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1 -

Del Monaco Specialty Foods

Manufacturers of ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, sauces, desserts and innovative filled pasta shapes.
2 -

Kettle Cuisine, Inc.

Manufactures and sells fresh refrigerated gourmet soups to consumers and food service operators.
3 -

Truitt Bros.

Manufactures retail and foodservice size shelf stable food products. Products include fruits, vegetables, entrees and desserts, packaged in cans, rigid low profile plastic tray and flexible foil pouches.
4 -


Offers Kosher food to hotels, freezer centres, hospitals, cruiseliners and trains.
5 -

Manischewitz Kosher Foods

Company history and product information, recipes, virtual greeting cards and Jewish holiday calendar.
6 -

Bueno Foods

Manufacturer of New Mexican and Mexican food products including salsa, chile sauce, tortillas, tamales and enchiladas. Company profile, product information, online store, and contact details.
7 -

Tops Foods

Manufacturers of a wide range of shelf-stable prepared entrees. Company profile, product and manufacturing details, and investor information.
8 -

Amy Food, Inc.

Produces oriental and specialty prepared foods for the food service and retail markets. Company profile, product details, and contact links.
9 -


Offers Thai frozen food entrees and canned prepared foods. Company profile, details on product lines, and contact information.
10 -

Don Miguel

Offers a line of Mexican prepared foods. Company profile, product and contact details.
11 -

Swift Fines Foods, Limited

Supplier of fully cooked entrees to the food service industry in Ireland. Company profile, product information, heating guidelines, and contact details.
12 -

OSI Group

Sells beef, fish, bakery, pork, fruit, poultry, and cheese dishes. Includes a list of products and manufacturing plant locations.
13 -

Lakeside Foods

Diverse line of food products including canned and frozen vegetables, canned meats, jellies and preserves and microwaveable meals.
14 -

Hannah International Foods

Offering a variety of Mediterranean salads and spreads. Product and contact details.
15 -

House of Thaller, Inc.

Manufacturer and supplier of salads, sandwich spreads, and pastas. Knoxville, Tennessee.
16 -

Herolds Salads, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of prepared salads, side dishes, and desserts in northeastern Ohio and surrounding states.
17 -

Pinnacle Foods Corporation

Includes corporate information, brand companies and products, and jobs listing. New Jersey.
18 -

Tamale Factory

Manufacturer of Mexican food products including hand wrapped tamales. Food Service and retail products.
19 -

Supreme Pierogies

Sells Polish dumplings with various choices of stuffing, including meat, cheese, potatoes, sauerkraut, and mushrooms. Page features company profile and nutrition information.
20 -

Sandridge Food Corporation

Manufacturer of fresh refrigerated prepared foods for the food service and retail customer. Company profile, branded product details, food safety information, and contact links.
21 -

Amir Foods, Inc.

Family-run business that supplies fresh and all-natural Mediterranean foods to grocery and health food stores.
22 -

Grecian Delight Foods, Inc.

Creates and markets Mediterranean foods to the foodservice industry. Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
23 -

Foods Pacific Ltd

Offers a selection of authentic Indian cuisine including spices, meats and ready to eat.
24 -

AdvancePierre Foods

Manufactures pre-portioned, ready-to-cook, and fully cooked beef, pork, veal, chicken and turkey products. Cincinnati, Ohio.
25 -

Mission Foods

Consumer site includes recipes using tortillas, wraps, chips and other Mexican products.
26 -

Kronos Foods, Inc.

Manufacturers of authentic Greek food products, such as: gyros, souvlaki, pita breads and spanakopita.
27 -

Sam Pan Foods Ltd.

Manufactures and supplies a range of oriental dim sum for the food service industry. UK.
28 -

AmeriQual Group LLC

Manufactures shelf-stable products for a variety of purposes including disaster relief, humanitarian, military and dietary or religious purposes. Provides company, product and services information.
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