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Bioconversion Websites

Includes businesses manufacturing products and providing services related to bioconversion in the waste management industry.
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Caldwell Environmental

USA. Biological products for the removal of fats, oils, and grease, solid wastes and hydrocarbons from the environment.
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Biomass Technology Group

Conversion of biomass (residues or fuel crops) and waste, ranging from research to commercial technology applications. Site topics include combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, cookstoves, and energy crops.
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Micro-Blaze Microbial Products

Cleans up oil and other hydrocarbon and organic wastes by biodegrading them into harmless byproducts.
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Recovered Energy, Inc

Manufactures plasma gasification systems for recycling many types of waste into useable products.
5 -

Bedminster International

Ireland. Provides a bio-energy technology solution that converts biodegradable waste into biofuel and/or compost.
6 -

Global Warming Prevention Technologies Inc.

Canada. Provided patented waste conversion system that gasifies unsorted solid waste to generate power and usable heat.
7 -

Green and Pleasant

Supplies anaerobic digestion plants for farms. Systems accept manures, food waste and biomass generating renewable electricity.
8 -

Roeslein & Associates, Inc.

Provides process systems integrating finish painted, pipe and steel fabrication equipment for biorefinery plants.
9 -

Stream Bio Energy

Develops anaerobic digestion infrastructure in Ireland to provide an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable means for the management of organic waste.
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Implements technology that bio-transforms industrial toxic and green house gases into valuable energy source - biomass.
11 -

AAA Landfarms Inc.

Environmental consulting and removal of contaminated soil and water through aeration and microbes bioconversion processes.
12 -

Pellet Technology

Harvests corn stover biomass to turn into alternative energy for coal power plants. Offers commercialization and harvest planning programs.
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Klean Industries

A bio energy conversion company that specializes in converting organic waste streams into clean energy using pyrolysis and gasification technology.
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Designs energy systems that convert sustainable renewable feedstock into electricity and other high value fuels.
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