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The origins of pizza go back to ancient times. Babylonians, Egyptians and other Middle Eastern cultures ate flat, unleavened bread that had been cooked in mud ovens. Mediterranean people such as the Greeks and Romans ate the bread topped with olive oil and native spices.

In the late 1800s, Raffaele Esposito, a baker in Naples, Italy, created pizza as a dish for visiting royalty. According to the story, the Italian King Umberto and Queen Margherita were touring the area. In order to impress them and to show his patriotic fervor, Raffaele chose to top flat bread with food that would best represent the colors of Italy: red tomato, white mozzarella cheese and green basil.

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1 -

Pizzeria Piola

Italian based chain with international locations. Provides locations, menu, news, and franchise information.
2 -

California Pizza Kitchen

International chain. Includes locations, menu, and online ordering.
3 -

Grotto Pizza

Delaware and Pennsylvania chain.
4 -

Pizza Inn

Dine-in buffet, carry-out, and delivery-only location around the world. Provides corporate and shareholder information, with employment and franchise opportunities as well as menu
5 -

The Pizza Ranch

United States upper midwest. Company history, employment, and franchise information.
6 -

Round Table Pizza

Employee-owned, with franchise locations in western United States, Asia and the Middle East. Describes specialty pizzas and sandwiches, with topping list.
7 -

Boston Pizza

Canada. Menu, locations, franchise information, kids zone and career opportunities can be found.
8 -

Breadaeux Pizza

Midwest United States and Canada. Locations, coupons, sample menu, and franchising information can be found.
9 -

Ledo Pizza

Franchise neighborhood restaurant, which also serves pasta and salads. Locations in eastern United States.
10 -

Little Caesars Pizza

Company story, franchise opportunities, products and nutrition information. Carryout locations throughout the United States.
11 -

Chuck E. Cheese

US chain. Includes locations, careers, and online shopping.
12 -

Apache Pizza

Ireland chain. Includes menu and location guide.
13 -

Rocky Rococo

Locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Washington.
14 -

Peter Piper Pizza

Set in a family, arcade game and play place environment. Locations, menu, coupons, kids section and school lunch program details. United States and Mexico locations.
15 -

Old Chicago Pasta and Pizza

Central United States, part of Rock Bottom restaurants. Includes food and beer menus, and locations.
16 -

Pizza Pit

Wisconsin and Iowa chain. Lists locations, menu, and specials.
17 -

Lamppost Pizza

Family restaurants focused on pizza and sports with locations in California and Texas. Includes menu, franchise, and employment information.
18 -

241 Pizza

Canada. Franchising information, current specials, and pricing and locations for delivery and carry-out.
19 -

Snappy Tomato Pizza

US pizza chain. Lists menu, coupons, locations, and franchise information.
20 -

Uno Chicago Grill

United States-based, with some international locations. Offers steaks and sandwiches as well as Italian dishes. Provides menu, franchising information, and online ordering.
21 -

Pizza Schmizza

Pacific NW chain. Offers menu, history, and franchise plans.
22 -


Gourmet pizza franchise chain offers catering services. Provides company profile, menus, locations, news, community and employment information. Locations in Washington, Oregon, and California.
23 -

Green Mill Restaurants

Pizza franchises in Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Includes menu and franchising information.
24 -

Pier 49 Pizza

Sourdough pizza restaurant. Menu, locations, online ordering, employment form and franchise locations.
25 -

RedBrick Pizza

California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas. Includes menu, locations, and franchising information.
26 -

Hunt Brothers Pizza, LLC.

United States. Supplies pizza for sale in branded shoppes in other retail stores or stand-alone businesses. Includes company profile, mission statement, menu, and sales information.
27 -

Your Pie

Specializes in made to order pizzas. Shown is menu, specials, franchise information, and locations.
28 -

Mellow Mushroom

Pizza franchise. Locations, menu and games.
29 -

Falbo Bros Pizzeria

Specializing in Chicago style deep dish and stuffed pizza. Includes franchise information and locations in Iowa and Wisconsin.
30 -

800 Degrees Pizza

Offers gourmet pizzas in several styles with many topping choices. Also has side dishes, burrata, and salads. Locations in the Dubai, Japan, and the United States.
31 -

Pizza Pan

Includes menu, specials, franchise information, and list of locations in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.
32 -

Pizza Pro

US chain. Presents locations, menu, and franchise information.
33 -

Pizzeria Venti

Features locations, franchise information, and contacts.
34 -

MOD Pizza

Presents locations, menu, history, and online ordering.
35 -

Blaze Pizza

Includes menu, locations, news, and online ordering.
36 -

1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

Lists menu, locations, online ordering, and franchise information.
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