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Payroll Services Websites

1 -


Payroll and payroll tax preparation company.
2 -

Paychex, Inc.

Payroll and payroll tax preparation for small and medium-sized businesses.
3 -


National payroll and payroll tax processing service.
4 -

Express Data Systems, Inc.

Payroll processing company based in Pottstown, PA.
5 -

The Canadian Payroll Association

The national association representing the payroll community in Canada
6 -

Accu Data Payroll

Provides payroll services to the NY metro area.
7 -

I-Pay Management Ltd

Provides fully managed outsourced payroll services and payroll bureau for UK businesses.
8 -

The Payroll Center

Offers payroll services for any size business.
9 -

Parkwood Computer Services

Provides payroll outsourcing and Canadian payroll software.
10 -

Corporate Payroll Services

Specializes in payroll processing for small to medium size businesses.
11 -

One Check, Inc

Provides payroll services to businesses in New England.
12 -


Provides payroll and tax filing services.
13 -

Damian Services Corporation

Provides payroll funding exclusively for the temporary staffing industry.
14 -

ComputerSearch Payroll Services

National payroll service based in Amherst, NY.
15 -

Advantage Payroll Services

Provides payroll processing, tax filing and accounting reports for small to medium businesses.
16 -

Honkamp Krueger & Co.

CPA business consulting firm specializing in payroll.
17 -

Data Management, Inc.

Time and attendance software that interfaces with popular payroll packages/services.
18 -

Payroll Management, Inc.

Provides payroll processing services, based in Auburn, Maine.
19 -


Provides web-based payroll solutions to small businesses.
20 -


Ohio-based accounting, payroll processing and consulting service.
21 -

Matano Business Services

Provides complete payroll processing services.
22 -

Payroll Northwest

Offers payroll services throughout the Northwest.
23 -

Accurate Payroll & Secretarial Service

Offers payroll and tax preparation for small and mid-sized businesses.
24 -

The Information House

Provides system support services for human resource and payroll departments.
25 -

Certified Payroll Services

Payroll processing and payroll tax return preparation for small businesses.
26 -


Complete Payroll Services including online (web based) payroll, quickbooks integration and attentive service.
27 -

Payroll 1, Inc.

Provider of payroll and payroll tax filing services.
28 -

American Payroll Association

Provides resources for education and support of individuals and firms practicing payroll in the US and selected foreign countries.
29 -

Buckeye Payroll Services

Provides payroll preparation to small business in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.
30 -

Payecheck Ltd.

Payroll outsource provider based in Scotland. Also provides taxation services.
31 -

Payroll and Business Services Ltd

Offering payroll management and administration services for UK and international businesses.
32 -

Payroll People Inc.

Offers automated payroll, Human Resource management, as well as tax, workers compensation, and 401(k) services.
33 -

Albion Payroll Solutions

Payroll processing and tax preparation to small and medium sized businesses
34 -

Co-Advantage Resources, Inc.

Providing outsourced back-office solutions, including employee administration, payroll, human resources, and insurance services.
35 -

Payroll Network, Inc.

Provides payroll and payroll tax preparation services to small and medium-sized businesses in Washington, D.C.
36 -


Offers payroll and tax-processing services, including Internet-based timekeeping and remote PC entry.
37 -

CASA Payroll Services

Providing payroll and tax services, and human resources management.
38 -

Southland Payroll

Offers payroll solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.
39 -

CustomPay Inc.

Includes administration of foreign national employees.
40 -

Independent Payroll Services

Provides outsourced payroll requirements in South Africa.
41 -


California online payroll service and payment processing provider. Offers direct deposit, automatic check signing, stuffing, tax filing, and deductions.
42 -

Contractors Solutions

Workers Compensation and payroll services for Florida contractors.
43 -

Automated Payroll Service, LLC

National payroll service using Millennium Payroll/HR.
44 -

Paperless Pay is dedicated to providing a forum for HR and Payroll executives to explore the issues related to eliminating traditional paper-based processes for paying employees.
45 -

Paypro Corporation

Payroll services and solutions provider.
46 -

Flexpay Payroll Services

Provides payroll and tax services in the Winston Salem, NC area.
47 -


Payroll services, tax filing, direct deposit serving Philadelphia and surrounding counties.
48 -

Nevada Payroll Services, LLC

Payroll services for businesses throughout Nevada.
49 -

Bottomline Technologies, Inc.

Enables organizations to transition from the traditional paper check process to electronic payments and facilitate electronic commerce. (Nasdaq: EPAY).
50 -


payroll service, tax filing, accounting reports, and workers compensation for Florida businesses.
51 -


Payroll and personnel management services in the United Kingdom.
52 -


Payroll, benefits, tax and human resource services
53 -

Payroll Site UK

Online payroll for small UK employers operating PAYE.
54 -

QTS Payroll Services

Integrated payroll services, tax filing and accounting reports for businesses nationwide.
55 -


Midwest payroll and HR service with online management and payroll.
56 -

Alpha Staff

Integrated payroll, benefits, tax, risk management, accounting, and HR management for mid-market businesses.
57 -

1st Choice

Complete Payroll Service. Fully qualified (IPPM).
58 -


Full outsourcing of HR functions, web based HR and payroll in Norway.
59 -


Payroll processing, timekeeping, and HR.
60 -


Payroll Service for businesses throughout California.
61 -

Armstrong Payroll Solutions

Fully managed and bureau payroll services in UK.
62 -

Payroll on a Budget

Cost effective payroll services for small business. 100% paperless payroll.
63 -

Payroll Business Services Ltd - Manchester

Outsourced employee payroll processing services for small to medium businesses.
64 -

The Jacobson Group

Payroll for the entertainment industry.
66 -

Dominion Systems Inc.

Payroll, benefit administration, human resource and retirement services for businesses of any size in western Michigan.
67 -


Payroll processing, tax payments &reporting, etc. servicing clients nationwide.
68 -

A D Computer

Online payroll and human resources management.
69 -

PayMaster, Inc.

Payroll processing, tax filing and payment, workers compensation, human resources in Florida
70 -


Tailor-made, fully computerised, payroll and personnel service.
71 -


Complete payroll service for small to medium size businesses.
72 -

Pay Plus

Providing Accounting, Payroll, and Tax Services since 1979.
73 -

Business Information Management

Offers Information and payroll processing within the UK. Profile, services and case studies.
74 -

American Payroll Services

Complete service, including check printing, direct deposit, and tax filings
75 -

ASAP Accounting & Payroll Services, Inc.

Offering dial-in entry, direct payroll deposits, and electronic transfers.
76 -

Payroll Company

Processing and tax. Customer service and accuracy are our main focuses.
77 -

ClergyTech, Inc

Offers payroll services exclusively for churches and other ministries in the US.
78 -

Professional Payroll Services Inc.

Payroll and human resource services for small and medium sized businesses.
79 -

Payroll Business Solutions Ltd

Offering payroll software and outsource solutions. Includes client list and services. UK based.
80 -

Contractor Umbrella Company - Paycheck Services Limited

PAYE and CIS registered contractor umbrella company providing accounting services to self employed contractors, consultants and freelancers throughout the UK.
81 -

Checkmate Payroll Services

Processing and tax return preparation.
82 -

The Payroll Resource Group

San Francisco Bay area outsourced customizable, integrated payroll, benefits and HR processing.
83 -


Provider of nationwide payroll processing services.
84 -

PayServ Corporation

Payroll and payroll tax preparation.
85 -


Offering payroll services as well as time and attendance, benefits, COBRA and background checks.
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