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Food Processing Equipment showcases machinery and technology that supports the industrial food processing industry.
1 -


Italian producer of pizza production equipment.
2 -

C.I.A. Srl

Offering food packaging and filling machines, sealing machines, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging. Based in Italy, export worldwide.
3 -

Pama Roma

Italian Manufacturers of pasta making equipment.
4 -


Food preparing and cooking machines, industrial systems from Italy
5 -

Antenore Visentin

Italian company supplier of mills systems, flaking system, cereals roller mills, and a second-hand machinery. In Italian and English.
6 -

Fabbri s.r.l.

Manufacturer of bandsaws for butchery. Located in Italy.
7 -

Cerex AG

Swiss company offers grain processing technologies, research and consultancy.
8 -

Promatec Food Ventures

Distributor for Lutetia SA France and Peter Stette AS Norway of food processing equipment.
9 -

Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd.

Food processing equipment. Located in Taipei Hsien, Taiwan.
10 -

Otech Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of food processing and noodle making machinery and equipment.
11 -


Designer and manufacturer of a variety of sweet dispensing boxes and products. France.
12 -

Goodnature Products, Inc.

Designs and manufactures processing equipment: extraction and dewatering presses, pasteurizers, evaporators, infusers and shredders.
13 -

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

Designers and manufacturers of size reduction equipment for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
14 -

Care Controls, Inc

Inspection for packaging, vacuum, weight, and container.
15 -

Packaging Technologies & Inspection

Container and Package inspection technologies.
16 -

Casa Herrera Inc.

Food processing and cooking equipment.
17 -

Lyco Manufacturing, Inc.

A food processing equipment manufacturer specializing in liquid and solid separation equipment, snap bean equipment, and rotary drum blanchers and cookers.
18 -

Orbiter Food Machinery, UK

Supply a complete range of manufacturing systems for the food processing industry.
19 -

Domenico Brancato

Manufacturer of equipment for the accelerated ripening of fruits and for the controlled preservation of fruit and vegetable products. Products, services, brochure, information request form, and contact details.
20 -

Deville Technologies Inc.

Manufacturers of high capacity cheese shredders.
21 -

Elmar Worldwide

Manufactures fillers, and electronic control systems.
22 -

Zilli Bellini srl

Gravity, rotary, and piston filling equipment.
23 -

Chester Jensen Co., Inc.

Manufacturers of sanitary stainless steel heat exchange and processing equipment.
24 -

SIG Combibloc

Worldwide distributor of aseptic carton packaging systems for beverages, milk, food.
25 -

Commercial Dehydrator Systems

Makers of dryers, dehydrators, kilns, roasters and ovens.
26 -

Fallsdell Machinery

New and second hand machinery for the Food, Chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
27 -


Belgian producer of machinery for industrial manufacturing of chocolate.
28 -

Kumar Metal Industries

Manufacture of equipment to refine edible oil from nuts and vegetable products.
29 -

Savage Bros. Co.

Manufactures food processing equipment. Specializes in the confectionery, bakery and food industries. Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
30 -


Global suppliers of industrial metal detection, X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers, and non-invasive temperature measurement.
31 -

Crescent Systems, Inc.

Consulting, engineering and manufacturing services providing products and services to the food processing and packaging industries.
32 -

Carlisle Technology

Offers solutions for processing plants: weighing, labelling, tracking, and reporting.
33 -

Stainless Steel Fabricators, Inc,

Manufacturers of industrial equipment: lift trucks, meat trucks, dough troughs, restaurant push carts, stainless steel boxes, and tapered trays and pans.
34 -

Cook King, Inc.

Manufacturers of food processing equipment: food conveyor systems, broilers, ovens, and oil filter systems.
35 -

Jaymech Food Machines Ltd

United Kingdom based manufacturer and distributor of industrial cheese grating machinery, vegetable shredding and food processing machines.
36 -

Lakewood Process Machinery, Inc.

Manufacturers of food handling and filling systems, vision inspection and high-powered washers, and conveyors.
37 -

Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Stainless steel washing equipment for food processing, pharmaceutical production and laboratory research.
38 -

J.C. Ford Company

Manufacturer of corn tortilla and tortilla chip processing equipment. Product details and photos, company profile, and related links.
39 -

Cavalieri Srl

Manufacturers of food processing equipment and tomato processing lines. Located in Parma, Italy.
40 -

Barsso nv.

Providers of used food processing machines for meat, fish, poultry, pasta, vegetables and prepared meals. Located in Belgium. [English, French, German and Dutch]
41 -

Foramaflow Ltd

Food and medical air filtration equipment. UK.
42 -

Wolf Tec, Inc.

Suppliers of food processing equipment. Based in New York, USA.
43 -


Manufacturer of retorts, batch retorts, and food processing sterilization equipment used in producing low acid, shelf-stable foods. (editor note: site require Flash 5).
44 -


Buyers and sellers of new and used meat and poultry processing equipment.
45 -


Manufacturers of bucket elevators, aeromechanical conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, flexible screw conveyors and case packers for food and chemical industries.
46 -

Steriflow Barriquand

Equipment for sterilization, pasteurization and sous-vide for the food and pharmaceutical industry. France.
47 -

Tenez Inc.

Manufacture of stainless steel and enamel tanks for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Czechoslovakia.
48 -

WLS Gabler

Machinery for the confectionery industry.
49 -

Sabko Industries

Indian manufacturer of spice milling, grain grinding and mineral processing machines.
50 -

Latini Enterprises

Suppliers of confectionery processing, forming, and packaging machinery.
51 -

LMC International

Manufacturer of equipment for the confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical and food processing industries
52 -

Gartner Refrigeration

Design and installation of industrial solutions, service of a build contractors.
53 -

J. Furphy and Sons

Specializing in the fabrication of steel and stainless steel process equipment for the dairy, wine and food industries. Located in Shepparton, Australia.
54 -

Cantrell International

Equipment manufacturer for the food processing, snack food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.
55 -

Schaaf Technologie GmbH

Engaged in the business of developing and supplying extruders and extrusion technology for food and related applications. Germany based.
56 -

Zahm and Nagel Co.

Manufacturer of quality control and carbonating equipment for the food and beverage industry.
57 -

Butcher and Packer Supply Co.

Offers commercial-grade cutlery, game lifts, grinders, casings and other meatpacking and sausage making equipment.
58 -

SSP Ltd.

Indian manufacturers and suppliers of food processing equipment.
59 -

Packing House Services, Inc.

System design, service and maintenance of fruit and produce sorting, packaging, labeling and marking equipment.
60 -

Wintech Taparia Ltd.

Indian manufacturer of snack food and processing equipment.
61 -


Manufacturers of food processing equipment.
62 -

Hess Meat Machines

Offers a wide variety of new and used food processing equipment.
63 -

Wright Process Systems

Designs, installs and services processing systems for the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
64 -

Yeou Shing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of iced products, soft drinks and processing machinery. Located in Taiwan.
65 -

Grain Tech Engineering Ltd.

Suppliers of processing, handling and storage systems, New Zealand.
66 -

I.J. White Spiral Systems

Manufacturers of spiral blast freezing, cooling, proofing, accumulating and transporting for the food processing industry.
67 -

Chusheng Food Machinery Works Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of food processing equipment. Located in Taiwan.
68 -

L. Stocker and Sons, Inc.

Selections of slicing blades and chopping knives, grinding stones, cutters, and replacement parts for all machines.
69 -

Brown International Corporation.

Manufacturer serving the citrus and tropical fruit industry, specialize in extractors, pulpers, washers and other machines for the processing of citrus juices and tropical fruits.
70 -

San Joaquin Systems

Providing the process industries with equipment and consulting services.
71 -

Jaklic Jozef s.p.

Slovenian manufacturer of stainless steel tanks used for storing, processing and transporting of liquid foodstuff including wine, fruit juices, milk, and oil.
72 -

Hollymatic Corporation

Manufacturers of food processing equipment including patty forming, mixer, grinders, saws, vacuum tumblers, and associated paper products.
73 -

Packaging Progressions, Inc.

Supplier of stainless steel food interleavers, paper interleavers, counter stackers, alignment devices, portion control, and process monitoring for the food industry.
74 -

DSL Food Processing Ltd

Distributor of processing equipment throughout the UK.
75 -

Accu-ray Inspection Services

Offering x-ray inspection and metal detection services for the food industry.
76 -

Holly Sales and Service

Supplying the meat and food processing industry new and used equipment parts, supplies and service.
77 -

Daken Stainless Products Ltd.

Supplying spare parts, new equipment and service to the dairy, food and beverage industries.
78 -

AWEMA AG Switzerland

Swiss manufacturer of weighing, confectionery and packaging machines.
79 -


Designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment. Located in UK.
80 -


Specializing in building machine for food processing industry. Located in Olot, Spain.
81 -

Paresh Engineering Co.

Manufacturing and installation of food processing plants and machinery. Mumbai, India.
82 -

K&Kurt Makina LTD.

Offers chocolate machinery, from tempering machines, refiners to enrobers and cooling tunnels. Biscuit plants, snacks, confectionery machines, chewing gum machines, as well as turnkey projects. Located in Aegean Free Zone.
83 -

Likai Induction Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of food packaging machines.
84 -


Design and manufacture of hotplate plants.
85 -

Heshan Machinery Co. Ltd

Specialised in instant noodle and rice noodle production lines.
86 -

ChocoVision Corp.

Manufacturer and marketer of chocolate and confectionery processing equipment.
87 -

Chio Sun Pole Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of food processing machines, such as mincer machine, sausage machine,and meat grinding. Taiwan.
88 -

Midwest BRD, Inc.

Offers egg processing equipment.
89 -

Air Products

Provides cryogenic batch and tunnel freezing, chilling and IQF equipment, liquid nitrogen, and MAP packaging gases.
90 -

Lai Kam Kee

HongKong based manufacturer of food processing equipment includes food mixers, bakery ovens, electric fryers, centri fugal machines and bone saw machines.
91 -


Offers automatic batter mixers, cryolators, reserve tanks, and mobile refrigeration units.
92 -

MEC Food Machinery Australia.

Sales and service of new and secondhand European food and beverage equipment.
93 -

Thomas Precision Machining Inc.

Specializes in supply of rebuilt machines and replacement parts for food industry.
94 -

Superior Steel Products

Located in Caldwell, Idaho. Manufacturing of stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum storage tanks.
95 -


Germany based supplier of inspection equipment, high speed labelling machines, laning equipment and software mainly for the food and drinks industries.
96 -

Guy Standeven

Supplier and purchaser of quality used food machinery and processing equipment.
97 -


Supplier of unique egg processing equipment, including eggbreaking and egg pasteurizers machines.
98 -

Meritech Inc.

Manufactures automated hand and glove washing systems.
99 -

Chieh Song Machine Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of beverage and foods processing machinery. Based in Taiwan.
100 -

Ercad Engineering

Manufacturing of animal food processing machinery: mills, mixers, conveyors, bulk handling equipment, and nut processing machinery.
101 -

Machinery World

Manufactures machinery for use in the food industry. Product information and contact details.
102 -


Specializes in freezing, cooling and warehousing equipment for the food and dairy industry.
103 -


Products for measuring parameters in fats and oils.
104 -

MBA Suppliers, Inc.

Buyer and seller of new, used, pre-owned and reconditioned meat and food processing equipment.
105 -

Grain Technology

Rice industry consultant, engineering, feasibility studies, design, construction and implementation of rice processing facilities
106 -


Distributor of sanitairy flow components.
107 -


Offers extruders, dies, peripheral machines and parts for the food and plastics industry.
108 -

AIM Blending Technologies

Manufacturer of a wide variety of blending equipment for the food industry.
109 -

Heinzen Manufacturing (HMI)

Designs, fabricates and installs custom food processing equipment for international fresh produce suppliers. Includes list of products and online catalog.
110 -

Fibre Core

Offers line of concession, utility, and special event trailers.
111 -


Manufacturer of pistachio processing machinery.
112 -


Suppliers of innovative solutions for the meat industry.
113 -

First Quality C. Packaging

Manufacturer of corrugated boxes, boxboard boxes, and paper bags. Pizza, bakery, and take-out food packaging, custom products and printing.
114 -

Kusel Equipment

Manufacturer of cheese making equipment, floor drains and trench drains.
115 -


Supplier of equipment for the food industry: metaldetection, check weighers, depositors, liftingsystems and heat seal equipment.
116 -

Star Manufacturing International

Manufacturer of popcorn machines, conveyor ovens, and toasters.
117 -


Manufactures tubular aseptic processing systems.
118 -


Offers restored and reproduction antique meat slicers to restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and home chefs.
119 -

Bert Manufacturing

Offer replacement tooling for Angelus, American Can, Pneumatic scales.
120 -


Offers popcorn machines, sno cone machines, cotton candy machines, and concession supplies.
121 -


Rotisseries and food displays cases. Located in France.
122 -

MI Vending

Offers vending machines, includes a company profile, lists of services, and machine photographs.
123 -

PrePack Machinery

Manufacturer of automatic fruit and vegetable peelers, slicers, dicers, conveyors and wash tanks. Also customized fabrication of stainless steel fresh-cut produce processing equipment, by the piece or a complete processing line.
124 -

Performance Fluids Limited

Design, development and supply of specialist lubricants for specific applications; targeted industries are the rubber industry, food industry and the chemical industry.
125 -

United Oil Mill Machinery & Spares Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer and exporter of vegetable oil mill plants and seed processing machinery. India.
126 -

London Bar and Kitchen

Wholesale supplier of bar and catering equipment to the food service industry. UK.
127 -


Sells fruit peeler machines for melons, mangos, and avocados.
128 -

Shawpak Systems

Canadian manufacturer of conveyor systems.
129 -

Rudolph Industries

Manufacturer of cutter knife, grinder knives, cutter blades and injector needles for the food processing industry. Product and contact details.
130 -

Hansa Industrie-Mixer GmbH & Co. KG

Develops and produces commercial mixers to aerate, foam, and mix ingredients in the food processing industry.
131 -

General International Trading Co.,Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of oil presses and other seed processing equipment. Company profile and product information.
132 -

OPEM S.r.l.

Produces high speed vacuum, packaging, and filling machines. Located in Parma, Italy.
133 -

Fine Interkorea Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of food inspection, weighing equipment, and metal detectors. Seoul, Korea.
134 -

Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers and distributors of Chinese food processing equipment.
135 -

SF Engineering

Stainless steel fabrication company specializing in the handling, conveying, and processing of food products. Based in Ireland
136 -

Total Quality Corporation

Provides equipment for off-line X-ray inspection of food products. Company profile and product details.
137 -

Northwood Food Machinery

UK Based manufacturer of custom machinery for any client.
138 -

Heat and Control

Manufacturer of food processing and packaging equipment systems for snack food, process prepared, French fry, meat, poultry and seafood producers.
139 -

ABAR Automation

Robotic automation for case packing, pick and place system, robotic palletising and order picking solutions.
140 -

Scanima A/S

Manufactures food processing equipment including mixing and spiral systems, freezers, chillers, proofers, and steamers. Denmark.
141 -

IC Impex Ltd.

Manufactures, assembles, and services production equipment for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Includes equipment specifications and company news. Minsk, Belarus.
142 -

EJ Products

Produces aluminium moulds for the meat industry: cooked ham, pâté, pastry, and poultry.
143 -


Offers pasta equipment, dies, accessories, and spare parts for pasta production.
144 -

W H Jackson

Suppliers of hotel crockery, bar glasses and catering equipment.
145 -

Hermani AG

Provides containers including pallet-sized plastic containers, large insulated plastic bins, carts, dry ice, live lobster, and live fish transport containers, and military vats. Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
146 -


Manufacturers and installs machines and plants for the cocoa, food and pharmaceutical industries. Germany, Indonesia, and Ghana.
147 -

Archon Industries, Inc.

Provides services and equipment for the processing industry including observation, and wash down equipment. Suffern, New York, USA.
148 -

Cemre Makina

Manufactures plastic cup filling and sealing machines. Includes equipment specifications and photos. Located in Istanbul, Turkey. [Turkish and English]
149 -

Buildit Engineering Company

Design, develops, and manufactures OEM and custom food service small wares, accessories, and equipment. Includes details of services and product samples. Located in Burbank, California, USA.
150 -

Applied Process Engineering

Suppliers of machines to automatically de-stone avocados. For use in automatic avocado production lines. Includes a case study and inquiry information. Located in Derby, UK.
151 -

Graybill Machines, Inc.

Designs and builds custom machinery for the baking, confection, biscuit/cracker, and snack food industries and provides service and support programs. Includes a history of the company and equipment details. Located in Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA.
152 -

Mediumz Ltd

Manufacturer of test pieces for the calibration and testing of metal detectors. Includes product photos. Located in Northampton, UK.
153 -

Bratney Companies

They plan, design, build and provide equipment solutions and service for seed, feed, grain, food, bulk handling, and biodiesel facilities around the world.
154 -

Sigma Packaging

Provides new and pre-owned equipment for the food process and packaging industries.
155 -

Ralli Oy (Ltd.)

Designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of evaporators including single and multi stage spray dryers, and fluid bed dryers for the dairy, food, starch and biotechnology industries. Finland.
156 -


Manufactures retort autoclaves and food processing sterilization equipment. France.
157 -

Daehan Group Co., Ltd.

Specializes in the design and manufacture of food processing equipment and plants. South Korea.
158 -

Weighpack Systems Inc.

Offers a range of weigh-fill machines from automatic table-top weighing machines to multi-head high speed models. Includes product information, news and events.
159 -

J. van den Berg & Zn. Waddinxveen B.V

Construction of facilities and manufacture of machinery for the dry processing industries. Based in the Netherlands.
160 -

Peco Controls - Europe Ltd

Distributor of industrial cryogenic and inspection equipment. Provides company profile and details of products and services.
161 -

Sanovo Engineering

Manufacturer of egg processing and pasteurization equipment. Includes product details and brochures that can be downloaded.
162 -

All Food Equipment

Supplier of commercial catering and hospitality equipment including coffee machines, commercial juicers, refrigeration, and ice makers.
163 -

Asset Design, LLC

Process and machinery engineering services.
164 -


Order processing, stock management and accounting software designed for food distribution and processing businesses.
165 -


Seven Chefs vegetable slicing machine
166 -

Baker Perkins Ltd.

Offering fully integrated equipment and automation solutions to the food industry. UK.
167 -

Key Technology, Inc.

Designs, manufactures, sells and services automated food processing systems. (Nasdaq: KTEC).
168 -

Stratton Sales

Online catalog of kitchenware, cookware and bakeware.
169 -

Besseling Group

Manufacture of equipment to store fruits and vegetables.
170 -

Hommy Enterprise

Producers of foodservice equipment such as ice cream/soft serve machines, juicers, and pizza-making. China.
171 -

SPC International

UK based suppliers of new and used food processing machinery.
172 -

Thames Valley Catering Equipment

Commercial catering equipment, supplying Lincat, Sammic, Fosters and other top brands for professional chefs, kitchens, bars, hotels, caterers and restaurants.
173 -

Colborne Foodbotics

Designs, manufactures, and services automation equipment and systems for the baking and food-related industries. Lake Forest, Illinois.
174 -


Manufactures leak testers and tray sealers for produce, bagged food and other industries whose packages require secure and safe handling.
175 -

Food Machinery Servicing Ltd.

Distributor of Formax food processing machinery spare parts. UK.
176 -

Specialized in commercial kitchen equipment and home small appliances and accessories. Online store.
177 -

Ager Tank and Equipment Co.

Used food and beverage processing and packaging equipment. Brewery and winery equipment a specialty.
178 -

Cristy Machine Co.

Manufacturer of moist material dispensing equipment.
179 -

Cassel Messtechnik GmbH

Manufacturer and supplier of industrial inspection equipment, metal detector systems, and checkweighers for the food industry.
180 -

DC Norris and Company

Manufacturers of food processing equipment and systems for ready meals and other foodstuffs. Includes product catalogue and brochure downloads.
181 -

JK Somme

Manufacturer of can seamers for the fish, meat and vegetable canning industry.
182 -

Maselli Instrument Systems

Supplier of instruments and systems for liquid analysis.
183 -

Italian Quality Products

Provides pasta machines of all varieties including spaghetti, ravioli, tortellini, mozzarella and other pasta machines.
184 -

Vanmark Equipment, LLC

Designs and manufactures commercial and industrial produce processing equipment. Based in Creston, Iowa.
185 -

A.M.P Rose

Supplies new, used and refurbished machines for the manufacture of chocolate, candy and cookies. Also supplies spares and offers service.

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