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College Financing Websites

This category contains resources for locating and obtaining student loans and other post-secondary education financing.
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Citibank Student Loans

Lender offers financial aid, grant and scholarship information.
2 -


Offers college financial aid resources.
3 -

College Savings Bank

Offers section 529 college savings plans and IRAs for college.
4 -

Connecticut Student Loan Foundation

A national provider of higher education loans.
5 -

Education Services Foundation

Provides financial aid consulting to students, schools and lenders.
6 -

The Lagrant Foundation

Provides scholarships, educational support and career advisement for minorities.
7 -

NorthStar Total Higher Education

A non-profit organization offering a variety of federal and private student loan packages.
8 -

Tuition Management Systems

Programs to help families afford education.
9 -


A non-profit corporation providing financial information and services to students seeking higher education.
10 -

Access Group

Provides student loans and financial aid services.
11 -

Sun Trust Banks, Inc.

Offers over 30 years experience in education lending and financial aid advice.
12 -

Offers independent information on section 529 college savings plans.
13 -


Provides support services and educational loan programs for students and parents.
14 -

Alliance Capital

Offers a program for planning and saving for college tuition.
15 -

Student Loan Counseling Service, Inc.

Provides free services to student loan borrowers with a mission to help borrowers stay out of default and successfully repay their loans.
16 -

529 Solutions

Offers section 529 pre-paid tuition savings plans.
17 -

Student Loans of North Dakota

Offers a variety of loan programs to help students and parents finance the costs of higher education.
18 -

College Loan Corporation

Offers a tutorial explaining the financial aid process.
19 -

Educational Services of America, Inc.

Non-profit corporation partnering with schools, lenders and secondary markets to provide student loan services for students and families.
20 -

EduCap Inc.

Provides private education loans and consolidation.
21 -

Nelnet, Inc.

Provides a full range of federal and private education loans and valuable resources for student and graduates.
22 -

Sallie Mae

Provides loans for undergraduate and graduate college students and their parents.
23 -

Wells Fargo Student Loans and Banking

Undergraduate and graduate loans, as well as repayment options and banking services for students.
24 -

Simple Tuition

Student loans, including federal loans, private loans and consolidation loans, includes a comparison feature
25 -


Offering student loans, federal student loan consolidation, scholarships, and educational resources.
26 -

College Planning Experts, LLC

Offers college planning services including paying for college and financial planning advice. Located in Virginia.
27 -

Beat Tuition

Information on funding college expenses, including how to get a grant using a FAFSA. Student loan types explained, as well as information covering a variety of financial aid subjects.
28 -

Student Finance Domain

Provides information about student loans, financial aid and money management.
29 -

South Carolina Student Loan

Offers affordable loans to compliment SC Tuition Grants, SC Lottery Tuition Assistance, SC Palmetto Fellows, SC LIFE, and SC HOPE scholarships to South Carolinians
30 -

Fynanz Inc.

A people-to-people lending marketplace for low-cost private student loans.
31 -

International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc.

Administers scholarship programs for businesses, trusts, and organizations.
32 -

Provides student volunteers stipend ($10-$20/hr) for their loan payment.
33 -

Education Grant

Online articles and latest information on student grants, scholarships, and loans.
34 -

The College Funding Connection

Offers consulting service for college preparation and financing. Located in Ohio.
35 -

American Student Assistance

Provides neutral information about student loan debt
36 -

Education Credit Management Corp.

A student loan guarantor. Services student loans in the event of personal bankruptcy. Information for colleges and lenders, brief description of services, news, executive profiles.
37 -

Private College 529 Plan

529 plan, offered by OppenheimerFunds
38 -

Overture Marketplace

A private student loan comparison website that gives rates and terms from multiple lenders side-by-side.
39 -

Education Grants

Canadian site. Provides information on grants, student loans, financial aid, and scholarships.
40 -

Cedar Education Lending

Private student loans, private student loan consolidations and a private student loan consolidation calculator.
41 -

Northwest Education Loan Association

Provides student loan guarantee and support services to schools and students throughout the West.
42 -

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation

Offers schools, lenders and students loan origination and servicing.
43 -

Clark College Funding

Provides student financing consulting services, espcially for families who do not qualify for need based financial aid.
44 -

JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Student Loan Division

Provides private, federal, and education loans for parents of K-12 and college students. On-line application, product information, and branch locations.
45 -

PNC Bank

Offers Federal Stafford, PLUS and consolidation as well as private alternative loans.
46 -

Student Market

Provides information on federal stafford and federal plus student loans.
47 -

Citizens Bank: College Loans

College financing plans to help pay for higher education, offers a variety of options.
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