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Motion control enables automatic handling, positioning, loading and transfer of work, in an automated manufacturing facility.- Category ID : 50542
1 -

Crouzet Automatismes

Components play a key role in all the main control system functions of sensing, processing, monitoring, actuating, and communicating.
2 -

Paradyne Systems

Designs and manufactures standard and custom motion control products.
3 -

Simple Step llc

Manufactures motion controller boards, including the simple step motion control system.
4 -

Storch Magnetics

Magnetic equipment and solutions for industrial separating, conveying, sweeping, holding and lifting.
5 -

Wainbee Limited

Provides pneumatic, hydraulic, machining, electronic and filtration technologies for automation and motion control.
6 -

Smart Motion Robotics, Inc.

Manufacturer of custom factory automation for many industries with the primary mission to provide pick and place robotics for the binding industry.
7 -

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.

Designs and manufactures electronic controls, motion control, instrumentation, and software products.
8 -

Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Company dedicated to the business of motion control products and accessories.
9 -

Charly Robot

Specialist automation of industrial tasks. Site in French and English.
10 -

Superior Solutions.

Manufacturer of motion control systems, including stepper motor controllers, drives, and motors for various shopfloor applications.
11 -

Project Services Group, Inc.

Manufactures and integrates conveyor, batching, blending, and frying systems, and associated equipment and controls. Describes products, services, and company.
12 -

Soft Servo Systems, Inc.

Flexibility and intelligence in motion control.
13 -

Bayside Motion Group

Manufactures precision electrical and mechanical products. Systems for automated equipment.
14 -

General Kinematics

Develops vibratory process solutions having smooth, quiet, energy-efficient operation for in-process material handling.
15 -

PMDi Motion Control Supplies

Manufactures motion control and data acquisition electronics and software.
16 -

Numatic Engineering

Distributes pneumatic and electrical automation control components since 1955.
17 -

United States Controls, Inc.

Manufactures high-quality, reliable roll cooling and roll heating systems for the aluminum, steel and brass rolling industries.
18 -

PCE Automation Ltd.

Manufactures product handling, assembly, labeling, conveying, and palletizing systems. Products, services, news, and profile.
19 -

SP Electronics

UK company designs electronic control systems, as well as offers maintenance and spare parts for small metal guillotines to pressbrakes. Also stocks DC drives and encoders.
20 -

Trend Machinery Incorporated

A motion control systems integrator with mechanical, electrical, control hardware and software and drives technology.
21 -

Power-Motion Sales, Inc.

Motion controls distributor and manufacturers rep for non-contact sensors, electrical, mechanical motion control products including servos, motors, safety products, stepper systems, photoelectric.
22 -

Precision Torque Control, Inc.

Provides magnetic particle and permanent magnet brakes and clutches for numerous industrial applications.
23 -


Designs, produces and installs automation of production processes related with automatic transport of metal cans by means of magnets and magnetic layouts.
24 -

Applied Motion Systems

Distributes and integrates specialized controls for motion applications from stepper systems to CNC retrofits, components or complete systems.
25 -

Jena tec

Precision Ballscrews with unique ball transfer system to allow for small design envelopes.
26 -

Q Comp Technologies, Inc

Company offers complete control solutions over specialised automation needs. As well as engineering, mechanical and software consultation.
27 -

CNC Design Pty. Ltd.

A motion control solutions provider for machine tools and production machines in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea
28 -

Advanced Micro Controls Inc.

An engineering firm dedicated to motion control whose website encompasses resolvers, stepper motion, network devices, encoders, programmable limit switches, and packaging and press system solutions.
29 -

Macron Dynamics, Inc.

Manufactures linear actuators, linear drive and motion components, belt-driven linear actuators, screw-driven positioning tables, aluminium frames.
30 -

CT Systems Ltd.

Provide turnkey solutions for motion control integration using Siemens products. From UK.
31 -


Supplies high performance electrical rotating components for a diversity of power applications.
32 -

Micro Trend Robotics Inc

Manufacturers dual motor CNC backgauges. Capabilities include hydraulic depth control for press brakes and shears using special electronic controls.
33 -

Servotronics, Inc.

Products include servocontrol valves, torque motors, actuators, check valves, pressure regulators, and metallic seals.
34 -

Olympus Controls Corp

Authorised distributors of a range of motion control products for factory automotion machines.
35 -

GAM gear reducers, couplings, linear slide kits

GAM manufactures gear reducers, servo and safety couplings and motion control products.
36 -

Reel Srl

Italy. Design, development and manufacture of electronic power drives for factory automation and handling control in a wide range of industrial applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Specifications on PDF files. Links to related sites. English, Italian and German.

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