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Products and services with the purpose of assisting individuals, businesses, and governments in meeting pollution prevention goals by reducing waste, conducting recycling programs, establishing composting facilities, etc. Related categories include Science/Environment/Products_and_Services/Consultants/ (for diversified environmental consulting) and Science/Environment/Products_and_Services/ (for a diverse range of environmental management products and services).
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Fost Plus Recycling

Support for recycling of household packaging waste.
2 -

Cellpap India Private Limited

Provides indentation services for steel scrap, wood pulp and paper.
3 -


Personal care product recycling technologies, primarily disposable diapers. Company profile, services, resources and news.
4 -

ABNOR Recycling and Cleaning Services

Recycles pipe thread protectors for many of the major oil and gas operators.
5 -

Fibres International

Provides recycling of paper, glass, and aluminum cans, and a retailer of industry equipment.
6 -

BioTech International Inc.

Specializes in the management and recycling of machine coolant and metalworking fluids.
7 -


Recycled resin mouldings redeemed from office and home appliances replace timber and virgin plastic frames in upholstered and outdoor furniture and garden products.
8 -

Elms Recycling

Recycling and processing of jedec and ic trays, semiconductors, rejected components, electronics scrap, computer boards, obsolete electronics parts, refining of precious metal scrap; collection agent for ic tray producers
9 -

Mayer Information Technology

Software for recycling companies.
10 -


Services include recycling, skip hire, wood waste and waste reduction and minimization. Features on-line waste savings calculator.
11 -

SOS Recycling

Services include surplus chemical sales, waste disposal, hazardous chemical replacement chemistries, cleaning equipment, and virgin lab chemical sales.
12 -


Converts solid waste into synthetic building materials such as tile, slate and siding.
13 -

Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.

Provides fluorescent lamp recycling, mercury recovery and disposal services.
14 -

Benzaco Scientific, Inc.

Researches, designs and manufactures chemical and equipment technology for odor control.
15 -

Miller Recycling Corporation

Full service recycling company.
16 -

Scientific Developments Inc.

Manufacturer of molded and recycled scrap tire rubber products.
17 -

VIP International, Inc.

Specializes in routine and emergency maintenance of sulfuric acid plant towers and converters.
18 -

Oxford Recycling

Recycles concrete, asphalt, rubber tires and wood in Denver, Colorado.
19 -

Environmental Packaging International

Specialists in global environmental packaging and product stewardship requirements. Services include compliance assessment, customized packaging databases, fee reporting, and training.
20 -

Solvent Systems International

Offers solvent and metal recycling, and chemical waste disposal services to foundries and other industrial customers.
21 -

Used Oil Management Association

Manages recycling programs to sustain and facilitate the responsible collection and recycling of used oil materials. These include used oil, filters and plastic oil containers.
22 -


Provides a waste solvent recycling service for acetone, alcohol, and methylene chloride.
23 -

Beta Control Systems

Design and manufacture hydrochloric and sulfuric acid recovery, pH Neutralization, and heat recovery systems.
24 -

ECS Refining, Inc.

Environmentally safe recycling of precious metals, photo processing wastes, and tin and lead residues.
25 -

The Environment Exchange

Provides an open and auditable electronic trading facility for PRNS.
26 -

PC Disposal

Provides computer disposal and recycling services.
27 -

Sonepa Plastics Industries, Inc.

Provides recycling and the buying and selling of offgrade plastics, rubbers and additives.
28 -

Foam Recycle Center

Collects and purchases post-consumer and post-industrial polyurethane flexible foam such as used carpet pads and furniture cushions.
29 -


Supplier of balers, shredders, and scrap handling systems.
30 -

Iowa Recycling Association

A non-profit organization providing a forum to learn about waste management issues.
31 -

Oahu Community Recycling

Provides a curbside recycle program that benefits neighborhoods, schools and churches by donating its recyclables. Located in Hawaii.
32 -

S O S Environmental, Inc.

Provides environmental remediation solutions including site assessments, soil contamination investigations and ground water contamination investigations.
33 -

Marwol Metals

Offers the buying and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.
34 -

The Whitman Companies, Inc.

Provides environmental engineering and management services. Based in New Jersey.
35 -

SRS Engineering Corp.

Offers solvent distillation systems for a wide range of applications, such as recycling solvent for reuse in closed loop washer systems.
36 -

Seewolf Enterprises Ltd.

Specializes in environmental protection and cleanup services on land or water including oil spill containment and reclamation of contaminated soil.
37 -

Harmony Industries, Inc.

Buys and sells scrap plastic, rubber and other recyclable materials.
38 -

InHouse Commercial Recyclers

Provides custom recycling and shredding programs for the office or large company located in the Bay Area. Materials include paper, cans, glass, and cardboard.
39 -

Solvent Recovery Systems

Manufactures a recycler to recover acetone and other solvents from hazardous waste.
40 -

The Green Store

Offers organic clothing, natural bedding, solar and wind home energy systems and alternative health remedies.
41 -

Appertain Corporation

Recyclers of paper products, wood products, foams, plastics and sponges.
42 -

Kmac Services

Collects, processes and recycles non-hazardous waste.
43 -

Bayshore Recycling

New Jersey recycling facility offers waste management recycling centers specializing in construction and demolition recycling, metal recycling, and soil management.
44 -

Flash Tech Inc.

Uses high energy light to remove paint and coatings from aircraft and other equipment without environmental contamination.
45 -

Industrial Services of America, Inc.

Performs ferrous, non-ferrous and fiber recycling, as well as solid waste management services. (Nasdaq: IDSA).
46 -

Solway Recycling

Offers recycling of plastic waste from agriculture, aquaculture and other industry markets.
47 -

WastAway Services

Recycles household garbage into a material named Fluff, used as a growing medium and for construction materials. Overview of process, products, news, and studies.
48 -

Air Cycle Corporation

Provider for lamp, bulb, battery and ballast recycling in the United States.
49 -

Ciparo BV

The Netherlands. Independent company, involved in the collection and shipping of used pulp and paper, plastics, metals and fibers for recycling purposes in China. Also, suppliers of recycling technologies. English and Chinese.
50 -

American Recycler

A monthly industry newspaper covering salvage and recycling news and events.
51 -

JACO Environmental

Recycles home appliances.
52 -

MDS Prozesstechnik GmbH

Germany. Design, development and manufacture of membrane, nano- and ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis systems and technologies for industrial waste water recycling. English and German.
53 -

Thermo Fluids Inc.

Provides recycling for used oil, oily-water, used oil filters, antifreeze, sumps, absorbents, diesel fuel and other petroleum products.
54 -


Offers paper pulping, waste transportation, disposal, and tire recycling. Specialized in recovering and regection of old PC components and electronic parts. Describes services, company, and location.
55 -

Resource Recycling, LLC

A privately held company that custom designs, builds, installs, and operates ash processing and metal recovery systems specifically for the waste-to-energy industry.
56 -

Gary Steacy Dismantling Ltd

Canada. Operates PCB transformer recycling / incineration facility. Recovers high grade copper, aluminum and scrap steel as part of metal recycling programme.
57 -

Bywaters Ltd

Offer waste management and recycling services in London and the South East of England. Also supply containers and other waste handling and recycling equipment.
58 -

Budget Bin Hire Melbourne

Australia. Provides waste skip hire, rubbish removal and waste disposal services in Melbourne.
59 -

CarpetCycle LLC

USA. Provides solutions for the removal, collection, tear-out contracting and recycling of post consumer carpet. Includes profile, services offered, request a quote and contact details.
60 -

Select A Skip UK Ltd

Provides a nationwide skip hire and waste disposal service.
61 -

Monmouthshire Community Recycling

UK. Not for profit social enterprise offering a cheap recycling service to businesses in the Monmouthshire and Forest of Dean area.
62 -

Green Waste Recycling

West Yorkshire, UK. Individual and commercial green waste disposal service offering garden waste recycling, chipper hire, and waste collection for individuals, and commercial gardeners.
63 -

Reverse Garbage Co-Op

Non-profit co-operative collecting and selling industrial offcuts and discards creative and practical reuse. Based in Australia.
64 -

Amazon Environmental, Inc

Providers of latex paint recycling services.
65 -

CCL North Ltd.

Recyclers for the electronics industry. Contains information on services provided, on the directives surrounding their work and vacancies within the company.
66 -

CPRC Group

Processes waste materials for recycling into road building materials.
67 -

ALA Recycling

Recycling consulting firm and broker specializing in waste paper recycling, textile waste recycling, plastic recycling, and silver recovery.
68 -

Recycle Direct

Suppliers of recycling machinery, Spares, Repairs and Services Worldwide
69 -

Recyle Away

Provides recycling waste products to cities, businesses and homes.
70 -


Offers granulators, pulverizers, shredders and other recycling-machines.
71 -


Sells oil separators, water separators and skimmers.

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