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Education and Training Websites

Institutes and organizations providing training and education in the hospitality industry.
1 -

AdvanceMeants, Inc.

A set of motivational and team building exercises for restaurant employees.
2 -


Hospitality and hotel training via the internet for reservations, guest service, and sales. Interactive audio and text training is available to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks. All training workshops are accessible through Web TV.
3 -

CHARMS: Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Management Simulation

A strategic management simulation for the hospitality industry. Participants integrate human resources and decisions with marketing, production, and finance to improve organizational performance.
4 -

Robert G. Stefanik and Associates

New England restaurant and night club management, training the hospitality industry to operate safely and productively.
5 -

Restaurant Doctor

Advice to restaurant companies through seminars, speaking engagements and consulting services.
6 -

New Jersey Restaurant Association

NJRA provides benefits and services to assist hospitality industry operators in running professional establishments. Services include training programs in alcoholic beverage service, food safety, and customer service.
7 -

SERVE Program, Inc.

SERVE is an alcohol and food safety education training program for the hospitality industry.
8 -

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

The education arm of the National Restaurant Association providing educational resources, materials, and programs for the restaurant and foodservice industry.
9 -

Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority

Provides national skills standards training assistance to hospitality, tourism and related industries in South Africa.
10 -

Hospitality Guru

Jean Muller provides training and consulting services to the South African hospitality industry.
11 -

Claviga Limited

Training programs and consultancy services for all sectors of the hospitality industry.
12 -

Bob Brown: Service Solutions

Restaurant and hotel seminars, training for the hospitality industry and consulting services by a management consultant.
13 -

WM Food Safety

USA based consulting service providing food safety training and certification.
14 -


Tourism human resource management practices, search for jobs, and learn about tourism careers and education in Canada.
15 -

Recipe for Success

A US nationwide corporate team building company. Offers unique culinary team building and team cuisine programs based on the power of play.
16 -

IHTTI School of Hotel Management

A Swiss hospitality management school offering courses in hotel business management, hospitality information technology services and short courses on hospitality related subjects.
17 -

Make Better Tips

Free advice for waiters and waitresses to earn better tips.
18 -

International Institute of Modern Butlers

Education and training for skills involved in providing superior service as butlers in the private sector as well as in the hospitality field.
19 -

Topserve Inc.

Providing restaurant customer service consulting and waiter training programs. Articles, and contacts.
20 -

Qube Learning

Provides on-the-job vocational training to improve the performance of staff. Government funding may be arranged/available to fund the training.
21 -

Food and Beverage Underground

A site for the food and beverage professional. Information and resources; for servers, bartenders, chefs, cooks, managers, owners, and wine enthusiasts.
22 -

Imperial Hotel Management College

Offers diploma programs where students live, study, work in real-life hotel environment in Vancouver, Canada.
23 -

Institute of Hospitality

A professional body for managers – and aspiring managers – working in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.A managed charity based in UK with worldwide membership.
24 -

Eshotel French Hotel School in Paris and London

Provides hospitality training for professionals as well as Bachelor and Master programs in Paris and London.
25 -

Turning Tables

Providing in-house hospitality training and coaching in New Zealand.
26 -

American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute

Offers training resources including videos, textbooks, courseware, seminars, multi-media CD-ROMs and self-paced online courses, for the hotel, restaurant and motel sector.

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