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Composting Websites

Contains businesses and organizations involved in composting aspects of waste management.
1 -

International Composting Services

Multi-disciplined consulting engineering company providing engineering project and construction management expertise for all kinds of waste treatment plants.
2 -

Transform Compost Systems

Develops, designs and implements economically viable and environmentally sustainable compost systems for agriculture, government and industry.
3 -

Environmental Products Technologies Corporation

Provide an aerobic bioreactor system for turning animal and food wastes into resources through rapid conversion and recycling.
4 -

Engineered Compost Systems, Inc.

USA. Designs and manufactures equipment and provides technical support for a wide range of composting operations.
5 -

Susteco AB

Sweden. Offers in-vessel composting systems with a choice of waste feeding systems, automatic pellets, sawdust feeding, shredders and surveillance systems.
6 -

Accelerated Compost Ltd

UK. Supplies the Rocket in-vessel composting system, for conversion of food and meat waste on a small to medium scale.
7 -


USA. Supplier of compostable plastic trash bags and foodservice ware, including plates, cups, cutlery and deli containers.
8 -

Sustainable Environmental Systems

UK. Provides independent advice on waste reduction, sustainable waste management, composting and recycling.
9 -

Global Environment Management Australia Pty Ltd

Supplies Aerobin compost bin that uses a patented lung or aeration core inside a sealed bin to promote aerobic break down of organic matters.
10 -

Earthsoul India Pvt Ltd

Provides 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastic bags.
11 -

Bag to Earth

Canada. Provides compostable paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags.
12 -

Wasteology Systems Ltd

UK. Provides the Wasteology in-vessel composting system for large scale composting of organic wastes.
13 -

Thilot Holland

Manufacturer of mushroom farm and organic waste composting equipment. Located in Lottum, Netherlands.
14 -

Green Mountain Technologies, Inc

Designs and manufactures in-vessel composting equipment. Also supplies compost management software and instrumentation.
15 -

NaturTech Composting Systems, Inc.

Offers an affordable, high-performance in-vessel, containerized composting system that provides pathogen destruction, odor control, and leachate management.
16 -

International Composting Corporation

Canada. Develops in-vessel composting technologies and provides solutions for a cleaner environment
17 -

Worm Composting Canada

Procures worms for sale for use in composting bins. Includes information on do-it-yourself composting projects including proper bin setup with videos.
18 -

Midwest Bio Systems

Manufactures compost turners and equipment, microbial inoculates and provides best practices training workshops.
19 -


Provides bokashi fermenting bins for residential and industrial use. Features recycling information and a blog for bokashi enthusiasts.
20 -

ASM Organic Recyclates

Produces an accelerated thermophilic aerobic digester to process mixed organic food and green waste into fertilizer.
21 -

Arborganic Acres

Composting facility that is combining waste products from arboriculture and farming industries with food waste to produce soil additives.
22 -

Meiko UK Limited

Food waste handling solutions and systems for foodservice establishments. Meiko food disposal equipment is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly answer to reducing kitchen waste to landfill sites.
23 -


Manufacturer of rotating in vessel composters for treating organic waste. The range covers both manual and fully automatic industrial and commercial composters.
24 -

KCS Engineering

Distributes composting machinery and equipment in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Includes both vessel composters and automatic industrial rotating composters.
25 -

Britaniacrest Recycling

Provides a skip hire and waste management service in Sussex and Surrey. Features a news page and photos.
26 -

GEOBIN Composting System

Manufactures a speciality composter system for fast acting decomposition. Build for backyard gardeners and municipalities.
27 -

DeBoef Grinding

DeBoef Grinding offers composting grinding services for wood, organic waste, and hay using the Vermeer TG5000 tub grinder.
28 -

Loudoun Composting

Operate a 25 acre fully permitted privately operated yard debris composting facility on the east coast. Soilmate & Karbon analysis, Soilmate compost and Karbon leaf mulch.
29 -

Inglis Environmental

Specializes in compost technologies and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
30 -

Agroplasma Inc.

Sources plant energizers and fertilizers designed for both conventional and organic farming.
31 -

Midwest Fiber

A full-service recycler including composting services for schools, restaurants or businesses with food scraps.
32 -

HotRot Organic Solutions

Offers in-vessel composting systems from 1-150 tonnes per day for environment friendly organic waste disposal.
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