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Includes sites for equipment used in the waste management industry.
1 -

BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH

Germany. Supplier of machine and system solutions for waste material sorting and recovery. Applications include industrial waste, municipal waste, waste paper and building rubble.
2 -

Blower Application Co., Inc

USA. Design and manufacture of trim, waste and scrap processing and recycling equipment for paper, film, textiles, nonwovens, foil, wood and light metal applications.
3 -

Eurohansa, Inc

Supplies size-reduction shredders and grinders for recycling applications. Also supplies material sorting and handling equipment for any waste volume.
4 -


Designs, engineers, plans, builds recycling plants for the recovery of caustic soda from mercerizer waste water for the textile industry worldwide.
5 -

Kann Manufacturing Corporation

Manufacturer of recycling, refuse, and solid waste truck bodies.
6 -

AKT International Pty Ltd

Australia. The KIX dehydrator converts potentially dangerous pollutants, nuisance materials, insect contaminated or weather damaged produce, organic waste from canneries, breweries, abattoirs and restaurants into fine granular meal suitable for animal or marine feeds.
7 -

Trundean Machinery Co., Ltd

Taiwan. Manufacturers of absorption, waste gas disposal, and sewage disposal equipment. English and Chinese.
8 -

Frontier Industrial Corporation

Manufacturer of automatic bale dewiring systems and compost windrow turners.
9 -

Septic Services

Provides products for waste management such as aerators, control timers, sewage lift station pumps, and high water alarms.
10 -

Waste Solutions Limited

Waste and recycling equipment supplier and distributor servicing the needs of local authorities, waste contractors and industry in Ireland and the UK.
11 -

P&L Software Systems Limited

Waste management software for landfill, recycling, hazardous waste, skip and container operations and waste paper brokerage.
12 -

Pargreen Sales Engineering Corporation

Providers of cartridge and bag filters, strainers, filter housing, mixers, pumps, and filtration products.
13 -

Waldon Equipment

Manufacturer of construction equipment, street sweepers, bulldozers, and loader backhoes for use in industry, construction and landscaping.
14 -

Petersen Industries Inc.

Manufactures selection of trash handling and loading equipment. Site provides details of available units.
15 -

Kuang Jye Environmental Machine Co., Ltd.

Taiwan. Company profile of manufacturer of environmental protection machinery equipment for waste management.
16 -

Converto Manufacturing

USA. Manufacturer of material handling equipment in the scrap, recycling and waste removal and disposal industries.
17 -


Manufacturer of industrial vacuum trucks. Offers a full line of the accessories, hoses and replacement parts.
18 -

Stepp Equipment Company

Recycling, sludge and de-watering equipment to the waste and sludge handling industry.
19 -

General Equipment Company

Sells and services garbage packers, recycling trucks and various municipal equipment.
20 -

Pacific Press Company

Manufactures filter presses for the waste, industrial, sewage clarification, chemical, wine, food and beverage industries.
21 -

RDK Truck Sales and Service Inc.

Supplies garbage, roll-off and recycling trucks, and specialty equipment for the waste collection and recycling industry. Based in Tampa, FL.
22 -

Mechlift Pty. Ltd.

Manufactures vehicle mounted bin lifting machines. Describes products.
23 -

Vapor Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer of environmental chemicals and equipment including odor/emission control chemicals, industrial cleaning agents, and vapor scrubber systems.
24 -


Supplies refuse collection equipment including street sweeper and catch basin cleaners.
25 -

Western Systems & Fabrication, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of waste handling and recycling equipment including containers, balers, refuse trucks, compactors, plastic carts, scale systems, used equipment, and parts.
26 -

Fanotech Enviro Inc.

Canadian manufacturer of solid waste handling equipment and garbage trucks, including rear packers, front end loaders, transfer trailers, roll-off hoists, containers, and compactors.
27 -

S and G Enterprises, Inc.

Manufactures waste compactors. Description of products, company profile, literature downloads in .pdf format.
28 -

Middleton Engineering

UK. Information about waste recycling products including balers, shredders, conveyors, compactors, weighbridges and special fabrications. Includes information about design, servicing and spares.
29 -

M.S. Sales 2003

Offer buying and selling of used waste handling equipment.
30 -

Energy Recycling Co.

Supply advanced equipment for handling trash and recycling in office, institutional, and public places. Located in New Jersey, USA.
31 -

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems

Distributor of waste and recycling equipment in USA.
32 -

Haul-All Equipment

Specializes in the design and manufacture of waste and recycling systems including storage containers, collection vehicles and transfer stations.
33 -

SP Industries, Inc

Manufactures waste handling equipment for commercial and industrial applications including compactors, balers, hydraulic lifts, and other waste equipment. Located in Michigan, USA.
34 -


Distributor of complete waste management equipment and solutions in Romania, including balers, compactors, industrial sorting lines and hand pallet trucks.
35 -

Vacall Industries , Inc.

Provides specialized street sweepers, catch basin cleaners, vacuum trucks and sewer cleaning machines to governments and contractors.
36 -

Innovative Design Concepts

USA. Supplier of balers, shredders, recycling equipment and industrial storage and bulk material handling range of products.
37 -


Supplies industrial trash compactors, balers, drum crushers and shredders. Provides turnkey installations nationwide in USA.
38 -

Northern California Compactors, Inc.

Provide recycling equipment including trash compactors, balers, shredders and conveyors throughout USA and Canada.
39 -

C-Tec Industries, Inc.

USA. Supplies trash compactors, balers, containers, cart dumpers, odor control systems and waste monitor systems in the Midwest region.
40 -

Bridgeport Manufacturing Inc

USA. Supplier of refuse and recycle truck bodies and garbage trucks.
41 -

Big Stuff, Inc.

Provides various trash compactor solutions for business, apartment, corporate campus and retail locations.
42 -

Solid Waste Systems

Provider of trucks, compactors, balers and recycling related equipment for the waste industry. Brands including Marathon, Leach, Kann, KPac, Wayne, and Wittke.
43 -

Pacific Compactor Corporation

USA. Supplier of balers, compactors, pre-crushers, containers, shredders and other waste management equipment. Product listing, contact information.
44 -

Apollo Equipment, Inc.

USA. Supplies used equipment and used recycling equipment to the wood waste recycling industry.
45 -


Specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of vacuum suction units for the textile industry.
46 -

Simdean Envirotec Ltd

Air Pollution Control Engineers. Manufacturers and suppliers of the Multivent gas scrubber. Over twenty five years experience in the design and operation of gas and odour scrubbers.
47 -

Machinex Industries Inc.

Supplier for material recycling facilities, pulp and paper industries, municipal solid waste industries, and any type of facility that generates recyclable waste.
48 -

Wrightway Products

Australia. Supplier of industrial foot pedal bin lid opening mechanisms, vertical lift bin tipping and bin emptying machines for waste handling.
49 -

Jack Doheny Companies

Supplies vacuum excavators, street sweepers, vacuum loaders, sewer cleaners and camera systems in USA.

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