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Dairy Websites

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Consulting and brokerage firm operating and providing services in the dairy industry. Italy.
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Producer of milkfat, technological butters, and milkcream, for food industries, craftsmen bakers, and consumers.
3 -


General information about the Danone Group: history, activities and products.
4 -

Epi Ingredients

Dairy ingredients for the food industry.
5 -

Armor Protéines

Produces a wide range of dairy ingredients such as whey protein, hydrolysates, peptides, caseinates, lactose and calcium. Company profile, products and their application, links, and contact information.
6 -

Mio Company

Specializes in making ice cream, ice milk, ice, water ice and sherbet. Site in English and French.
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Trading company specializing in dairy and delicatessen products. Company profile, news and product information.
8 -

Gannan Hualing Enterprise

Produces sodium casein and high protein casein for industrial purposes from the milk of naturally herded yaks on uncontaminated grasslands southeast of QingHai-Tibetan Plateau. Products, certificates, and contact information.
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Offers product information, lowfat yogurt recipes, kids online games and nutrition statistics.
10 -

Danlac Canada Inc.

Provides cheese, yogurt making supplies, and equipment as well as meat and dairy bacteria cultures to the food processing industry.
11 -

Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd.

Ontario dairy co-operative. Features information about a variety of consumer and food service dairy products, recipes, news and contests.
12 -

Davisco Foods International

Nutriceutical whey protein and whey powders.
13 -

Arab Dairy

Offer a wide range of dairy products including: processed cheese, white cheese, swiss hard and semi-hard cheeses, and soft cheese. Company profile, products, distributors, and contact information.
14 -

Amalgamated Dairies Limited

Manufactures milk, cream, butter, cheese, spring water, ice cream and other dairy products for Canadian and export markets. Company profile, product and contact information.
15 -

Cloverland Green Spring Dairy

Milk producers and distributors including dairy products; milk, juices, cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt.
16 -

Star Kay White

Manufacturer of flavoring materials for ice cream, milk, yogurt, egg nog, beverages and bakery items.
17 -

Producers Dairy Foods, Inc.

Independent dairy in the western United States providing fresh products. Product information, recipes, and company history.
18 -

Crowley Foods

A manufacturer and distributor of a full line of dairy products for foodservice and retail. Site offers company history, employment opportunities, news and events, product information, contests, recipes, and contact information.
19 -

Shamrock Farms

Arizona-based. Produces and distributes a full line of dairy products. Coupons, recipes, full descriptions of products, partial list of retailers, sponsored contests, FAQ, job opportunities, and corporate-sponsored or attended events.
20 -

Prestige Proteins

Producers of casein, rennet casein and caseinates. Company profile, products and contact link.
21 -

Marijampoles Pieno Konservai

Large canned milk manufacturer in Lithuania. Company profile, products, services and contact links.
22 -

Grande Custom Ingredients Group

Produces whey protein concentrate and other whey products which are a dairy based natural flavor enhancer for nutraceutical and functional foods providing milk calcium and can be used with whey protein isolate products.
23 -

Commercial Creamery Company

Offers food ingredients including cheese and dairy powders, snack seasonings, flavors, fat replacer, cheese chunkettes, shortenings, creamers, nutraceuticals, and specialty powders.
24 -

Stonyfield Farm

Producing natural refrigerated yogurts, frozen yogurts and ice cream. Coupons, recipes, forum, kids area, gift shop, store locator and contact details.
25 -

Old Home Foods

Dairy company whose products include yogurt, cottage cheese, dips, sour cream and salsa. Company profile and history, product information, recipes, and contact details.
26 -

Ets. Freddy Baines NV

Belgian based company offering a wide range of dairy products. Company and product information and contact link.
27 -

Grande Cheese

Manufacturers of fresh and aged cheese and whey based processing ingredients. Product details and contact information.
28 -

Pauls Dairy

Offers a wide range of dairy products to Australia and for export. Products with fact sheets, company profile, and contact information.
29 -

Milky Whey

Manufacturers of dairy and non-dairy blends for the food manufacturing industry.
30 -

Olympic Dairy Ltd.

Manufacturer and distributor of dairy, organic and soy products. Company profile,product and contact details.
31 -

Daisy Brand Sour Cream

Manufacturer of sour cream products. Includes company information, products, and recipes.
32 -

Dutch Farms

Serves 32 states with farm fresh eggs, Wisconsin cheese, bagels, muffins, cultured items, and deli products.
33 -

G.Van Kam Trading Company Ltd

International trading house, established in 1985, specializing in dairy ingredients.
34 -

Meadowvale, Inc.

Manufacturer of ice cream mixes and distributor of frozen yogurt, Italian ice, whipped cream, and milk.
35 -

Challenge Dairy Products

Specialists in butter production. Company history, news, photos, products and recipes.
36 -

Karoun Dairies

The oldest yet modern dairy in Lebanon (Middle-East)produces various yogurts, laban, labneh, milk, and cheeses under strict sanitary conditions.
37 -

Almarai Dairy Products

Middle East company whose activities includes dairy and arable farming, processing, marketing, sale and distribution of wide range fresh dairy products.
38 -

Rainy Lanes Dairy Foods Ltd.

Supplier of fresh and cultured dairy products to the UK food service and manufacturing sectors.
39 -

Intermak Ltd

Produces and supplies cheese rennent, cultures, and dairy processing equipment for the food industry. Based in Konya, Turkey.
40 -

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms

Pennsylvania producer of milk and dairy products. Company profile, and contact and product details.
41 -

Good Day Foods Ltd.

Manufacturer and exporter of Indian ethnic sweets and related food products. Based in New Delhi, India.
42 -


Provides branded dairy products. Includes company profile, recipes, kids section, product details and health information.
43 -

VRS Foods, Ltd.

Dairy products manufacturer from India, exporting milk and dairy products, skimmed milk powder, milk and milk products, full cream milk products, dairy white butter and skim milk powder.
44 -

Friesland Foods Domo

Develops, produces and markets ingredients and semifinished products based on whey.
45 -

Karoun Dairies, Inc.

Los Angeles based Near Eastern cheese and yogurt preparer and wholesaler. Information about the company, products, retailers, and distributors. [Requires Flash]
46 -


Grass-fed dairy cooperative in southern Minnesota producing artisan cheese and butter.
47 -

Carbery Group

Manufacturers of a range of dairy food products.
48 -

Dean Foods Company

Processor and distributor of fresh milk and other dairy products, along with the specialty foods industry. (NYSE:DF)
49 -

Butter Buds

Produces highly concentrated dairy flavors in a powdered form. Company profile and detailed product information.
50 -


Manufacturer and wholesaler of cheese, yogurt, yogurt drinks and flavored yogurt. Company history, product information including nutrition facts, health benefits of live and active cultures and contact information.
51 -

New Zealand Trade Merchants Ltd. (NZTM)

Commodities trader specialising in the export of New Zealand dairy products to overseas markets. Bulk supplies of whey protein concentrate and isolate, as well as colostrum powders.
52 -

Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited

Operates supermarkets, hypermarkets, health and beauty, convenience and home furnishings stores.
53 -

Karoun Dairies

Established first in Beirut, now with operations in several other countries, the company make Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cheese, yogurts and yogurt drinks. Details the company history and products they make.
54 -


Producer of cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and butter. Includes information about their on-site shop and tours of the factory in Oregon.
55 -

Royal VIV Buisman

Producer and exporter of milkfat products. Company profile, products, and contact links.
56 -

Cocoa Metro

Dark chocolate milk made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate, fresh dairy milk, evaporated cane juice, and natural vanilla flavor.
57 -

Dairy Trading International

Holding company of four dairy companies active in the production and marketing of butter, butter oil and bakery ingredients. Company and product information, contact details.
58 -

Reiter Dairy

Dairy and ice cream products. Company profile, product information.
59 -

Dairy Good

Find food tips, recipes, information about sustainable farming and articles.
60 -

Clover Stornetta Farms

rBST free and organically grown dairy products including milk, butter, cheese, and sour cream.
61 -

Eagle Family Foods Group LLC

Manufacturer of sweetened evaporated and condensed milk.
62 -


Producers of cheese and whey products in the United States A marketer of specialty dairy proteins and nutritional ingredients.
63 -

Lifeway Foods

Kefir and other specialty dairy foods, including probiotic cultured products and functional foods.

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