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Fluid Handling Websites

This category is for companies manufacturing or supplying equipment and services specifically aimed at providing for applications that require the control, regulation, and safe operation of fluid flows.- Category ID : 50547
1 -

Craind srl

Italian manufacturer specialized in fluid measurement and control products.
2 -

GEFA Processtechnik GmbH

Manufactures industrial valves, self-cleaning filters and measurement instruments.
3 -


Manufacturer of tailor-made radial compressors and blowers for particular applications to convey and compress air and process gases.
4 -


A manufacturer of valves and fluid handling components for HVAC and industrial applications. Based in Denmark.
5 -


Fluid handling and control systems and instrumentation for process control and waste treatment.
6 -

Robbins & Myers, Inc.

Management of the movement, properties and transformation of fluids. Reactor systems, industrial pump technology, energy related equipment, industrial mixing and corrosion-resistant products.
7 -

M. R. Franceschini, Inc.

Distributors, representatives and integrator of control and safety systems, power plant generation, electricity transmission and distribution equipment.
8 -

Components and Controls, Inc.

Valves, instrumentation and industrial components.
9 -

Controls & Instrumentation Co. Inc.

Distributes wide range of equipment for vapor control, storage tank safety, liquid processing, and hazardous material handling. Includes pumps, safety relief valves, and tank vents, as well as inert gas blanketing and detonation/flame arrester equipment.
10 -

The Fluid Equipment Group

Supplies mixers, pumps, tanks, and accessories for the industrial, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and waste water industries.
11 -

Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Manufactures patented pumps and valves. Enhanced, self-priming pumps, sea-water pumps, non-water-hammer check valves, and automatic regulating valves.
12 -

Martell Associates

Sales representatives for a wide range of equipment for liquid processing industries. Products include metering pumps, heat exchangers, glass lined equipment, mixers, filters, strainers, and temperature control systems.
13 -

Valley Equipment Company, Inc.

Offers wide selection of remanufactured pumps, compressors, electric motors and controls, and air handling, pneumatic conveyor, and power transmission equipment.
14 -

Harrington Industrial Plastics Inc.

Distributor of industrial plastic pipe, filters, fittings, tubings, hoses and valves for corrosive liquid service.
15 -

Storage Control Systems, Inc.

Offers nitrogen generators, carbon dioxide and ethylene removal systems, gas analyzers, humidity and temperature sensors and controls.
16 -

G.A. Murdock Inc.

Provides ball valves, drainage control systems, faucets, fittings, tubings, housings, instruments and regulators.
17 -

Graco Inc.

Manufactures handling and measuring equipment for fluid and viscous materials, including tanks, pumps and accessories, valves, spray guns, proportioners, meters and controls.
18 -

Woodward Governor Company

Designs and manufactures hydromechanical and electronic fuel controls and delivery systems, subsystems and components.
19 -

Bell Pipe & Supply Co.

Distributes pipings, gauges, meters, switches, valves, fittings, pumps, hoses, flow controls and related items.
20 -

Allegheny Bradford Corporation

Manufactures pumps, valves, fittings, tubing, gauges and provides custom fabrications.
21 -

Mess und Foerdertechnik

Manufacturer of flow computer, pd-meter, additivation systems, automation and loading systems for liquid handling solutions and vapor recovery.
22 -


Manufacturer of cryogenic equipment like turbomachines, pumps, turbines, compressors, gas heaters and vaporizers, for industrial and natural gas, hydrocarbons and clean energy. Based in France.
23 -

Philippopoulos S.A.

Manufacturers of steam traps, control and safety valves, pneumatic actuators, boiler housing equipment, heat exchangers, pipes, fittings and components. [Flash Site]
24 -

Hyteco Pty Ltd

Supplies pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, filters, hose, fittings, adaptors and couplings.
25 -

Emco Wheaton

Manufactures and suppliers of equipment for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid, gas and dry bulk products.
26 -

du Alaska Inc.

Provides process, water, gas and combustion controls, analytical equipment, safety relief, ball, butterfly valves and actuators.
27 -

Tescom Corporation

Manufactures standard and custom pressure regulators, valves, systems, manifolds, and electronic controllers from sub-atmospheric to 20,000 psig.
28 -

Pneumatics Online

Searchable international list of pneumatics manufacturers and distributors. Includes industry news, training, calculators, articles and links.
29 -

Stainless Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of sanitary flow equipment, including sanitary pumps, fittings and valves.
30 -

Western Enterprises

Designing and manufacturing products for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases to the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets. Includes product catalog to download. Westlake, Ohio, USA.
31 -

Gas Safe Consultants Ltd

Provides training, workshops and consultancy services to help people understand the hazards associated with compressed and liquefied gases as well as the correct selection, use and inspection of relevant control equipment such as regulators and valves. UK.
32 -

Gaspar Inc.

Manufacturer of piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors and specialty components for process industries. US based (OH).
33 -

Eisenback Equipment Sales, Inc.

Fabricates custom alloy tanks, vessels, and other process equipment for the chemical industry, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and other industries worldwide. US based (SC).
34 -

Thermco Instrument Corporation

Manufactures specialty analyzers and mixers for the industrial gas industry.
35 -

EMC Scientific

Design and manufacturing of high purity gas and fluid delivery systems for semiconductor and bio-pharmaceutical applications.
36 -

Rowe and Company

UK based recruitment company specialising in the fluid handling and rotating machinery market sectors.
37 -

Flowseal Engineering Pth Ltd

Design, manufacture and supply dampers, expansion joints, valves, explosion panels and other related products.
38 -

Smart Products, Inc.

Designs and manufactures a family of check valves, pumps, and related components for a wide range of applications including medical diagnostic and treatment, gas analysis, filtration, and beverage dispensing.
39 -

Hydra Electric

Suppliers of solenoid valves; hose, shower and plumbing fittings; electronic timers for vending applications and flood control systems.
40 -

Valtorc International

Supplier for Ball, Butterfly, V-Port Ball and high performance valves.
41 -

SPX Flow

Manufacturers and distributors of pumps, valves, homogenisers and heat exchangers for applications in various industries.

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