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Bartending Websites

Companies, institutions, and organizations primarily offering bartending training.
1 -

ABC Bartending Schools

Provides professional training and job placement in bars, hotels, clubs, sports bars and restaurants.
2 -

American Bartenders School

Professional training offered in many locations across the United States. The site also offers an online guide and drink recipes.
3 -

Boston Bartenders School

Nationally franchised school, licensed by the State of New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education.
4 -

National Bartenders School

Licensed school offers a two week course with job placement assistance to graduates. Locations in California, Florida and Nevada.
5 -

New York Bartending School

Offers training in a real-bar setting. Includes curriculum overview, reviews, and job information.
6 -

Bartending College

Teaches professional bartending skills across the United States. Job placement assistance in Colorado, North Carolina, California and Washington.
7 -

Main Line Center for Bartending

State licensed school located in Philadelphia offers day, night, and weekend courses and job placement assistance.
8 -

Professional Bartending School of Arlington, VA

Licensed school with information on course offerings, class times and job placement. Serving the Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas.
9 -

Australian School of Bartending

Offers short skills courses in bar and waiter training and responsible serving of alcohol classes to increase job opportunities.
10 -

Professional Bartending Schools of America

Find out about one, two and five week courses during the day, evening and weekends.
11 -


Simulation software that allows the user to make drinks behind a virtual bar. Learn recipes to music.
12 -

Toronto Institute of Bartending

Offers courses in bartending, wine and responsible alcohol service. Job placement assistance is included.
13 -

New England Bartending School

Locations in Boston and Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and Burlington, Vermont.
14 -

Cheatsheet Publishing

Website offers laminated lists of cocktail recipes for bartenders and the general public.
15 -

Professional Bartending School

Nashville, Tennessee. Offers nationwide job placement services to graduates.
16 -

National Bartenders School

Lists information on its history and classes at locations in New York and Connecticut.
17 -

Bar Pro Consultants

Offers service-industry consultation, bartender training programs and event catering and management.
18 -

Professional School of Bartending

Site lists information on its history and class offerings. Locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
19 -

Bartender School

Offers course outline and job placement information on their locations in Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
20 -

Texas Alcohol Awareness Training Service

Offers training to the public that is approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
21 -

Accredited Premier Training Ltd.

Offers bartender and hospitality training in the UK.
22 -

Boston Bartenders School of America

Franchise with 13 locations mainly in the Northeast. Course and individual campus information provided.
23 -

Fine Art Bartending

Licensed school offers information on its history and class offerings. Locations in Vancouver, Kelowna, Whistler, Calgary and Winnipeg, Canada.

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