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Financial Consultants Websites

Firms and individuals PRIMARILY offering financial advisory services to businesses and/or consumers.
1 -

Corfina AG

Offering financial and management consulting services, specializing in strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Features publications and company news.
2 -

Gallo Consulting

Consulting and presentations on child and family financial issues. Los Angeles, California.
3 -

Gordian Group, L.P.

Providing investment banking and financial advisory services in complex situations.
4 -

Wilmington Trust

Provides financial advice, and trust and asset protection services.
5 -

Independent Professional Services

Financial and administrative service for independent consultants.
6 -

Treasury Strategies, Inc.

An independent treasury management consulting firm.
7 -

Bridgebay Financial

Investment consulting firm serving corporations and institutional clients.
8 -

Royal Alliance

Provides investment product selection, support and technology to investment professionals.
9 -

ITG Inc.

Provides technologies that help institutional investors find liquidity and reduce transaction costs.
10 -

Fiduciary Capital Management, Inc.

Provides institutional clients with stable value investment management services.
11 -

George Smith Partners

Provides real estate financing and consulting services nationwide.
12 -

Estate Street Partners, LLC

Tax strategists assist clients in making smart decisions about their finances.
13 -

The CFO Connection

Part-time expertise in finance, strategic planning and negotiating.
14 -

Creative Corporate Finance Solutions

Indonesian financial consulting firm advises investors and corporations.
15 -

Philip Saunders Associates

Finance consulting in litigation, business disputes and corporate turnarounds.
16 -

The Rainier Group

Works with business owners in business transition planning and related areas.
17 -


Offers consulting and analysis for banking, telecom, energy, and health care industries.
18 -

Bok Consulting Pty Ltd

Information technology solutions in the banking and finance industries.
19 -

Greycourt & Co, Inc.

Investment consultants offers investment services.
20 -

Polaris Business Group

Providing interim management for growing, entrepreneurial companies.
21 -

Zimmerman Financial LLC

Tax, accounting, and financial advice to individuals and businesses.
22 -

Financial Executives Consulting Group, LLC

Consults on financial issues that confront an organization.
23 -

The Empyrean Group

Maximizes tax credits for research and experimental development.
24 -

KMG Independent Ltd

Financial advisers providing financial planning services to clients in the UK.
25 -

Web-based tool helps advisors manage clients, conduct research and track investment performance.
26 -

National Compliance Services

Offers registration and compliance products and services for investment advisers and broker dealers.
27 -

Dannible, McKee and Associates

Provides valuation, ownership transition and financial consulting to design firms.
28 -

Enterprise Services, Inc.

Provides expert knowledge relating to ESOPs throughout the United States.
29 -

Arthur Consulting Group

Specializes in complex issues of economic and financial analysis and taxation.
30 -

Family Office Exchange

Advises both family members and the professionals responsible for managing their wealth.
31 -

Robb Evans & Associates

Fiduciaries, assest managers and financial consultants.
32 -

Nelson Business Financial Consultants

Specializes in business plans, mergers and acquisitions and valuations.
33 -

Springsted Incorporated

Consultants providing financial advisory services to public entities.
34 -

RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

Consulting services in bank information systems, project management and operations.
35 -

DeVisscher and Company LLC

An independent financial advisor for family-controlled companies.
36 -

Capital Market Risk Advisors

Advisory firm specializes in risk management and capital markets strategy.
37 -

FTI Consulting

Firm with practices in financial restructuring and litigation support.
38 -

Miller Group

Consulting firm focusing on corporate finance, venture capital, and business valuations.
39 -

Trish Dehn & Associates

Assists investment advisors in registering with state regulators or the SEC.
40 -

Brand Finance

Conducts brand valuation and strategy assignments with blue-chip clients.
41 -

Empowered Wealth

National consulting firm advises successful people on how to protect financial capital.
42 -

Mark Monreal & Associates

Business and financial consultants.
43 -

Barkley International Inc.

Provides capital market consulting, litigation support and technological solutions.
44 -

Tunstall Consulting

Specializes in strategy development and capital formation for high growth companies.
45 -

Advantage Consulting Group

International consulting firm that specializes in the credit card industry.
46 -

Andrew Kalotay Associates

Specialists in corporate and municipal debt management, bond valuation, and derivatives.
47 -

Biz 911

Engaged primarily in the process of business dispute resolution and debt management.
48 -

Execucor Financial

Financial advisers and brokers to entrepreneurs, owners and managers of small to mid-sized companies.
49 -

B/D Solutions

Provides compliance management consulting and broker / dealer registration.
50 -

Lyle B. Benson, Loan Consultant

Offers to obtain the best terms for a loan request for businesses.
51 -

Health Business Partners

Financial advisors to the nutrition, natural products, and healthcare industries.
52 -

Boston Portfolio Advisors

Provides loan portfolio consulting services.
53 -

The Griffith Group

Provides business research and analysis to businesses and financial institutions.
54 -

Consults organizations on the formation and launch of de novo banks.
55 -

Firm Decisions

International consultancy providing specialist financial services to advertisers.
56 -

Boston Street Advisors, Inc.

Financial consultants specializing in private equity funding and business development.
57 -

CFO For Rent

Specializes in financial management consulting for entrepreneurs and businesses.
58 -

A. A. Nazzaro Associates

Offers securities lending management and consulting services.
59 -

Steven F. Rueb

Professional investment advice for clients seeking to accumulate and preserve wealth.
60 -

Federal Financial Analytics

Provides information services and government consulting to the financial services industry.
61 -

International Securities Consultancy

Provides advice and technical assistance relating to capital markets.
62 -

Financial Technology Partners

Bank consulting firm specializing in payment systems and solutions.
63 -

FMT Solutions

Provides training, consulting, and marketing services for financial corporations.
64 -

Canby Financial Advisors

Provides financial planning, consultation, and related financial services.
65 -

Geyer Management Associates

Provider of management consulting, executive education, and research services.
66 -

Physicians Financial Advisors

Resource for employment contract review and financial planning.
67 -

PayStream Advisors

Electronic payments research and advisory services for corporate treasury.
68 -

JMT Consulting Group, Inc.

Technology and financial consulting for the non-profit sector.
69 -

US Advisory Services

Consulting firm servicing check cashers, payday lenders, and banks that serve such entities.
70 -

Capital Resource Management

A full-service financial firm advising individual and institutional investors. Listing of services provided, newsletters, financial links, contacts and a promotional video.
71 -

Askew Kabala & Company, Inc.

Offers investment banking and financial consulting services.
72 -

Global Consultants

Specializing in financial, management consultancy and training. Also audit and translation services.
73 -

Estradagy Business Advisors

A business advisory and financial services company providing management, financial and technical assistance.
74 -

Applied Financial Diagnostics

Specializing in consulting, training and software solutions to corporates, government and financial institutions. Areas of expertise include foreign exchange, financial systems and financial engineering.
75 -

MM Consult Ltd.

Provides management consulting and corporate finance. Includes a company profile, list of clients, and FAQ.
76 -

LD Bailey & Associates

Specializes in asset management, financial analysis, business strategy, and management technologies.
77 -

Kenneth J. Dalto & Associates

Specializing in access to capital investment, business development, crisis and restructuring consulting.
78 -

J. Peter Graeffe

Offers corporate financial consulting, focusing on planning, reorganization and acquisitions, investment analysis and project financing.
79 -

Vertic SpA

Offering finance management consulting to small and medium enterprises.
80 -

Vancouver Pacific Financial Group

Specializing in estate and retirement planning, and insurance strategies development.
81 -

Goldberg Corporate Finance

Provides international corporate finance consulting. Specializes in mergers and acquisitions, business and market analysis, valuations.
82 -

BSpudly Enterprises

Provides financial consulting, bank instruction and expert testimony.
83 -

CFO Consulting Group, Inc.

Specializes in financial, accounting, human resources and strategic advisory services.
84 -

KGS Financial, Inc.

Provides operational, financial, risk management and derivatives consulting
85 -

The CBM Group, Inc

A management consulting firm specialized in the financial services industry.
86 -

Replicon Oy

Offers corporate finance services for life-science sector, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, as well as IT-solutions. Helsinki, Finland.
87 -

Concord Financial Advisors, LLC

Offering financial advisory and business consulting services.
88 -

CFO Strategic Partners

Provides financial assessment and strategic planning services.
89 -

Fountain Agricounsel LLC

Management consulting company and a strategic advisor to investment banking companies doing financial transactions in agribusiness
90 -

Strategic CFO, Inc.

Provides financial consulting, controller services and financial analysis. Features a summary of tools developed by the company.
91 -

Terry Wakefield

Offering strategic consulting services for financial companies. Provides an executive profile, references and affiliations.
92 -

Bennington Partners LLC

Offers loan review, strategy formulation and regulatory compliance checking for lending institutions. Features principal profiles and contact details.
93 -

Wealthco Financial Advisory Services Inc.

Provide investment and estate planning advory services. Features newsletter, financial links and tools.
94 -

PI ETA Consulting Company Pte Ltd

Offers financial risk management consulting services. Describes products and services, features articles, forum and contact details.
95 -

Hynes, Himmelreich, Glennon & Company

Fee-only financial services firm, specializing in individual financial counsel and investment management, personal and corporate tax preparation, and family foundation management.
96 -

Lynch Financial Advisors

Offers fee-only financial planning services. Specializes in asset allocation, insurance and employee benefits review, tax planning and preparation, and small business development.
97 -

Epic Partners

A merchant banking and advisory firm focused on the education and training sector. Features an overview of the education market and profiles of advisors.
98 -

Shoreline Financial Advisors, LLC

Fee-based financial and wealth management firm offering investment, retirement and insurance services.
99 -

Optima Financial Resources

Offers tax and financial planning services. Specializes in assisting equine, medical industries and related areas.
100 -

JPB Enterprises, Inc

Provides private equity, venture capital and real estate investment services, and advisory. Features news headlines and contact details.
101 -

Hedge Trackers, LLC

Consulting firm offers corporate clients foreign exchange and interest rate risk management services.
102 -

The Lotter Group

Provides affluence and business management services in the USA. Includes description of services and free newsletter.
103 -

Pembroke Consulting

Financial advisors, accountants and general insurance specialists. Based in Weybridge, Surrey, UK.
104 -

Noa Lessing Fusco, LLC

Fee-only financial advisory services, including asset management, estate, retirement and tax planning.
105 -

Strategic Insight

Assists asset management, fund companies, and insurance companies with product development, marketing, distribution and stratgey.
106 -

The David R. Bergmann Group

Offering tax, insurance, and financial services. Products and services descriptions, client center.
107 -

CFG Business Solutions

Succession planning, wealth transfer and executive compensation services for mid-size family controlled companies.
108 -

Ameriprise Financial

Financial advice for individuals, small businesses and corporations.
109 -

Pearl Meyer

An executive compensation consulting firm.
110 -

Next Step International

Provides project management and consulting services to banks.
111 -

JDS Financial Solutions

Information on immediate annuity pay-outs, high interest rates, fixed deferred annuities, and the equity index.
112 -

Kasina, LLC

Consultant for distribution issues in the asset management and insurance industries.
113 -

The Pegaesus Group

A nationwide affiliation of legal, accounting and investment professionals.
114 -

Fraser Hone Consulting Inc.

Specializes in corporate planning, financial, risk management and administrative.
115 -

Stout Risius Ross, Inc

Specializes in investment banking, restructuring, valuation and litigation advisory services. Staff profiles, news and contact details.
116 -

Fagan & Associates

Irish financial consultancy primarily concerned with advice on taxation and investment.
117 -

Willow Creek Wealth Management

Provides personal and business financial advising on a fee-only basis.
118 -

Berk Inc.

Offering strategic planning, financial and economic analysis. Features firm services and key projects, history and people.
119 -


Financial consultants managing financial operations for middle sized and large organizations.
120 -

Campbell Williams, Inc.

Investment consulting firm assisting clients with investment portfolio management.
121 -

Wye River Capital, Inc.

Provides financial advisory and capital financing services to businesses, governments and non-profit organizations.
122 -

Rodgers Investment Consulting

Consulting investment services to non-profit organizations, individuals, and the firms serving them.
123 -

Parks Financial Consultancy

Firm provides fiscal advising.
124 -

Signer Management

Offers financial advisory and consulting, based in Zurich, Switzerland.
125 -

Financial Focus Advisory Services, LLC

Offers financial advisory services, specializing in tax and investment consulting. Features newsletter, links and contact details.
126 -

Axelia Partners

Provides European companies with part-time financial management of subsidiaries in the United States.
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