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Vibration Websites

Vibration refers to mechanical oscillations about an equilibrium point. Some forms of vibration are desirable as in a loud speaker or musical instrument. More often, vibration is undesirable, wasting energy and creating unwanted sound or noise.
This category is for companies offering products and services to reduce vibration and noise.
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Laser measurement technology, vibrometers and velocimeters that measure dopler sound.
2 -

Peter Lloyd and Associates

Acoustic noise and vibration consultants, based in Northern Ireland
3 -

Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

Performs testing and finite element analysis of vibration, stress, fatigue, and flow, providing case histories related to turbomachinery / rotating machinery (turbines, compressors, pumps, fans), electric motors, and reciprocating machines.
4 -

Wilcoxon Research

Designs and manufactures vibration instrumentation such as accelerometers, transmitters, underwater sensors, shakers, hydrophones, junction boxes, cables, and accessories.
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designs and manufactures vibration isolation and damping products.
6 -

TEAM Corporation

Single and multi-axis vibration testing systems for automotive, military, aerospace, and seismic applications. Products such as the CUBE, Pitch Table, 4 Poster, Engine Simulator, and Slip Tables.
7 -

Vibration Engineering Consultants

Provides services to users of electron microscopes and other equipment with vibration, magnetic field or acoustic sensitivities.
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Optical vibration testing and metrology
9 -

Vibration Research Corporation

Makes and sells controllers for electrodynamic and servohydraulic shaker systems and sells electrodynamic shakers.
10 -


Provides vibration isolation, shock control, bearing pads and structural thermal break for a variety of industries.
11 -

Brüel & Kjaer Vibro

Provides a range of products and services in the field of safety, conditioning and the performance monitoring of machinery. This includes project management, service and support.
12 -

Vibration analysis training and resources.
13 -


Specialize in solving vibration and acoustic problems for sensitive instruments.
14 -

HWL Scientific Instruments

Vibration isolation for high resolution microscopy and measurement techniques in the range of 0.7-1000 Hz.
15 -

Kinetics Noise Control

Produce products for vibration isolation, vibration dampener, isolation bases, noise enclosures, sound enclosures, seismic restraint, earthquake protection, floating floors, stack and duct silencers, vibration absorber, isolation curbs, and sound treatment.
16 -

Kinetic Systems, Inc.

For vibration control workstations, optical tables and accessories.
17 -

Information on vibration in the workplace and the home.
18 -


Equipment for on-line, real-time monitoring and analysis of rotating machinery.
19 -

Alta Solutions, Inc.

Manufactures vibration and sound instrumentation for end-of-line testing.
20 -

Canadian Machinery Vibration Association

A non-profit association whose fields of interest include machinery dynamics and all aspects of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of machinery, especially vibration monitoring and analysis.
21 -

MTI Instruments Inc.

Offers aviation and industrial vibration measurement systems including fiber-optic, capacitive and laser technologies designed to measure position, displacement, and vibration in the production process and the laboratory.
22 -

Hansford Sensors

Designers and manufacturers of industrial vibration sensors including sensors or industrial accelerometers with either AC outputs for use with data collectors, or 4-20mA outputs for direct use with PLCs for monitoring vibration levels of plant and machinery.
23 -


Offers portable devices for vibration diagnostics, on-line machinery condition monitoring modules and vibration analysis software.
24 -


Private laboratory specializing in the evaluation of existing sound proofing solutions, the characterization of the acoustic and elastic parameters of various materials and the modelling of multi-layered poro-elasto-acoustic materials.
25 -

Dynamic Solutions

Supplier of new and used vibration test systems and shock testing equipment including permanent magnet vibration systems, electro-dynamic shaker systems, digital switching power amplifiers, test fixtures, package testers and multi-axis test systems.
26 -

Vistek Inc.

Manufacturer and supplier of active vibration control systems and vibration isolators.
27 -

Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems

Provides condition and performance monitoring equipment, acoustic and vibration equipment, site commissioning and support of monitoring systems, accredited calibration, occupational and environmental noise training, machinery condition and practical instrument training.
28 -

Mobius Institute

Vibration analysis training and shaft alignment training. Vibration certification (ISO 18436.2 and ASNT). Training offered via CD and distance learning.
29 -

Micromega Dynamics sa

The EVEC range of human vibration meters has been designed in order to help companies to comply with the 2002/44/EC European directive regarding the exposure of workers to the risks from vibration.
30 -

Primac Reliability Consultants Ltd.

Vibration analysis located in Burnaby BC. Balancing of rotating machinery and consultation to the Northwest industries.
31 -

Resonance Instruments (PTY) Ltd.

Machine vibration analysis and data logging devices form Commtest Instruments. A range of products including the VB Series and Ascent PC software.
32 -

Metrix Instrument Co., LP.

Provider of vibration monitoring instruments.
33 -

Alpha Acoustiki

Offers to deal withacoustics, vibration and noise control problems, primarily with the use of the VIBRO vibration control systems.
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