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The Training and Safety section contains information relating to employee training and organizational safety issues that are related to the practice of Human Resources.- Category ID : 50317
1 -

AI and OHS Consultants

Australian company providing an occupational health and safety service to business and Government.
2 -

American Training Resources

Employee training videos with topics that include harassment, workplace violence, safety, and EAP training.
3 -

Bankers Advisory

Massachusetts company specializing in Human Resources Education and Development for the mortgage banking community.
4 -

The MMS Institute, Inc.

Develops, produces and markets courses in personal growth, professional training and interpersonal relations.
5 -

Fair Measures Corporation

Attorney consultants offering management law training programs, policies, and checklists to help both employers and employees avoid litigation.
6 -

Insource Safety Associates

Specializing in OSHA and workplace training.
7 -

Emergency Film Group

Firm makes individualized and responsive training videos on hazardous materials issues.
8 -

Work Relationships, Inc.

California based company providing seminars and online programs to assist in avoidance of harassment and discrimination complaints.
9 -

Mitchell Consulting

Company offering workshops to help businesses prevent lawsuits based on sexual harassment, sex discrimination, wrongful termination, race and age discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and disability discrimination
10 -

Safety Source Productions

Company supplying safety training videos for forklifts, chemicals, HAZWOPER, loss control, and fire prevention.
11 -

Catalyst Consulting Group

Boston-based company which provides training and organizational development consulting.
12 -


Canadian supplier of safety equipment and safety training.
13 -

Forklift Safety Training Services

US based company offering forklift operator training including OSHA regulations.
14 -


Virginia based company that uses humor to help individuals and organizations balance serious issues with a light touch.
15 -

Moncrief & Associates, Inc.

New York company offering corporate training and executive coaching, communication skills, building teams, public speaking, persuasive writing, and consulting services.
16 -


California-based compliance management group.
17 -

The People Process

A training tool which assists with some basic psychological profiling.
18 -

Mastery Technologies

Company offering on-line training resources.
19 -


Company providing training solutions, including innovative books, journals, instruments, and hands-on tools, training and human resource professionals, consultants, other business professionals.
20 -

Free Training

Offers free safety training that is OSHA compliant and documentable.
21 -

Training Solutions, Inc.

We help companies select, train, and retain their employees.
22 -

Cynthia David and Associates

Training brokers who provide referrals for training and consulting vendors for management training, sales training, customer service, telesales techniques, telephone etiquette, sexual harassment, organizational development, and related fields.
23 -

People & Solutions

Helps maximize the most valuable asset - people. Offers seminars and workshops that help employees become more motivated.
24 -

North Coast Occupational Services

Safety training and management solutions for the 21st century. Offers OSHA 10- and 30-hour courses.
25 -

Safety Videos Direct

Offers videos and DVDs designed to assist in employee training to minimize injuries at the workplace.
26 -

Pocket Stress

David Brown, workplace psychologist and ergonomics consultant, explains his approach to resolving stress, trauma, and pain at work.
27 -

Safe Operation Services

Caters to businesses that need assistance in safety, but do not have a staff safety person.Provides either project services or ongoing scheduled assistance to its clients.
28 -

The Training Source

Committed to the utilization of funds from fee-based activities to provide training services to unemployed citizens and others who cannot afford to pay for training.
29 -

Technical Training Tips

Suggestions, for designers and developers of technical training including tips for lecture, self-paced courses, computer based training, and structured OJT.
30 -

1st OSHA Safety Training

OSHA safety training and regulatory compliance products for manufacturing, construction and general industry.
31 -

BRight Training and Safety Wear

Offers health and safety training courses customized for illiteracy and language barriers on such topics as forklifts, whmis, low-lift trucks, propane, overhead cranes, lock-out/tag-out.
32 -

Beyond Compliance Inc.

Canadian-based Application Service Provider (ASP) and consulting company that provides field-tested compliance management solutions to companies and organizations in regulated industries.
33 -

Dale Carnegie Training

Offers training of managers, salespeople, service providers, and presenters.
34 -

BNR Online Training

Offers online safety training certification for forklifts, aerial platforms, propane, and overhead cranes.
35 -


Information seminars and tape training and links to related sites.
36 -

Employers Publications

Resources, information and products regarding sexual harassment.
37 -

Aperian Global

Training, consulting, and web-based and printed tools for enhancing global business interactions.
38 -

Grey Cell Training Limited

Offers developmental training for management and staff.
39 -

Media Partners

Producing and distributing corporate training videos on such subjects as customer service, harassment, leadership, coaching and teamwork. Located in Seattle, Washington.
40 -

John Drebinger Presentations

Provides safety keynotes, general and full day sessions to secure a safer and more productive workplace. Galt, California, United States.
41 -

SEES Consultants

Consulting firm that specializes in protecting employee health and safety, as well as reducing employer costs through minimizing and eliminating employee injuries.
42 -

Heartwood Inc.

Assists companies with training and learning deploying 3D interactive training technology and applications.
43 -

Association for Talent Development

San Francisco chapter of ATD. Contains membership and training related information and links.

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