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Engineering, design, procurement, and construction of factory automation systems is performed by systems integrators.- Category ID : 50540
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Manufactures and integrates special purpose machines and automation solutions. From Germany.
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Insist Avtomatika LLC

Russian system integrator, committed to engineering and implementing of automation process control systems for enterprises in various fields of industry and offering a complete range of automation services.
3 -

ORMEC Systems Corp

A PC-based motion control integrater that provides multi-axis servo motion control with solutions for HMIs and factory networks.
4 -

G. E. Schmidt

a provider of factory automation and resistance welding supplies
5 -

Control and Motion, Inc.

Servo motion control integrator represents EMC Servos, CT AC and DC Drives, Exlar Linear Actuators, Acroloop Multi-axis Controllers, Stober Gear Drives.
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Applied Sciences Group, Inc.

Provider of custom software engineering and automation solutions for manufacturing. Develops operator interfaces, HMI, SCADA, PLC, embedded systems and building energy management systems. Located in Buffalo, NY.
7 -

Quality Manufacturing Inc.

Integrating mechanical, semi-automated and automated processes into assembly and fabrication manufacturing procedures.
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Integration of information technology with plant floor automation. Provides turn key solutions to automation problems.
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Opus Automation Inc.

Factory automation system integrator. Turnkey, automated manufacturing systems using articulated and gantry robot automation.
10 -

Frakes Engineering, Inc.

Designs, builds, programs, and implements machine and process control systems.
11 -

Microbot ky.

Industrial automation and robotics using freely selectable choices of factory automation, robots, control systems and software.
12 -

Omiga Technology Ltd.

UK. Bespoke software development for system design and integration services, utilising the latest technology in industrial automation, vision, research and development, and A.T.E.
13 -

Automation Technologies, Inc

Engineering and software firm that offers experienced integration of industrial automation and process control.
14 -

Nova Technology Inc.

Offers development through manufacturing service for mechanical and electro-mechanical products. Specializes in special purpose built industrial robotics, tooling, and inspection equipment.
15 -

Omnitech Automation (OAi)

Provides turnkey integration solutions for the automation of manufacturing processes.
16 -

AIA Automation.

Multi-disciplinary engineering firm specializing in industrial automation, with a substantial background in the design of control systems used in heavy industry.
17 -

L.A.M. S.r.l.

Providing industrial automation. From Italy.
18 -

Special Machinery Division Srl

Designs and constructs complete welding and handling automatized lines and "turn-key" plants; also produces slides, positioners that are used in robotized lines.
19 -

Luxme International Ltd.

Manufacture fully integrated systems for handling bagged materials including Automatic Bag Openers and Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors.
20 -

Automation Consulting

Consulting service for factory and process automation and information systems specializing in planning and evolution of legacy control systems.
21 -

Griffin Automation, Inc.

Specializing in the design and building of custom, welding, laser processing, assembly and testing industrial automation.
22 -

Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Designs and manufactures products and provides systems integration services for semiconductor and other industries.
23 -

Integrated Warehouse Solutions

Innovative warehouse design, consulting and installation to meet all warehouse storage and retrieval needs. Online Industrial and Material Handling Catalog.
24 -

J. H. Benedict Co.

Provides premium engineering and manufacturing services for precision tooling and custom machines, tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gages, robot projects, and system integration.
25 -

JH Robotics, inc.

Divided into two divisions: first division designs and builds sophisticated electro-mechanical equipment, automation systems, and robotic cells.  Second division specializes in manufactured components.
26 -

Machine Design Services, Inc

Integrate design and manufacture custom machinery and robotics, including high volume synchronous assembly machinery.
27 -

Omni Tool Ltd.

Manufacturer of automated production assembly system with automated test systems.
28 -

Factory Automation Systems

A full-service engineering and integration services company with a broad range of automation techniques.
29 -

ABCO Automation

Automation services, and manufacturing support for turnkey automation applications.
30 -

Automated Motion Inc.

Robotic work cells, packaging equipment, control systems, custom machinery and complete packing lines.
31 -

Bett Sistemi

Design and manufacture standard components to make aluminium structures for industrial automation, aluminium structures for chain, belt and pallet conveyors, stainless steel and aluminium structures for safety guards.
32 -

Innovative Automation Inc.

System integrator specializing in the design, fabrication and development of mechanical and electrical systems of automation cells. From Canada.
33 -

Rapid Development Services

Builds and integrates industrial automation equipment. Design, engineering, fabrication of manufacturing production machinery, robotics, machine vision technology.
34 -

Engineered Automation of Maine

Provides custom automation from concept design to installation and training. Offers CD manufacturing automation.
35 -

DW Fritz

Specialist custom process automation equipment.
36 -

Tree City Tool and Engineering Co., Inc.

Integrates automation equipment, special machinery and robotic integration machinery.
37 -

Reliable Elite Automation, Inc.

Automation for the small- and medium-size structural steel fabricator and to the cost-conscious large structural steel fabricator. Expertise and knowledge in materials handling, shop layout, structural fabrication machinery, plate fabrication machinery.
38 -

AE Solutions

Offers a suite of process automation products and services in order to provide complete systems integration.
39 -

Mecsmart Systems, Inc.

Systems integrator capable of designing, fabricating and building complete turnkey systems.
40 -

PEC Industrial Automation

Industrial automation projects including mechanical, electronic and software engineering as well as full project management. From Leuven.
41 -

Forte Automation Systems, Inc.

Integrates assembly, material handling, and injection molding automation.
42 -

Directional Regulated Systems, Inc.

Design, integrate and supply industrial automation.
43 -

Contral Instrument Services Ltd

UK. Manufacturer of microprocessor based industrial instrumentation and control products. As well as offering PLC integration services.
44 -

AB Precision (Poole) Ltd

Electro-mechanical engineering company offering services including design and build of automated assembly systems. Based in the UK.
45 -

Renu Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Providing products for the factory floor automation industry.
46 -

Automation Mauricie

Integrator and manufacturer of custom solutions for PLC. Includes PLC interface, software and operator installation. Site in English and French.
47 -

Control Concepts, LLC.

Provides PLC and HMI service and programming design, development and installation, implementation. Also offers SCADA system solutions, and VFD repair.
48 -

Zytec Systems, Ltd.

British company offering electrical and engineering integration services for all sizes of industrial operation. From MIS and SCADA to PLC, Control Panels and installation. Offers 24hr help-line.
49 -

Intelligent Automation, Inc.

Design, engineer, build and install custom automation manufacturing equipment including robotic vision guided assembly and processing systems, online high speed 2D and 3D automated inspection and integration of controlled mechanical systems.
50 -

Kim Automation, Inc.

Company offers full integration services for all levels of factory automation, from concept and design to full on-going contract training and system start-up.
51 -

Orchid International

Manufactures metal forming automation equipment, metal stamped parts and assemblies, motor laminations, electrical laminations, and die castings.
52 -

Northern Dynamics

A full service automation systems integrator based in Canada.
53 -

Mesh Engineering

A full service control system integrator and custom machine builder providing services from specification development to complete design, build, and installation of industrial automation machines and systems.
54 -


Integrates robotic systems in the Midwest states U.S.A. Specialist, complex welding and cutting workcells.
55 -

Power House Controls

An automation service provider based in Canada specializing in variable frequency drive systems integration.
56 -

Evana Automation

Total systems integrator. Designs and builds complete turnkey automation systems, modular systems and robotics integration.
57 -

Tech-Con Automation

Source for industrial automation. Designs and implements turnkey systems. Expertise includes panel building, programming, electrical service and installation, machine building, and mechanical service.
58 -

Egemin NV

International technological company active in industrial and building automation, process technologies and engineering.
59 -

JCR Automation

Manufacturers of continuous product material handling equipment.
60 -


Automation Integration consultants skilled in all aspects of process control engineering.
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