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Producers, processors and traders of certified organic food with a significant amount of organic products in their portfolio should be listed here. Health and wholefoods are not necessarily organic. Our editors cannot possibly be familiar with the all the regulations concerning organic production and certification in each country. It is advisable to check listed individuals and companies for their organic accreditation before any purchase.
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Producers and distributors of Polish-grown organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains.
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Organic OnLine

The word "organic" on the label stands for a commitment to an agriculture that strives for a balance with nature, using methods and materials that are of low impact to the environment.
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Produce organic ready meals, stir fry meals, vegetables, pizza, vegetarian burgers, sticks and ice cream. All products are organically certified.
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The Billington Food Group

Importing and distributing food ingredients throughout the UK and Worldwide. Offers unrefined organic cane sugar, produced from organically-grown sugar cane. Soil Association certified.
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SunWest Foods, Inc.

Rice, Nuts, Organic Rice and Wild and Specialty Rice.
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Vital Vittles

Organic Whole Grain Bread from the Schwin Family Mill and Bakery in Berkeley, CA.
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Omega Protein Corporation

Mega 3 fish oil, protein rich fish meal and fish soluables.
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Organic Farm Foods

British organic wholeseller, approved by the Soil Association. The company is leading in its field in the UK.
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Willow Hill Farm Organic Sheep Cheese

Makes farmhouse cheese, aged in an underground cave from their own herd of sheep. Vermont.
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Marroquin Organics

Suppliers of certified organic ingredients to the organic food industry. Company profile, product listing, and contact details.
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Helios Nutrition Ltd.

Producer of organic kefir with FOS (a natural dietary fiber).
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Brown Cow Farm

Yogurts made with organic fruits, unprocessed sugars, and select drug-free cows. Details about the business, products, packaging, store locator, recipes and poems, FAQ and contact information. Antioch, California.
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Jaffe Bros. Natural Foods

Organically grown fruits, nuts, oils, soymilk, sweeteners, grains, and other produce.
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Good Herdsmen Ltd.

Markets organic meats in Ireland. Company profile, product details, and contact information.
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Worldwide supplier of certified organic commodities and ingredients for the food industry. Company profile, product descriptions, and contact details.
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Fenwood farm

Organically raised and free-range chickens are grain-feed and nutritious, high in protein, low in fat and rich in flavour. No antibiotics or growth promotents are added to the feed or water
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Mariquita Farm

An advert for a family farm program where you can share in the organic produce in USA, California, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County. The newsletter has good recipes for healthy vegetable preparation.
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Alara Wholefoods

Organic and gluten free muesli production. Includes directory of wholesalers and retailers, customization and branding, and articles on organic and genetically engineered foods.
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Fresh Tofu Inc.

Manufactures and distributes organic tofu and soyfood products to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the east coast natural foods market.
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Organic Kitchen

Organic foods resource with links to foods, restaurants, markets, farms, vineyards, gardening, recipes and health.
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Nasoya Foods Inc.

Organic tofu, seasonings, and dressings. Recipes and nutritional information.
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American Health and Nutrition Inc.

Worldwide supplier of certified organic grains, beans, seeds, soy protein powders, and other commodities.
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WhiteWave Foods Company

Makes and sells branded plant-based foods and beverages, coffee creamers and beverages, premium dairy products, and organic produce.
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Organic Harvest Network

Organic products: organically grown biodynamic fruit, vegetables and produce year-round.
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Natures Path

North American manufacturer of certified organic cereals.
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Queenswood Natural Foods

Suppliers of organic and non-GM commodities and products to the food manufacturing and independent healthfood sectors. Chilled and frozen products also available.
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Beland Organic Foods

Organic food brokerage and marketing firm based in Canada. Products include organic maple syrup, dairy products, and produce.
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Harald Zellerer BioDelicatessen

Import, export and distribution of certified organic products.
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Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc.

Great tasting all natural foods, including award-winning low fat frozen entrees, fat free and specialty breads, and fresh salads. Includes nutritional data, ingredients, and descriptions.
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Staglin Family Vineyards

A family-owned Napa Valley winery devoted organic methods
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Macari Vineyards

Patronized by the White House. Has massive composting operation.
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Meyenberg Goat Milk Products

Based in Turlock, California. Organic, hormone-free milk. Products offered, recipes, FAQ, contact information, retail outlets, and suggested readings.
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Danish Organic Trade Association

Trade organisation for companies in Denmark manufacturing or dealing with organic food wholesale.
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Global Organics

Florida based organic produce distributor involved in all aspects of organic food distribution including import and export, and store delivery.
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LaRocca Vineyards

Organic Wines from LaRocca Vineyards
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Gentle Fox Farms

Organic gourmet vegan foods - tofu turkey, caviar, risotto chips, pate - just heat and serve.
37 -

Bee Natural Products Ltd.

Sinlessly Sweet organic Ugandan honey, beeswax, and other hive products. Includes products, services, social commitments, and photo gallery.
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Horizon Organic

Holding company with subsidiaries which produce, process and market certified organic dairy products. (Nasdaq: HCOW).
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Sunrich Food Group

Global supplier of organic soy, corn, and rice products.
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Leroux Creek Foods

Makes organic applesauces and applebutter, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.
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Respect Organics

Manufacturers of baked goods and prepared meals made with organic ingredients. UK.
42 -

The Organic Store

UK directory of organic food and drink resources and suppliers.
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Stremicks Heritage Foods

Produces organic dairy products in Santa Ana, California.
44 -

Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V.

Provides customers with a range of organic ingredients and sourcing.
45 -

Ecomarket SpA

Distributor of organic foods and beverages to large scale retail trade and catering specialists. Located in Milan, Italy.
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Provides a full line of organic groceries and produce to restaurants and supermarkets in New York and New Jersey.
47 -

The Organic Trade Association

Represents the organic industry in Canada and the United States.
48 -

Organic HACCP

Project related to quality monitoring and tracebility throughout the food chain. Includes project objectives and expected achievements, participating institutions, and contributors.
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Manufacturer and supplier of organic tempeh in Australia. Include Indonesian recipes.
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Rising Moon Organics

Produces ravioli, pasta sauce, pesto, and salsa; all organic. Company profile, products packaging, store locator, and contact information. Eugene, Oregon.
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Produce Green Foundation

Hong Kong educational organic farm.
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Danish organic food network, news, companies, export/import, facts and organizations. [Danish and English]
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Organic Valley

Certified organic dairy products, eggs, meats and vegetables. Includes an overview of the farm, a product search, recipes and a store locator. Located in La Farge, Wisconsin, USA.
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International Organic Accreditation Service

Non-profit independent organization offering international oversight of organic certification, through a voluntary accreditation process for certification bodies active in the field of organic agriculture. Includes an overview of the process, applicable fees and FAQs. Headquartered in Jamestown, North Dakota, USA.
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Honest to Goodness

Australian importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers of organic and natural nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruit.
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Spectrum Naturals, Inc

Natural foods company that manufactures certified organic culinary oils, condiments, and EFA products.
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Goodness Foods

Healthfood wholesaler and manufacturer in the UK.
58 -

Ag Commodities Inc.

Suppliers of organic sweeteners, herbs, fruits and vegetables, legumes, oils and vinegars, and cocoa products. Includes industries served, product lists, and contacts.
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Articles and facts about organic food stores, organic supermarkets and the organic supply chain in Europe.
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Provider of organic herbs, spices, botanical and nutraceutical ingredients.
61 -

Living Tree Community

Organic and raw food distributor. Informative articles on all aspects of organic food production and health benefits.
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Suppliers of organic whole cane sugar and cane syrup from Costa Rica.
63 -

Yeo Valley Organic Company Ltd.

British manufacturer of organic yogurt.
64 -


Suppliers of organic products. Also offering marketing. Provides information on their services.
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