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Vegetarian Websites

1 -

Fantastic Foods

Instant and frozen vegetarian meals. Links and zip-code locator for stores.
2 -

Boca Burgers

Producer and distributor of soy-based meatless food products to natural foods and mainstream grocery outlets. Information about the company, products, and recipes.
3 -

GardenBurger, Inc.

Manufacturer of veggie/grain meatless burgers, soy based burgers and non-burger products to the natural, grocery and food service channels.
4 -

Devansoy Farms

Provides all natural soy based ingredients and packaged soy milk products. Company profile, product details, and contact links.
5 -

Morningstar Farms

Manufacturer of a broad range of meatless products.
6 -

Turtle Island Foods

Tempeh, burgers, deli slices, and Tofurky feasts made from traditional soy rather than soy derivatives. Certified organic processors and Kosher approved. Includes listings of local retailers and a link for online ordering.
7 -

Hong Kong Kam Kee Foodstuffs Trading Co., Ltd.

Specializes in producing natural vegetarian food and Japanese seaweed.
8 -


Frozen, deli, sauces, tempeh, burgers, and hot dogs. Includes ingredients, recipes, benefits of soy, and information about giving back to the community.
9 -


Tofu manufacturer provides nutritional information and recipes.
10 -

Northern Soy, Inc.

Produces all-natural organic tofu, tempeh, and soy products. Based in Rochester, New York.
11 -

Superior Tofu

Offers a wide range of soy products. Based in Vancouver and serves the whole Canada market.Offers recipes for tofu and soy related cooking.
12 -


Importer of vegetarian food into the United States. Offers meat substitutes, prepared meals, snacks and deserts. Company profile, recipes, product and contact details.
13 -

Noble Health Food

Offers vegetarian food and drinks for distribution throughout Europe. Company profile and product details.
14 -

Yves Veggie Cuisine

Offers cholesterol-free alternatives to traditional hamburgers, hot dogs, deli slices and other meat-based favorites and soy-based cheese substitutes. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.
15 -

GO Veggie! Foods

Offering tasty and nutritious cheese alternatives made with natural ingredients. Lactose and dairy free products. Recipes and coupons.
16 -


A plant-based vegan cheese alternative that slices, shreds, sauces and spreads.San Diego, California.
17 -

Beyond Meat

Produces plant-based burgers, chicken, crumbles, and meatballs. Store locator, ingredients, and recipes.
18 -

Greek Gods

Offers Greek yogurt, kefir, and kefir cheese. Company profile, product descriptions, and contact details.
19 -


Manufactures vegan organic meat substitutes made seitan. Includes list of EU distributors.
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