mesh filters for use by plastic and rubber processors.
13 -

Transor Filter

Design and manufacturing of EDM and grinding oil filtration systems. Patented, self cleaning system filters to one micron. Grinding applications include carbide and tool steel.
14 -

U.S. Products

Cooling, ventilation, dust proofing systems for control panel and drive motors; solutions for contamination, ventilation and cooling needs.
15 -

Uni Filter, Inc.

A manufacturer of high performance polyurethane foam air filter elements for motorcycles, autos, light trucks, and small engines. They also offer a wide variety of foam fabrication capabilities.
16 -


UK based source for replacement filter elements.
17 -

Filtroil North America

Manufacturer of hydraulic oil industrial bypass filtration.
18 -

Selective Adsorption Associates Inc.

Specialists in adsorption and filtration products offering assistance in client to product applications.
19 -

Bulldog Fabricating Corporation

Filter replacement specialists. Replacement filter elements and strainer baskets for a wide variety of filters, including air, water, and hydraulic. Foreign and hard to find elements available.
20 -

Hebei Lian-Fa Filter Element Co.,Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of filter element, disc filters, metal filtration cloth.
21 -

Pyramid Technologies, Inc.

Single source supplier of liquid filtration products. Provides filter bags and cartridges to self cleaning systems.
22 -

Filtertek, Inc

Manufacturer of custom filtration products and fluid control devices for automotive, healthcare, and consumer products applications.
23 -

Dynamic Filtration Ltd.

Supplies and accessories for a wide range of liquid and air filter products.
24 -

B-Line Filter & Supply

Serving the oil and gas, industrial, and fleet markets, as well as tools and MRO supply.
25 -

Emcel Filters Limited

Specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of filters for air and gas purification applications ranging from simple air conditioning to complex chemical systems.
26 -

Triboguard Company Limited

Sells industrial hydraulic and lubrication filtration products.
27 -

Sparkling Clear Industries

Industrial filtration products, environmental systems, process measurement, chemical feed pumps, reverse osmosis and accessories.
28 -

T&H Industries, Inc.

Indoor Industrial air purification for dust, mist, smoke. Scrubbers, mist collectors, and portable systems.
29 -

Liquid Process Systems, Inc.

Custom filtration systems for filtering heat transfer fluids up to 650°F while hot oil systems are operating.
30 -

Chempharm Industries

Offering filters, elements and housing turnkey solutions for air liquid and gas filtration.
31 -

Glasfloss Industries

Manufacturer of air filters for industrial, commercial, and residential ventilation systems.
32 -

3L Filters Ltd.

Suppliers of custom engineered solutions for industrial, environmental, aviation, nuclear and petrochemical liquid filtration worldwide.
33 -

Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems

Circulates and stores coolants for metalworking and water-based or synthetic liquid operations, operating on centrifugal force generated in a cyclonic chamber.
34 -

Sely and Dewar

Dust control for businesses large or small featuring filters for all leading makes of dust extraction equipment.
35 -

Domnick Hunter Group

International group of companies supplying, high quality and cost effective filtration, purification and separation products.
36 -

Gopani Product Systems

Filters for liquid and compressed air. Stainless steel cartridge, bag, and porous plastic filtration systems.
37 -

Filter Equipment Technologies

Manufacturer of the air filter dry cleaning machines.
38 -

Industrial Filter Manufacturers

Manufacturer of air intake filters, exhaust, and in-line air, gas and liquid pressure vessel filters.
39 -

IWI Inc.

Dust collectors available online. Configure the unit to your exact requirements. Specializes in Torit.
40 -

Concept Filter Products

Provides air filtration equipment. Expertise to conduct Air Hygiene Risk Assessments and the flexibility to supply a single air filter.
41 -

Purification Products

Active carbon filter material manufacturer
42 -

Hellan Fluid Strainer

Applications include potable systems through to petroleum product systems. Self-cleaning fluid strainers provide an efficient, reliable fluid filtration system. Manufactured by Cleveland Gear Company, Inc.
43 -

Suzhou Huatai Air Tech Filter Co., Ltd

Produces filters and purification equipment for air, water, and environmental applications.
44 -

Lianda Filter Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Pleated filter element and cylindrical filter elements .
45 -

Universal Air Products LLC

Air pollution control equipment replacement parts, hardware, and filters that meet OEM specifications.
46 -

Refine Technology Novel Filtration Systems

Patent pending low shear and sanitary filtration systems that resist plugging.
47 -

Headline Filters

Micro-fiber, PTFE, and stainless steel filter elements and housings.
48 -

Filters For Industry, Inc.

Specializing in replacement filters, and service of industrial filtration systems.
49 -

Dayton Reliable Filters

Air filters and filtration supplies for commercial, industrial and residential solutions.
50 -

Universal Air Filter

Custom air filters with EMI shielding for industrial machinery, electronics, and medical equipment.
51 -

Envirocom Inc

Supplies filters for industrial applications.
52 -

Superflo Filters Private Limited

Engineering and supply of industrial filters, and equipment.
53 -

Herding Filtertechnik

Manufacturer of filter elements and filter systems.
54 -

The Filter Factory, Inc.

Manufactures and distributes replacement air filters.
55 -

Letraw Manufacturing Company

Manufactures knitted wire mesh filter cloth and bags.
56 -

Towner Filtration

Supplier of filter elements, media and filtration devices for liquid and solids separation, air cleaning, and membrane filtration.
57 -

SophTech Incorporated

Supplies industrial air and hydraulic filters.
58 -

Darrell Hanna & Associates

USA. Distributors of nonwoven spunbond and wet-laid fabrics for filtration applications, from polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and cellulose. Also, cartridge and HVAC filters, activated carbon media, and liquid filter bags.
59 -

P.W. Perkins

Provide Decarbite, a fast-acting sodium hydroxide-based absorbent/scrubber that removes carbon dioxide from a gas stream.
60 -


Distributor of industrial, mobile and consumer filter products and services.
61 -

Kavon Filter Products Co., Inc

USA. Custom fabrication of replacement filter media for wet and dry filtration, from woven and nonwoven materials. Technical information.
62 -

Sefar Holding Inc

International producer of synthetic fabric, wire cloth screens, filters and equipment for healthcare, and industrial uses. Includes links to agents worldwide. [Multiple languages]
63 -

Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

Manufactures microfilters, microfiber filters, and filter housings.
64 -

IBR Laboratories

IBR is an A2LA and UKAS accredited, independent laboratory providing testing services for the detection and analysis of particulate contamination and verification of filtration performance.
65 -

Cambridge Filter Corporation

Manufacturer of quality particle and gas arrestance filters, fan filter units (FFUs) and other ultra clean filtration products.
66 -

Northland Filter International, LLC

Manufactures filtration products, including HEPA filters, tested to the latest industry standard.
67 -

Plating Supplies International, Inc.

Plating Supplies specializes in anode bags, filter bags, filtration media and plating equipment for the metal finishing industry.
68 -

Sidco Filter Corp

Manufacturer of industrial filters for air, gas, and liquid applications. Specializing in replacement filters for common brands such as: Dollinger, NAFCO, Ingersoll Rand, Sunshine, Air Maze, Solberg, Sparks, and Consler.
69 -

Troy Filters

Manufacturer and supplier of mist and dust collection, H.V.A.C., home furnace, air cleaning, H.E.P.A, Bags, and specialty OEM filters.
70 -

Nordic Air Filtration AS

Denmark. Design and manufacture of nonwovens based air filtration systems, products and parts for industrial applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information.
71 -

Filter Specialists, Inc

Global industrial filtration manufacturer and supplier of liquid filter bags, filter cartridges, pressure vessels and housings, and magnetic separators.
72 -

GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies (GEI-W&PT)

Global supplier of water, wastewater and process systems solutions.
73 -


US based manufacturer of liquid depth filtration products for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, cosmetic, and electric utility filtration markets.
74 -

Konf-Air Miljøfiltre Vildbjerg A/S

Denmarks. Design and manufacture of woven and nonwovens based liquid and dry filtration media for the asphalt, cement, medical, furniture, food, grain and feedingstuff industries. English and Danish.
75 -

Cummins Filtration, Inc

Design and manufacture of filtration products and exhaust systems for heavy duty diesel powered equipment.
76 -

Carlson Filtration, Ltd

Manufacturers of depth filter sheets and cartridges for wet and dry filtration applications. Also, new and reconditioned filter equipment.
77 -

Molecular Products, Ltd.

Manufacturer of chemical technologies for the treatment of breathable gases.
78 -

Main Filter

Specializing in hydraulic, lube oil and industrial filtration products.
79 -

DCL International Inc.

A manufacturer of emission control solutions for off-road vehicles and industrial engines. Product line includes catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, stock mufflers and diesel particulate filters.
80 -

Orrell Filtration, Ltd

UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of filter sleeves and bags, multi-pocket filter elements, cartridges, and air filters and media, from woven and nonwoven fabrics and substrates. Also, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC).
81 -

Hypercat ACP

Manufacturer of the catalytic device such as catalysts and filters. USA.
82 -

Solid State Manufacturing

Worldwide state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, solving the electronic design needs of OEM and contract manufacturers throughout the globe.
83 -

H20 Systems Inc.

Providers of advanced oil removal technology in and of zero gravity filtration systems in Canada.
84 -


USA. Manufacturers of filter media for industrial air and liquid filtration applications, baghouse parts and services. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications on PDF files. Glossary of terms. Part of the Beacon Industrial Corp.
85 -

C.C. Jensen A/S

Purifiers, water separators and fine filtration units are offline units that will circulate the oil in the reservoir of the machine leaving you clean and dry oil.
86 -

United Filtration Systems

Offers industrial water, air, and gas filters.
87 -

Midwesco Filter Resources, TDC Filter

Cartridge filter and bag replacements for all major OEM dust collectors and baghouses. Air filters, pleated bags, prefilters, HEPA, pocket, panel, conical and cylindrical filters.
88 -

Clarcor Industrial Air

Develops and manufactures a wide range of systems to control airborne contaminants.
89 -

Filter Resources Inc.

Manufactures and distributes filtration products, ASME code vessels, air, gas, and liquid separation.

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