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Consulting Websites

Consulting sites which are targeted toward food manufacturers and producers and other non-hospitality industry food-related businesses.
1 -

Zenith International

Specialist consultancy to the food and drink industry providing market research, strategic consulting and conferences.
2 -

Richard M. Gahagan

Beverage alcohol consultancy focusing on the regulatory aspects of distilled spirits, wine and malt beverage business start-up, production, labeling, formulation, importing, exporting and wholesale distribution.
3 -

Food Consulting Company, The

Specializing in nutrition analysis and food labeling regulations, camera-ready art for Nutrition Facts label or Supplement Facts label, nutrient content claims, ingredient statements, restaurant menus, cookbook recipes.
4 -

Roestenburg and Associates

Design and planning consultants specialising in sports stadia, race tracks, hotels, restaurants and bars.
5 -

Culinary Connections

Services include business development, prepared foods, product and menu development, marketing, operations and financial systems management, facilities design, human resources and technology.
6 -

Food Spectrum, LLC

Provides corporate development, market research, product development, process development, operations and quality assurance services to prepared food manufacturers and food retailers in North America and Europe.
7 -

Food Industry Center

Provides research, publications, seminars and coursework that will serve to improve the productivity of the U.S. retail food industry.
8 -

Christian Hempel

Consulting for the food processing industry.
9 -

Wine consultant focusing on custom newsletter production and staff education. Service descriptions along with some basic wine information.
10 -

Charlie Baggs, Inc

Product and flavor development and marketing support.
11 -

Promar International

Market analysis, marketing, distribution and international business planning for food manufacturers.
12 -

R. Flora & Associates

Regulatory consultants specializing in ingredient review, GMP issues, labeling and export certification.
13 -

Technomic, Inc.

Experienced food industry consulting and research firm.
14 -

Solid Software Solutions

Specializing in the creation of, installation and support of software and web development for the wholesale food distribution industry.
15 -

The Food Partners, LLC

Investment banking firm focusing exclusively on the food industry. Provides merger, acquisition, divestiture, capital raising and strategic advisory services.
16 -

Splendid Sun, Inc.

Offers creative expertise and sound understanding of food product and process technology. Has an experienced research and development team for technology development, product development, start-up, and process needs.
17 -

Alliance of Technical Professionals

Food, beverage and consumer products consultation.
18 -

World Link Group Consulting

Food industry consulting and market analysis for the US and world markets.
19 -

ESCA Enterprises, Inc.

Development and support services to the food industry. Ingredients, packaging, commercialization and scale-up.
20 -

CPL Scientific Consultants

Provides consultancy and advice on markets and technology for new business development in food, agriculture and biotechnology.
21 -

Tincknell and Tincknell

Provide services and consultation in sales, marketing and technology to wineries, wine industry business partners, and other companies specializing in luxury products.
22 -

Innovation Business Development, Inc.

Management consultants for food product development and commercialization.
23 -

ABIC International Consultants

Consulting services to the food and beverage industries. Product development, process development, sensory evaluation, advertising claims validation, consumer product testing, quality assurance and shelf life studies.
24 -

Suman Food Consultants

Consultancy firm for the food processing industry. Located in New Delhi, India.
25 -

Compliance Connection

Wine industry compliance consulting firm offering services including consultation on wine permits, Federal label approvals, and accounting services.
26 -

Dana McCauley and Associates

Brand revitalization, food trend tracking, marketing, ghost writing, recipe testing and development and objective category analysis for the food industry.
27 -


Research specialists providing analysis of international soft drink and alcoholic beverage industries and beverage packaging.
28 -

Strategic Purchasing Services

Provides outsourced purchasing management, food and equipment bid and contracting services to foodservice chains. Project and rebate collection services offered.
29 -

Food Dude, Inc.,

Links to food manufacturing industry consultants.
30 -

Nizo Food Research

Describes expertise in microbiology, process technology and biopolymers, news and recent projects, and services for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
31 -


Consulting firm in the agri-food industry. Provides conservation technologies, management, strategic planning, and information systems. Portugal.
32 -

RTS Resource Ltd

An international company that provides analysis and forecasts for the food, ingredients, and packaging markets.
33 -

Siebel Institute of Technology

Provides international educational programs in professional brewing. Includes campus and course information, scholarships, and accommodations.
34 -

Practical Solutions International Ltd.

Provides technical and commercial management solutions for the food industry.
35 -

Lim Lam Thye Pte Ltd.

Based in Singapore, provides consultancy work on ready-to-drink development, instant teas, and bulk herbs and teas.
36 -

The Institute of Grocery Distribution

Provides research, information, and education for the food and grocery industry.
37 -

Karp Resources

Strategic business planning consultant to the food and restaurant industries. Includes clients work and articles. Also publishes books, lectures and co-writes college curriculums.
38 -

The Turover Straus Group

Concept and new product development consultants for the food and beverage industry.
39 -

The Culinary Edge

Develops signature food products for restaurant companies and foodservice manufacturers. Includes company information and list of clients. San Francisco, California.
40 -

Merlin Development Inc.

Provides product development and research services to the food industry. Features resources, contact information, and company facilities. Plymouth, Minnesota.
41 -

QA-Sense B.V.

Provides technical support, consultancy, and training in product knowledge, food safety, product quality, and good practices. Based in the Netherlands.
42 -

Perspectives, The Consulting Group, Inc.

Provides consulting and services to assist in enhancing profits for businesses in the food and hospitality industry. Los Angeles, California
43 -

Outsource Solution Ltd

Provide resources to food companies in the areas of technical, microbiological, and production process efficiency.
44 -

Mitchell FD Limited

Training, advisory, and support services for the food and drink Industries.
45 -

Baines Food Consultancy Ltd

Established in 1997 to provide consultancy and training to the food, food ingredients, flavour and related bioscience industries. Innovation and experience with large multi-national companies through to small developing businesses.
46 -

Retail Food Planners Pty. Ltd.

Provides advice on contemporary food retailing including planning, operational design and logistics, and training. Australia.
47 -

Gb Studio

Provides marketing, research and development, laboratories, engineering production lines, machinery prototypes, pilot plants and private labels. Includes clients and projects.
48 -

Seiberling Associates, Inc.

Provides engineering and technical consulting in process, clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) design and automation services to the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. USA.
49 -

Food Engineering Solutions

Provides the food industry with innovative and cost effective solutions on product development, food safety, quality assurance, HACCP implementation, process improvement, and food labelling. Located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
50 -

M.O.P. Systems Consulting

Focuses on cost control, strategic planning, employee mentoring, quality systems and improving the overall functionality of the manufacturing plant. Includes credentials and case histories. Located in Salinas, California, USA.
51 -

RDS Engineering

Provider of design, engineering, and project management services for food processing and other industries and serves clients in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Includes service details. Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.
52 -

Food Expression

Marketing consultancy providing marketing and sales development services to organizations in the food industry. Located in Burtonsville, Maryland, USA.
53 -

LMC International Ltd

Provides economic, marketing and planning services in the field of agricultural products and their downstream markets.
54 -

Elmore Consulting, LLC

Provides report writing, applied statistics, consumer and sensory project management. Expertise is in food, household, and personal care products.
55 -

Technological Solutions Ltd.

Offers product development and quality control services to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
56 -

Maurice Chaplais

Provides consultancy on the creation and development of bakeries or delicatessens in the UK and USA.
57 -

Nutritional Solutions

Provides nutrition analysis and facts panels, food labeling, and ingredient statements for the food industry. Located in Melville, New York.
58 -

The Dennis Group, LLC

Offering complete planning, design, architectural, engineering and construction management services exclusively to the food and beverage industries.
59 -

JWC Manufacturing and Engineering Services

Dairy operations and project engineering consultant. UK.
60 -

Wirral Sensory Services

Provides a sensory and consumer research service for the food and beverage industries.
61 -

EAS Strategies Ltd.

European and international regulatory and marketing consultants providing advice on food, dietary supplements, food supplements, natural products, functional foods, and dietetic foods.
62 -

ALS Food and Pharmaceutical

Laboratory testing service and consultancy for the food and drink industry in the UK and Europe.
63 -

Promar Consulting

Specializes in business development and marketing for the food, beverage, and agribusiness industries in Japan, China, and Asia.

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