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Meat and Seafood Websites

Commercial firms providing products, services or distribution about, for or of meat.
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F.lli Anzuini Salumificio

Producer of Tuscan meat products.
2 -

Bresaola della Valtellina

Producers of salted meat products from Italy. Company profile, and product details.
3 -

Salumificio Rigamonti

Producers of traditional dry-cured beef and horse meat. Company profile and product information.
4 -


Croatian processor of salami products. Company history and product details.
5 -

Danish Crown

Global food company producing a complete range of foods, e.g. pork, beef, and processed food products. Site available in Danish and English.
6 -

Bar-S Foods Co.

Producers of hot dogs, bacon, lunchmeat, ham, and sausage for worldwide retail, service deli and foodservice markets.
7 -

Gurrentz International

Third generation of meat importing and trading.
8 -

Thompson Packers

Meat products, including beef, pork, poultry, and lamb, for the food service industry. Company history, employment opportunities, and recipes.
9 -

Roger Wood Foods

Producer of hot dogs, smoked sausages and meats, and deli items. Includes products, recipes, company profile, related links, and contact form.
10 -

Farmland Foods

Farmer-owned producer of pork, beef and catfish. Provides recipes and cooking tips.
11 -


Provider of southern cooking ideas, family recipes, and meat products including hot dogs, smoked sausage, hams, lunchmeat, cocktail smokies, and corn dogs.
12 -

Cardinal Meat Specialists

Markets and manufactures portion-controlled meat products, specializing in burgers and ribs.
13 -

Kayem Foods Inc.

Product line includes hot dogs, traditional Italian sausages, deli meats, pizza and fresh gourmet chicken sausage.
14 -

agInfo Australian Trading Floors

B to B services to trade meat and livestock related products with producers world-wide, view news reports, and correspond with members of the meat industry. Bulletin boards available for meat trading, livestock and for co-products.
15 -

Marisa Foods

Producer of Italian meat and cheese products for foodservice in the western United States.
16 -

Foodcomm International

Offers free range imported meats and meat by-products throughout North America. Company profiles, products, recipes, and contact information.
17 -

Horizon Foods

Offers portion-controlled home food service with emphasis on meat based entrees. Products, recipes, locations, and contact information.
18 -

Hofmeister Hams

Producers of smoked hams and turkeys. Company history, product nutritional information, shopping options, and contact details.
19 -

Saags Specialty Meats and Gourmet Sausages

Producers of specialty meats and gourmet sausages.
20 -

Giraudi Meat Trading

Trader of South American meat. [Requires Flash]
21 -

Imperial Meat products

Belgium meat group specializing in producing processed meats, based on traditional recipes and manufactured using advanced production methods.
22 -

Lanexco Ltd.

New Zealand meat exporters of beef, lamb and mutton. Contact information.
23 -


Greek pastourma and soutzouki producers. Products, recipes, export and contact information.
24 -

Nossack Fine Meats Ltd.

Offers seasoned old fashioned roast beef, Canadian back bacon, pastrami, corned beef, turkey breast, and a range of specialty hams.
25 -

Shoals Provision, Inc.

Processor and distributor of pork, beef, poultry, fish, smoked meats, deli meats, cheese, and paper supplies to restaurants, convenience stores, institutions, and large events in north Alabama, northeast Mississippi, and south central Tennessee.
26 -

Skare Meat Packers

Danish producer of cuts of beef and veal - entire pieces and portioned steaks. Corporate profile, products, quality control and contact information.
27 -

City Foods, Inc.

USDA inspected facility providing a variety of meat cuts. Company profile, and product and contact details.
28 -

Niman Ranch

Producers of naturally raised beef, pork, and lamb. Includes a list of retailers and company information.
29 -

WAMMCO International

Specializing in the production and export of chilled and frozen lamb, as well as mutton and goat from Australia. Shareholder, product, and producer information can be found.
30 -

Grubco Inc.

Mealworms, crickets, and various other larvae and grubs.
31 -

Deli Star Corporation

Manufacturers of cooked deli meats, diced meats, and other formed meats for food service and further processors.
32 -

Darshan Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Indian manufacturer of processed meat products. Offers product information, recipes, and contact details.
33 -

Burke Corporation

Food processing plant manufacturing specialty meats and pizza toppings. Product descriptions and order information.
34 -


Processor and supplier of meat products to grocery stores, distributors, and the institutional food service industry.
35 -

Van Ruiten Food

Produces, distributes, and exports meat, convenience meat products, and frozen foods. Netherlands.
36 -

UW Provision Company

Wholesale meat and seafood distributor in the Midwest. Products include beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and fish. Middleton, Wisconsin.
37 -

Randall Parker Food Group

Produces, distributes, and exports lamb and beef carcasses from Wales.
38 -

Tai Foong USA

Importer of seafood and Pan Asian products including shrimp, crab, and lobster.
39 -

Seafood Inc.

Supplier of quality seafood with fisheries in Oregon, Washington and California. Product and contact details.
40 -

W&G Marketing

Provides a complete range of BBQ beef and BBQ pork, including whole roasting pigs. Includes management team profiles, details of services and products, and a contact form.
41 -

Selectos de Castilla

Producer of duck foie gras and patés. Spain. [English, French, Spanish, Swedish]
42 -

Hilton Meat Products Limited

Produces retail and vacuum packed liver, hearts and kidneys from beef, pork and lamb. Includes company profile.
43 -

Arizona Sunland Foods

Offers custom food manufacturing, including chicken, beef, shrimp and fish. Located in Tucson, Arizona.
44 -

Dutch Creek Foods

Full line of fresh-cut beef, ground beef, fresh-cut pork, veal, and lamb. Includes product information. Located in Sugar Creek, Ohio, USA.
45 -

Marathon Enterprises, Inc.

Produces and distributes the Sabrett brand of frankfurters, hot sausage, kielbasa, salami, garlic rings, and condiments. Includes product and ordering information, and list of brokers.
46 -

Stiebrs Farms

Specializes in wholesale production and distribution of natural organic eggs, beef, and feed. Company profile and product details.
47 -

Welkom bij Henningsen Nederland

Producers of dehydrated meat products for ingredient use by food manufacturers. Company and product information. Contact form.
48 -

Martin Purefoods Corporation

US producer and distributor of Philippine style meat products, including longanisa sausages, tocinos, hamonado, and lumpia Shanghai. Features product and company information.
49 -

Volpi Italian Meats

A family owned producer of authentic, Italian primo piato items, including the curing, drying, and aging of the products. Provides photos, descriptions, and serving suggestions.
50 -

Excel Fresh Meats

A processor of fresh beef, pork and fully prepared meats that are sold around the world.
51 -

Carlton Farms

Producers of premium pork products, aged beef, lamb, and a variety of sausages and smoked meats. Company profile, recipes, and contact information.
52 -

Buckhead Beef

Certified angus beef, beef, lamb, veal, pork, poultry, provisions and frozen seafood available.
53 -

Mandel Trading

Produces and exports meat products from Australia. Includes contact information.
54 -

Protein Partner

Sales and marketing agent for North South Foods, providing fresh and frozen beef, pork, seafood and poultry for the USA food service and retail grocery industries.
55 -

Brandt Meats

Meat packaging company featuring fine deli style meats and produce, including spiral ham and specialty meat packaging.
56 -

Liberty Packing

Produces, sells and distributes specialty meat products.
57 -

Fabian Seafood Company

Family owned and operated business since 1975. Offers fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, including Shrimp, Blue Crab, Oysters, Crawfish, Red Snapper and Flounder, also provides a photo album, recipes and contact information.
58 -

Pilot Brands

Grass-fed, natural beef and lamb raised free range, free of added hormones, not fed antibiotics. .
59 -

Tyson Foods

Corporate site for multinational food manufacturer. Company information, links to subsidiary food company sites.
60 -


Producer of manufactured casings for the food industry.
61 -

Dietz and Watson

Producers of deli meats and artisan cheese. Company profile and product details. Recipes.
62 -

Mclean Meats

Offers a variety of sausages, hams, turkey products which are preservative free with no chemicals or nitrates. Vancouver, British Columbia.
63 -

Mikeska Brands Texas Bar-B-Q

Taylor, Texas. Offers several varieties of pork sausage, pork ribs, brisket, beef tri-tip, turkey sausage, and seasonings, Lists products, videos, contact information, news, and reviews.
64 -

Atlantic Foods Corporation

Food distributor located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Features fresh and frozen poultry, pork, and beef.
65 -

Specialty Foods Group Inc

Offers a line of wet corned beef, sausage, cooked corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, pre-cooked meats and home meal replacements.
66 -

Mosner Family Brands

Packers of lamb and veal products. Products, distribution programs, recipes and contact information.

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