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Fats and Oils Websites

1 -

Grupo Borges

Producers of several varieties of olive oil, as well as olive oil dressings, wine vinegars, corn oil, sunflower seed oil, and grape seed oil. Near Lleida (Lérida) in Catalonia. Site in English, Spanish, and Catalan.
2 -

Aceites Sandua

Processes and markets olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, a special blend of vegetable oil for deep fryers, mayonnaise, vinegar. Based in Navarra, Spain. Site in English, Spanish, and French.
3 -

ATR Chile

Producer of cold pressed hazelnut oil and extra virgin grapeseed oil. Also processes rosehip oil for the cosmetic industry. Site in English and Spanish. Requires Flash.
4 -

Adriano Canestrelli Broker

Italian brokering company working with animal fats, vegetable oils and animal feeding stuffs. Site is in both Italian and English and gives details of their range of animal and vegetable-based proteins, fats and oils.
5 -

Hellenic Fine Oils

Greek company produces and exports edible oils (corn, soybean, sunflower, and several grades of olive oils), canned olives, and deli products for the food industry and retail market. Site in Greek and English.
6 -


Turkish producer of sunflower, corn and olive oil.
7 -

Dipasa Europe

Manufacturer, harvester and worldwide distributor of sesame seed and sesame products including sesame oil and tahini.
8 -

Columbus Foods Company

Processes, packages, and sells vegetable oils, vegetable and animal shortenings, balsamic vinegar. Product line includes organic and non-GMO oils, and specialty oils sold under the name Butcher Boy. Headquarters in Chicago, and strongest presence in the Midwestern United States.
9 -

Golden Foods Golden Brands

Louisville, Kentucky, processors of certified kosher soybean and cottonseed fats and oils for the food industry. Site requires Java.
10 -

Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd.

Singapore-based manufacturer, importer and exporter of vegetable oils, ghee, and specialty fats.
11 -

Oh Chin Hing Sesame Oil Factory

Manufacturer of Double Elephant brand sesame oil. Based in Singapore, this company is looking for both local and overseas distributors. Site in English and Chinese.
12 -

Oilseeds International Ltd

Pioneers in the international expansion of oleic safflower oil, oleic sunflower oil and rice bran oil.
13 -

California Rice Oil Company

Producers of rice bran cooking and salad oil, sold in groceries in the western United States. Nutritional information, recipes. Wholesale inquiries welcome.
14 -

Oil Seed Extractions Ltd

Processors of flax seed oil, borage seed oil and hemp seed oil. Company profile, product details, and contact form.
15 -

Quality First International

Ontario company is a trader and local distributor of coconut oils, exotic butters, speciality and commodity oils for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
16 -


History, product information and recipes using this all-vegetable shortening.
17 -

Zaanlandse Olieraffinaderij

Provides exclusive toll-refining and packing of vegetable oils and fats for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Company profile and product information.
18 -

Univanich Palm Oil Public Company

Thailand producer of crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel oil (PKO). Company profile and image library, contact and product details.
19 -

Mid-Atlantic Vegetable Shortening

Manufacturers of a wide variety of shortenings, oils, margarines, and specialty products. Kosher. Company profile, product and contact details.
20 -

Gama Products Inc.

Distributors of a wide variety of vegetable oils. Company profile, and product and contact details.
21 -

Marsa KJS

Turkish producer and exporter of vegetable oils, ghee, and margarine for consumers, as well as specialty fats for the food service sector.
22 -

Aceford Food Industry

Singapore manufacturer and exporter of vegetable oils and fats. A subsidiary of Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad.
23 -

Technochem International

Designer and supplier of vegetable-oil refining plants in modular construction. Company history, processes used and services available.
24 -

The Fat Consultant

Consultancy service specializing in fats and oils technology. Company profile, services, events, research and industry news.
25 -

Balaji Overseas Corporation

This Indian company is an exporter of red, brown, white and black sesame seeds, Niger seeds and crude sesame oil. Specifications and company profile.
26 -

Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil Enterprises

Australian producers of cold-pressed, erucic acid free, mustard seed oil.
27 -

Peter Cremer (S) GMBH

This German company with offices in North America and Singapore specializes in the supply chain management of core range of mainly vegetable based oils, fats, oleochemicals (fatty acids and glycerine) and soap noodles.
28 -

Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG

German supplier of palm oil and lecithin specialities from genetically-unmodified sources.
29 -

Fuji Oil Europe

Producer of oils and fats for a variety of food applications. Offers product listings focused on functionality. Contact details.
30 -

Chee Seng Oil Factory

Specializes in the manufacture of 100% pure fragrant sesame oil. Marketed under the brands Golden Ox and Double Pagoda; private labels available. Exports to Europe and Asia Pacific. Recipes and nutrition information.
31 -

Adani Wilmar Limited

A manufacturer of edible oils, including soybean, cottonseed and groundnut, based in India and selling under the Fortune, Raag and Jubilee brands. The site gives corporate details, product information, press releases, career opportunities and contacts.
32 -

Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial Pte Ltd

Singapore producer and exporter of toasted sesame oil.
33 -

Granimex nv

Belgian company offering packing, blending and distribution of many kinds of vegetable oils and fats.
34 -

Telkmann Consulting GmbH

International consulting service for the margarine, spread and shortening industry.
35 -

Farmer India

Producers of centrifuged extra virgin coconut oil. Company and product information.
36 -

Kamani Oil Industries

Processor of oils, edible vegetable oils and food products.
37 -

Jedwards International

Supplier of specialty fish oils, omega-3 concentrates and seed and vegetable oils.
38 -

RKG Ghee

Manufacturer and exporter of pure ghee. Company profile and product details.
39 -

Oleo-Fats, Inc

Manufacturer of specialty fats and oils for the food industry, located in the Philippines. Products marketed throughout Southeast Asia.
40 -

SRC - Special Refining Company

Manufacturing of edible oils and fats.
41 -

Baker Commodities

They are involved in the global community trading fats and oils. They maintain bulk liquid terminal facilities in the United States and the Republic of Korea.
42 -

Amazing Foods Corp

Produces cold-processed virgin coconut oil. Product details.
43 -

Carolina Soy Products

Producers of virgin soybean oil and soybean meal. Company profile, product and contact details.
44 -

Eng Lee Seng Linseed Oil & Sauce Manufacturers & Sons Sdn. Bhd.

Malaysian manufacturer of sesame, linseed and other speciality oils.
45 -

Unimills bv

Major Dutch producer of vegetable oils and fats for use in foodstuffs, for technical applications and for high grade feedstuff.
46 -

Northstar Lipids

United Kingdom supplier of speciality seed oils for the nutritional and cosmetic industries. Information on fatty acids and nutrition, product lists and some descriptions.
47 -


Refiners of a wide range of vegetable oils. Company profile and product information.
48 -

Avocado Oil New Zealand Limited

Makers and distributors of The Grove brand extra virgin, cold pressed 100% pure avocado oil.
49 -

Harin Bio-Tech International

Indian company providing pure virgin coconut oil in the domestic and international markets. Contains company profile and product details.
50 -

Liberty Vegetable Oil

Processing, sales, distribution of nut oils including almond, walnut, hazelnut, pecan, plus other organic and non-GMO vegetable oils. Custom processing available. California company with global distribution.
51 -


Product information and store locator for olive and grapeseed oils, flavored oils, olive paste, and wine vinegar.
52 -

Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd

Australian importer selling certified organic coconut oil, with details of fair trade policies and extraction process.
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