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Import and Export Websites

This category contains sites of companies and related sites for the food import and export industry.
1 -

Tuscan Farm

Wine, oils and specialty deli foods available for export from Tuscany.
2 -

Mega Ltd

Poland. Distributes canned and frozen fish, margarines and dairy products. [English, Polish and Russian]
3 -

Casa Angola Internacional SA

Exporter of dairy products, preserves, beverages, frozen meat and fish, tobacco, and hygiene products. Portugal.
4 -

Frusol International Inc.

Canadian company specialized in the import and distribution of fresh and dehydrated produce, imported from European and Latin American and marketed throughout Canada and the United States.
5 -

Hinrichs Trading

Exporter of specialty crops such as garbanzo beans, whole and split green and yellow peas, lentils, canola, popcorn, bird feed, and feed bi-products.
6 -

Handi Bazaar

Direct and indirect exporters of processed foods. Authenticated indian curried vegetables in cans. dal makhani, dal mughlai, sarson ka saag, and matar paneer.
7 -

The British Aisles Ltd

Importers and distributors of British food products.
8 -

Meis - International Sales Consulting

General distributor of chocolate and other foods from Brandt, Niederegger, Falize, Gottena, Kaiser and Pauly.
9 -

Traditional World Foods

Holding company features services in sourcing new food products, importation, logistics, finance, marketing and management. Company profile, product and contact details.
10 -

Takari International Inc.

A trading company specializing in Japanese snack foods and restaurant supplies.
11 -


Alfalfa dehydrated, sugar beet pulps and cotton seeds.
12 -

C.E. Roeper GmbH

Trading Company with natural raw materials, gums, waxes and resins, for use in food, pharma and technical applications.
13 -

Cracovia Brands, Inc.

Importers of fine European food and liquors.
14 -

Thai World Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Exporters of a large range of foods and beverages from Thailand, including fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, eggs, noodles, and condiments. Company history, product details, and contact information.
15 -

Liberty Richter

Importer of specialty foods and confections.
16 -

Sopariwala Exports

Traders of botanicals, rice, oilseeds, spices, pulses, and cereals.
17 -


Imports, exports and markets dried beans, peas and pulses, corn flours, various soft drinks, powdered milk, breakfast cereals, seeds and spices, in bulk or retail packaging throughout Europe.
18 -

Veder Supplies B.V.

Exporter of a variety of products, including powdered milk, margarine, alcoholic beverages, canned fruits and vegetables, and canned fish. Includes product information and contact details.
19 -

Laishwarya Overseas

Progressive full service exporting company, focusing especially on agricultural products and garments.
20 -

Bedessee Imports, Ltd.

Importers of West Indian and tropical foods. Company history, product listings, and contact details.
21 -

Latin American Traders

Exporters of Argentine products including wine, olive oil, vinegars, seasonings, and specialty cheeses. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
22 -


Spanish importer and distributor for finest delikatessen, ethnic food and drink.
23 -

Bethco International, Inc

Market driven company focused on specialty foods, fast foods, food service products and institutional and industrial foods.
24 -

Ampro Intertrade Co.,Ltd.

Exporters of a wide array of food items from Thailand. Company profile, and product and contact details.
25 -

American Foods Export Services, Inc.

Service company specializing in food product labeling and dating of consigned goods; also trucks full containers and less than truckload loads.
26 -

Alma Food Imports Inc.

Fine imported Italian foods including pasta, olive oil, cakes, cookies and bottled water.
27 -

Power-Selles Imports

Importer of specialty gourmet food items from Spain including olive oil, olives, vinegar, saffron, sauces, seafood, and sweets.
28 -

Kremlin SRO Ltd

Import-export of a wide array of food items.
29 -

Omega Food Importers Co. Ltd.

Importer of European food products into Canada.
30 -

Silbury Marketing Limited

Sells food ingredients to the food industry.
31 -

Indu Industries

Tea, coffee, pepper, and tobacco grown and packed in India. Offices in India. Site in English and Russian.
32 -

Orchedeus Trade Services

Trading company specialising in sourcing and export of food products from Europe. Product and contact information.
33 -

Alifood Italian

Exports Italian food including pasta, olive oil, parmesan cheese, sauces and sweet preserves.
34 -

GO! Global Organics, Ltd.

Importer and exporter of organic commodities and ingredients including certified organic cocoa products, dried fruit, nuts, spices, and sugar cane products.
35 -

Beyond Oz Trading

Exporting meat, wine, seafood, grains, fruit and other products from Australia. Company profile and contact details.
36 -

Blue Planet Foods

Specializes in the importation and trading of difficult-to-find specialty foods and ingredients. Company profile, products and contact details.
37 -

Food from Denmark

Group of 10 professional Danish food suppliers focusing on export promotion to the US retail and catering sectors. Supplier profiles, product and contact information.
38 -

Bedford Continental Wholesale

Importers of fine Italian foods and monopack products for coffee shops, restaurants, retail and catering trades.
39 -

Lhian Thai Rice Vermicelli Co.,Ltd

Thai exporter of rice vermicelli and other rice products.
40 -

Seven Seas Commodities Private, Ltd.

Involved in the international trade of spices, coffee beans, condiments, coconut products, and tea. Company profile, product and contact details.
41 -

Kumpulan Barkath

Malaysian exporter of seafood, beverages, condiments and candy. Company profile, products, and contact links.
42 -

Schlüter and Maack

Trader in sugar, coffee, cocoa and food-aid products. Company profile, product and contact details.
43 -

G.D.A.X. S.r.l.

Company specialized in the export of Italian food and drink. Company profile, product information, and contact link.
44 -

COFCO Limited

Trader of agricultural commodities including oils, cereals, pulses, and oil seeds. Company profile, product and contact details.
45 -

Deniz Agricultural Products

Turkish exporters of capers, nuts, and pulses. Product and contact details.
46 -

Connex United Processors

An Australian OEM brands food manufacturing group specializing in grocery, beverage and pet food export. Product and shipping information. Contact details.
47 -

Union Export

An Italian export pool promoting and representing Italian food firms. Profile of business partners, e-mail link.
48 -

Haram-Christensen Corporation

Specialized in importing and distributing of fine foods from Europe. Product details by country of origin. Broker and contact details.
49 -

Kwan Yick (UK) LTD

Importers and distributors of speciality Oriental foods, sauces and packaging materials to the catering trade, based in South Wales, UK. Company profile, products, distribution range, and contact details.
50 -

Lim Siang Hhuat

Major importer and exporter of canned foods and grocery products into Singapore. Company profile, products, promotions and contact details.
51 -

Lettieri and Company

Importer of specialty food and beverage items from Europe. Company profile, products, online market and contact details.
52 -

Ligustica Products

Exporters of Italian food and beverages including pasta, biscuits, olive oil and wine. Company profile, product and contact details.
53 -

Company Neo Ltd

Offers trading, supply and consulting services of food raw materials and ingredients. Company profile, product and contact information.
54 -

Dutch Organic International Trade

Dutch import and export company of organic food products. Company profile, products, agent and contact details.
55 -

Etna Gida Ltd.Co

Exporter of both conventional and organic products from Turkey. Company profile, products and contact details.
56 -

French Food Exports

Agents and consignees for French food companies. Company profile, product and contact information.
57 -

Himneel Overseas Pvt., Ltd

Merchant exporter of food colors and dyestuffs. Company profile, product and contact details.
58 -

Saybrex International, Inc.

Exporter and distributor of wines, spirits, fruit juices and concentrates, and specialty foods. Company profile, product and contact details.
59 -


United States trading company focused on food products. Product listing and contact information.
60 -

Tan-Viet International Ltd..

Specializes in export-import of oriental food and export of Polish agricultural products. Company profile, product and distribution information; contact details.
61 -

Teck Sang (Pte) Ltd.

Importer, exporter and wholesaler of traditional Chinese food products including seafood, nuts, pulses, and spices. Contact and product information.
62 -

Nordic Import Export CO

Providing import, logistic and marketing for food products including seafood, cheese, sausage, whipped cream and coffee from Europe. General details about the company, history and products. Romania.
63 -

East West Trading & Agencies Ltd.

Distributor of imported dairy products, pastas, condiments, preservatives, oils, and canned items in Thailand. Product figures and photos. Yannawa, Bangkok, Thailand.
64 -

AG Holland

Service area is primarily in the Netherlands, Antilles, Aruba, South America and Suriname. Trades in various items such as juices, fresh produce, snacks, beer, cookies, cosmetics, wines, soup ingredients, sauces, and mixes. processed meats, and condiments. Located in The Netherlands.
65 -

Bulgarian Depot

Importing relishes, processed goods and seasonings from the Balkans, with illustrated product catalog and contact details. Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.
66 -

Qureshi International

Offers beef and sheep casings and other animal by-products.
67 -

Brothers International Food Corporation

Imports wine from Portugal, fruit juice concentrates and purees, freeze dried fruit and other agricultural products.
68 -

Agra Trading Brasil LTDA

Traders of beef, poultry, lamb, fish and dairy products throughout the world. Company profile and product details.
69 -

Sapna Foods

Importer of dried mushrooms, vanilla beans, chiles, and saffron. Company profile and product information.
70 -

Allanasons Limited

Exporters of agricultural and processed food products from India.
71 -

Shivnath Rai Harnarain (India) Ltd.

Exporters of basmati rice, pulses, sugar, Indian spices, and tea. Company profile and product listing. Multi-lingual.
72 -


Worldwide exports of Spanish food products including cheese, seafood, rice, and organic goods. Company profile, product details, and contact links.
73 -

Pikzern Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Imports, exports, and distributes food products, beverages, and confectionery items. Includes a product catalog and contact information.
74 -

Circle of Specialty Food Distributors

International trade association for food and beverage importers. Profile, membership information, and contact link.
75 -

Samy Fathy Assasa Co.

Exporters of rice, garlic, onion, spices, and medicinal herbs. Company profile and contact information.
76 -

Jayfresh Alliance

Exporter of Australian food and beverages, including fruit, seafood, wine, and olive oil. Company profile and contact details.
77 -

Gama (Import/Export) Ltd

Imports Turkish food products into the United Kingdom. Company profile, item listing, and contact details.
78 -


Italian food trader specialised in exporting tomatoes, boiled vegetables, pasta and macaroni. Company profile and product details.
79 -

Kanwal Trading

Exporter of Pakistan sourced pulses, spices, herbs, rice, and dry fruits to international markets. Company history, product details, quality control, and contact links.
80 -

Yew Ming Trading Pte Ltd

Importer, exporter, and wholesaler of dried seafood, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Singapore.
81 -

Sunrise Foods International Inc.

Canadian exporter and importer of conventional and organic agri-food commodities.
82 -

Nectra Food SA

Imports and distributes specialty food products from Greece and Bolivia. Based in the USA and Switzerland.
83 -

B. Terfloth and Associates

International food trading house providing worldwide import and export services, transportation, finance, and supply management.
84 -

Doralice Imports

Importer of authentic South American specialty foods including dairy, condiments, spices, wine, and cocoa products.
85 -

AQ Holdings

Direct importers and exporters of spices, rice, sugar, pulses and grains. Company profile and contact details.
86 -

Kilban Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Exports to Gulf countries a variety of condiments, produce products, and soft drink concentrates. Company profile and product details.
87 -


Distributors of imported food products in China to retail and food service customers.
88 -

Scan-Neva Ltd.

Exporter of wild mushrooms and frozen and dried berries. Products are organic (Bio) and Kosher.
89 -

Yasmin Enterprise Co., Ltd

Exporter of tamarind, beans and pulses, and seafood. Company profile and product information.
90 -

SF Commodities Khi.

Exporter of rice, spices, seeds, pulses, and other foodstuffs from Pakistan. Includes product information and contacts.
91 -

P.J. Exports

Indian exporter of snacks, groceries, spices and pulses, ready-to-eat products, and mixes.
92 -

Pramsel Trading Corporation

Specializing in frozen foods especially for Korean residents in foreign countries.
93 -

G&N Imports

Specializes in exotic Greek food products including olive oil, spices, nuts, tea, cheese and pasta. Melrose Park, Illinois, USA.
94 -

Herrawi Group

Egyptian firm offering artichoke products, citrus packing, and rice export. Product information, company history, and contact details.
95 -

Ishmeet Agencies

Importers and exporters of Indian grocery food products. Company profile and product details.
96 -

Brecon Foods

Canadian traders of a variety of food commodities. Product details.
97 -

Mavrikos Imports S. A.

Buys and sells Greek olive oil, herbs, halva, pasta, fish, vegetables, prepared dishes, brandies, Ouzo, and wine.
98 -

Stomas AB

Swedish firm importing and exporting food products including reindeer, forest berries, and mushrooms.
99 -

Kırıcılar Ltd.

Exporters of fruits and vegetables, processed foods, and sauces. Turkey.
100 -

Catz International B.V.

Importers of spices, coconut products, dried fruits, edible nuts, and dehydrated vegetables.
101 -

Castella Imports, Inc.

Importer, manufacturer and distributor of specialty foods from around the world. Company profile and product details.
102 -

Weddel Swift

Pork, beef, poultry, fish, oils, fruit juice and wines exported worldwide by email request.
103 -

Borojo Powder Company

Importer and manufacturer of borojo fruit powder, puree concentrate and extracts.
104 -

Vintex Trading

Exporter of German food and beverage items for retailers, caterers, and for the hospitality industry. Includes portion packs, and diet/vegetarian items.
105 -

Sakthi Exports

Exporters in India dealing with Indian origin product like coir fiber, coco peat, fresh coconut, desiccated coconut, rice, tamarind, lemon and Indian snacks.
106 -

Dical House

Maltese importer, exporter, and distributor of international food related product specialties and delicatessen. Also operates an apiary.
107 -

Thai Indochine Trading Inc.

Specializes in importing food products from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and other parts of Asia and sells to wholesalers throughout Canada. Provides a list of sales outlets and some recipes.
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