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Solid Waste Websites

Features businesses concerned with the management of solid waste.
1 -

N-Viro International Corporation

Company utilizes patented technologies to stabilize and disinfect municipal bio solids and transforms waste products into alternative fuel, synergistic with coal combustion.
2 -

Komar Industries

Engineers, designs and manufactures waste processing equipment and systems.
3 -

Solid Waste Online

Technology and product updates for professionals in the solid waste industry - information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, and supplies. Includes discussion forum, online chat, newsletter and software.
4 -

Bay West, Inc.

Provides environmental remediation, industrial cleaning, waste management, commercial diving, marine construction, and emergency response services to industry and government.
5 -

RRT Design and Construction

Features solid waste processing systems and recycling facilities. Professional services include feasibility studies, site assessments, permitting, engineering and process/plant design, equipment procurement, construction and construction management.
6 -

Waste Administrative Services, Inc. (WASI)

Solid waste management company. Services include centralized billing, equipment efficiency analysis, contract monitoring, and equipment sales and installation.
7 -

Valet Waste, Inc.

Offers businesses and municipalities a system of doorstep trash and recycling collection, with optional compactor leasing.
8 -

Waste Management Northwest Region

Provides residential and commercial solid waste and recycling services in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, including landfills and transfer station operations.
9 -

Hull and Associates, Inc.

Services span solid and hazardous waste management with a specific focus toward landfill design, construction oversight and environmental compliance/monitoring programs.
10 -

Comprehensive Environmental Inc. (CEI)

Environmental and engineering firm offering solid waste management services, including planning, design, and construction.
11 -

Environmental Waste Solutions

Cost Reduction Consultants for solid waste and recycling expenses.
12 -

Waste Connections Inc.

Provides solid waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services to secondary markets in the Western U.S. (Nasdaq: WCNX).
13 -

Advanced Disposal

Provides solid waste disposal and recycling services to the South Eastern States residential, commercial and municipal marketplace.
14 -

Project Search Inc.

PSI is a reporting service for the US solid and hazardous waste, mining and civil engineering industries; with fee schedule.
15 -

Joyce Engineering, Inc.

Full-service solid waste management consulting firm. Engineering and environmental solutions include siting, post-closure management and environmental remediation.
16 -

Nestor Resources

Providing services for solid waste management planning; cost efficiency analyses; contract specifications for procurement services and equipment; PAYT; programs for recycling, yard waste; drop-off and curbside.
17 -

HSA Golden

Environmental and Engineering Consultants providing solid waste facility siting (permitting / monitoring / closure). Company also provides contamination and site assessments to the private sector.
18 -

Geomembrane Leak Location Services

Geomembrane leak location services for landfills, ponds, and tanks using the electrical leak location method
19 -

National Environmental Systems, Inc.

Manufactures equipment for environmental remediation needs including; air sparging, carbon adsorption, groundwater, high vacuum, soil gas extraction, oil water separators, air stippers and sound attenuation.
20 -


They design and supply environmental technology plants. Works towards thermal waste treatment, flue gas cleaning, and treatment of residues. Switzerland (international).
21 -

John E Conover, Jr., P.E., Environmental Consulting

Case studies of pollution cleanup projects. The case studies are useful to show the experience of the consultants and may be of interest to those who wish to learn about pollution cleanup methods.
22 -

Modern Corporation

Full service solid waste disposal and waste management company.
23 -

Technisches Büro für Umweltschutz

Professional engineering and consulting services for the waste management and environment industry. Austria (international).
24 -


ModuTank manufactures aboveground modular bolted steel storage tanks for water, wastewater, chemical storage, and secondary containment. Rental tanks are also available.
25 -

Bale Group

Hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste management solution, specializing in bulk liquid haulage, deep suction and jetting, pollution control, chemical disposal, oil and water recycling, organic waste recycling, tanker hire repair.
26 -

Plasco Energy Group

Company has a proprietary Plasma Gasification Process (PGP) that converts carbonaceous materials such as municipal solid waste into an energy-rich fuel.
27 -

Waste Business Journal

Provides vital and reliable business research and analysis for the waste management industry. Data includes pricing, volumes, supply and demand for waste disposal services and products.
28 -

Retriever Waste Management

Provider of trash management and recycling services to companies in a variety of industries, including retail, restaurant and healthcare.
29 -

World Waste Systems

Provides a Municipal Solid Waste Management Recycling System utilizing separation, conversion and composting.
30 -

Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency

Provides environmentally sound, financially stable, fiscally responsible, community recognized, solid waste management services that include appropriate waste reduction, resource conservation, and disposal activities.
31 -

Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling

ACR+ is an International Network of Cities and Regions for the exchange of information and experiences on the prevention at source, recycling and recovery of municipal solid waste. Europe.
32 -

Garrett & Moore, Inc.

Solid waste landfill permitting and system design, landfill appurtenance permitting and design, bidding services, environmental monitoring & permitting, financial evaluations and troubleshooting.
33 -

OAKLEAF Waste Management, LLC

Nationwide provider of outsourced solid waste and recycling solutions.
34 -

Republic Services

Waste service company, providing collection, recycling, and disposal services to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States. Features a corporate overview, news releases, and financial information. (NYSE:RSG)
35 -

Interstate Waste Technologies, Inc.

Environmental company that finances, designs, constructs, and operates solid waste facilities.
36 -


Specialists in cleaning and waste management services for international venues and events.
37 -

Synagro Technologies, Inc.

Transports, treats and monitors biosolids, including marketing end products of treatment. Includes range of services, and indutrustries served in the USA from Houston, Texas. (Nasdaq: SYGR)
38 -

Wheelabrator Technologies USA

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. is a premier renewable energy generation company producing clean energy from waste fuels.
39 -

WIH Resource Group, LLC

Waste Consulting, solid waste strategies, waste by rail solutions, collection and transfer station business improvement assessments.
40 -


Full service, non-hazardous solid waste company providing collection and disposal services to commercial, industrial and residential customers in the Central and Southern region of the United States.
41 -

Waste Industries, Inc.

Provides solid waste collection, transfer, recycling, processing and disposal services to customers in North and South Carolina, and to a limited extent Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. (Nasdaq: WWIN).
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