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Specialty Wire Websites

Specialty wire only.
1 -

Gem Electro Mechanicals Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer of all types of lead-in wires for electric lamps and bulbs. Also manufacturers nickel plated wires and lead in wire making machines.
2 -

Elektrisola Inc.

Manufacturer of enameled copper wire and fine magnet wire 0.010 - 0.50mm (AWG 24 - 58).
3 -

Amstek Metal

Speciality wire and steel strip serving the precision spring and metal forming industries. Illinois, Connecticut, and North Carolina Locations.
4 -

Eldre Corporation

Manufactures custom made multi-layered laminated bus bars. Bus bar designs can range from any shape and size to the power requirements needed.
5 -

Millard Wire Company

Custom manufacturer of copper, brass, bronze, nickel and nickel silver wire and strip. Services include rolling, slitting, drawing, annealing and cut to length capabilities.
6 -

Calmont Wire and Cable, Inc.

Specializes in wire and cable that is ultra-flexible and miniature.
7 -


Interconnect and cross-connect fiber system solutions.
8 -

Luma Metall

Fine and ultra-fine wire manufacturer.
9 -

Ormiston Wire

Manufacturers of speciality wire.
10 -

Percy Hawkins & Son Ltd.

Specialist wire drawers of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Bulk or one off quantities from 8.00mm to 0.12mm diameter.
11 -


Manufacturer of custom made, high precision wire products.
12 -


Maker of acoated and painted wire for flower arrangement. Wire for handiworks, bricolage and hardware store.
13 -

Garnisch GmbH

Manufacturer of special cables for -90 deg C to 1400 deg C. Heating, thermocouples and compensation cables. Insulation sleevings.
14 -

Bell Wire Products Ltd.

Wire frames, rings shelves and baskets for the floral, craft, wreath, and horticultural industries.
15 -

SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co.KG

Manufacturer of robotic, flexible control and data cables.
16 -


Manufactures a wide range of self regulating heating cables, system monitors and controls.
17 -

Insteel Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of concrete reinforcing products, industrial wire, nails, tire bead wire and galvanized guy strand for a broad range of construction, industrial and telecommunications applications.
18 -

Garra Ind.

Spanish producers and suppliers of wire rope and chain fittings used in fishing, agriculture, industry, building, power lines and in many other different areas.
19 -

Paramount Wire Co.

Manufacturers of wire, strip, sheets, and copper wire for electroplating.
20 -

United Wire

United Wire produces continuously cast brass and bronze alloy wire.
21 -

Ocean Wire and Cable

Insulated electrical wire and cable for high and low temperature applications. Ocean stocks material for same day shipments and does custom constructions.
22 -

Storm Copper

Produces custom copper busbars (bus bar, buss bar), copper busbar assemblies, laminated busbars, power distribution busbar and PC board copper connectors.
23 -

Advanced Wire and Cable

Distributors and designers of military spec and commercial wire, cable and tubing; specializing in hard-to-find, unusual wire and cable.
24 -

Stitching Wire Direct

Manufacturer and supplier of stitching and book binding wire, box stitching ribbon wire, bag tie, and ice wire.
25 -

SAB Associated Wire Products

Manufacturer and supplier of flexible oil resistant control and continuous flex cables, including servo, torsional, bus, and custom cables
26 -

Hyndman Industrial Products

Manufactures heating elements and resistance wire products.
27 -

Pelican Wire Co., Inc.

Supplier of resistance, heating, thermocouple, and specialty wire.
28 -

IMI Scott Ltd.

Manufactures electrical resistance wire, thermocouple wire and cable and associated products.
29 -

Aerospace Wire and Cable

Online wire and cable catalog for the high temperature industry. Also offering online custom cable design worksheets.
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